Best Smart Locks 2017

The world is swearing by best smart locks today. These locks are also known as electronic locks that are not just about a better mechanism but also about spectacular innovation. That’s what makes some brands work more than the others. There’s a lot to choose from the smart lock innovations market available for your house. A smart lock today, is probably the best investment you can make as home security is among the most important topic of concern today.

Why do you need a smart lock?

Having a smart lock spares you the trouble of hunting for those keys that could be left over at some place. These Smart Locks for Homes come with the latest technology that allows you to coordinate those locks with your smartphone. It doesn’t matter where you are; these locks make sure you can access them from any location in the world.

These locks are more than just convenient. So you not only can access your garage or home doors with them but take a look at who is around the house with live feeds. They integrate the WiFi system at your place with the smartphone, and you get constant notifications about any person in or around the house.It is double the security at home. Whether you want to check the guest before coming, want to speak to the person on the door over your phone, or not answer at all, the smart locks today give you plenty of choices to explore from. They come at a price range that is easily within anyone’s budget.

Interestingly, over the years, a lot of smart brands have launched into the smart locks business and are doing fairly well. Let’s find out what these top smart locks are all about, what makes them kick and why you should choose them over the others.

Top Rates Smart Locks 2017

August Smart Door Lock

Best Smart Locks on the Market

Now this is a brand that has changed the way people talk about smart locks. They have come up with cutting edge technology. Be it their encrypted locking technology or simple to comprehend app, there’s too much to love about this one brand. It uses technology that is much more secure compared to just using those codes. What’s more? You can regulate who is coming and going and control it remotely too. Models like August Smart Lock with their easy-to-install properties and perfect looks make them a must-have. Here are some of the points that make August Locks stand out:

  • Battery Backup: These locks come with AA batteries that can be used to operate it. If they are low, you get a notification well in advance that makes the job much easier. You are not left clueless with the battery suddenly switching off. So when the Wifi cable goes down, you can use the batteries to power the device.
  • Auto-Lock: This one comes with a perfect design and an auto-unlock feature which make the mechanism sense quickly if there’s someone approaching the door. You can unlock the door automatically too without you even going for it. And there’s EverLock technology to shut the door too.

  • The one issue a lot of users have faced is that of it being a Bluetooth-only device. You can the lock with your phone but when you are out of range and want to give the control to someone else, you will have to get another connect accessory. This can be an expense for nothing.

Overall, a great purchase. You can easily get your family members or cousins and friends to use the Bluetooth mechanism to operate this when you can’t. An excellent option this brand is.


Danalock Integrated Smart Lock

Best Smart Locks on the Market

Amazing technology, excellent appearance and perfection are some of the few adjectives that describe this one best. This brand has come up with impeccable models like this one that is the coolest item in the market. So your door will unlock and lock on its own as you go close to it and leave respectively. This is mostly used in offices but is a good option for home use too. This is one lock that works for all smartphones. Working it with your Bluetooth is a breeze, and you can use the door lock through your smartphone or even without a server.

You can add others to the list of people on the lock directory on your smartphone to allow access.

This is not it; this is a brand that has delivered some of the best models in the market of keyless smart door locks. And then you have a log of activity to check that gives you details on which individuals entered your home and when. You have access to all of that on your smartphone.

There’s more to this brand of locks than just that.

  • Access To Selected Few: You have the convenience to give the access to a selected few people whenever you want. You can allow entry of family, friends or colleagues you see on daily basis. This works well in houses with a housekeeper or regular list of people. You can give them entry just one specific hour by simply using a login.
  • Quick Installs: The brand is known for making easy to access and install automated top smart door locks systems. You usually have to retrofit an adapter plate on the lock on the door that you have removed and fix the smart lock there. This one comes with lithium batteries that work without qualms for about one year.
  • Great App: The brand comes with the app that monitors the status of the batteries quite well. You know everything from their working order to when it’s the right time to replace them.

  • Sure it has everything you could ask for but it comes at a price that is not so less. The best model, Danish Bluetooth door lock design is all good things in one. But you have to pay a price for it.

Overall, the sleek design and impeccable features are worth investing in.



Best Smart Locks on the Market

Here’s a smart lock that comes with all the right things together. Welcome to the world of Kwikset Kevo. This is too good looking to be a smart door lock to say the least. You might think it looks nothing more than just the smart deadbolt, but there’s more to learn about it. Working by touch, this one is a Bluetooth-only lock that works quite well. You just have to tap the lock, and it’ll unlock. This is as simple as it gets really. You do not have to go about looking for keys; it comes with two, though. It also has the provision of free unlimited 24-hour guest keys which works well during festivities.

There’s so much to love about this one.

  • Smartphone-controlled door locks: This is probably the best technological innovation in the market in today’s time. The Kwikset 925 Kevo lets you use your smartphone, and there is no more the requirement for a conventional key to unlock the doors.
  • Visual Notification: This is provided by a mechanism that lights up the lock overtime there is a lock miss or door is not locked. Even if you are not carrying your smartphone, the brand gives you a nifty keychain fob so that you can locate your way into the house.
  • Mobile App: This one comes with a mobile app. You can utilize it to set up any features you want, delete eKeys, send them to close ones, etc. You can look up the entire activity history through the app.Isn’t that simple? The best part is you have this easily available at all Apple app stores and Google Play for selected Android devices.
  • eKeys: This is probably one of the most sought-after features of this model. The 925 Kevo comes with encrypted electronic keys. You can use these with Kevo app. The app will allow you to send unlimited Guest eKeys to people you want to give access too. This reduces a lot of hassle. This is also exceptionally secure. There are multiple levels of encryption, and it’s not easy to break the codes.
  • Fob: The Keychain Fob is there to help you even when your phone battery is dead. You are never left stranded in case of eKeys. And the touch to open technology works wonders for all kinds of locking techniques.

  • Often users complain of the lock being a little slow in reacting and there are issues of occasional lagging faced by some. But overall these are not the ones that are highlighted in reviews. The fact is, this is one of the top locks available out there and works brilliantly well.


Best Smart Lock 2017

From above 3, which is the number one smart door lock should you choose in 2017?

The August Smart Door Lock beating other two competitions and considering the top model compare to other ones.

At the end of the day, you want a lock that gives you all the best features for the price it takes. This is one of those options. But if you are the kind not to get into multiple calibrating attempts, don’t go for this.

There are many models for smart locks out there. What you choose and how depends on a list of things that you have to consider before buying locks. Make sure you know what you want, based on the use and purpose. There are chances you might end up spending a bit more than you had planned, but sometimes it’s totally worth it. Scout through the smart locks reviews.

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    Jack November 24, 2015 at 10:18 am

    We are really interested in the WiFi RemoteLock smart lock. Have you used it?

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      Casey Miller February 23, 2016 at 10:43 pm

      Hi Jack,

      I haven’t had a chance to use it.
      I think this product is overpriced and there are better options for the price.
      The only benefit of the lock that it has code pad.

      I will contact the company to review the product.


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