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Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review in 2024

I finally got my hands on the newest version of Ring video doorbell, and here you can find the full Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review.

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro promises to be one of the best video doorbells and ultimate security solution for homeowners. It boasts features like HD video, customizable motion alerts, and compatibility with smart home devices.

In this review of the Ring Pro, I will delve into its sleek design, installation process, and how it works in real-world scenarios. I will also discuss pros and cons while examining if it’s a suitable product for one’s home security needs. And at the end in frequently asked questions will give you an idea about whether or not you should purchase a Ring Video doorbell pro based on your individual requirements.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Design and Setup

Ring Video Doorbell Pro with interchangeable faceplates

The Ring Doorbell Pro is a stylish and weather-proof doorbell, designed to match any home’s aesthetic.

Installation of this wired doorbell requires an extra step with the 16-24 volt transformer for power but yields greater reliability than its battery operated counterparts. Removable faceplates are included in the package so you can find one that best suits your front entrance. Instructions and tools necessary for setup come as part of the kit making installation much easier compared to other ring devices or video doorbell models on the market today.


  • Camera – 1080p HD
  • Motion Sensor – Multi motion zones sensor where you set up zones to track.
  • Live Monitoring – You can view the live stream, finally improvement comparing to the first generation.
  • Cloud Video Recording – Ability to record doorbell videos and store them up to 6 months. 30 days trial and then $3/month.
  • Night Vision – Infrared LEDs help to see bright and clear at night.


  • Power: 16 – 24 VAC, with an amp rate of 1 to 1.5.
  • Wi-Fi: Compatible with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz, and 5 GHz up to 150 Mbps.
  • Mobile Device: iOS or Android cell phone with Ring video doorbell pro app installed.
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The Ring Video Doorbell Pro boasts a slim and traditional design, ideal for any home’s exterior and it features a blue ring of light which indicates its status, offering visual feedback.

To customize it to your own taste, the doorbell comes with four interchangeable faceplates:

  • Satin Nickel
  • Pearl
  • Venetian
  • Black

I prefer standard satin nickel removable faceplate because it matches my front door hardware.

Measuring 4.5 x 1.9 x 0.8 inches, this video doorbell is small yet robust due to its weatherproof construction materials making it suitable for use outdoors in harsh conditions too! The versatility offered by this Ring Pro doorbell allows you to be creative while still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing front entranceway space that is sure not leave visitors disappointed when they press your bell!

Installation and Setup

Ring video doorbell pro box

Ring company got rid of the battery, and now you don’t need to worry to recharge it every 6-12 months, and you will need just to connect it either to your existing doorbell or another external power device.

When installing the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, a 16-24 volt transformer is required. Be sure to upgrade your existing transformer and install included the advanced Pro Power Kit in your chime box prior to starting to get enough energy to power the doorbell. Both illustrated instructions and instructional videos can be found within the app if needed for guidance.

Ring Pro Video Doorbell Installation

I installed a doorbell with a 16VAC 1.25 Amp power transformer and added an advanced power kit in the middle between the power adapter and doorbell. You don’t need to cut any wires because Ring provides all tools to just clip wires together and the doorbell will be ready for use.

Ring company also provided video installation showing how to install the doorbell pro in 5 minutes.

Make sure you have strong Wi-Fi connection as this will ensure that performance levels are at their highest potential following setup – while this may take more time than a battery powered doorbell, it ensures constant monitoring of any entryway.

Ring Doorbell Pro Review – Real-World Functionality Test

To thoroughly analyze the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, I tested it in real-world scenarios to ascertain if its claims were credible. We considered: audio and video quality, night video qualities, integration into different smart home systems, motion detection functionality, as well as how efficiently the app works.

My objective was to determine whether Ring Pro video doorbell could provide a suitable level of security system and convenience homeowners need.

The sections below look at different elements that make up the Ring Video Doorbell Pro experience, they highlight both what works great but also identify areas where improvement is possible. From assessing sound clarity via the microphone on board to evaluating improved visuals with Night Vision enabled, our aim here is to paint an accurate picture of one of today’s leading models when it comes down to this type of smart doorbell!

Video Quality

Ring Pro comes with a full HD camera providing clear 1080p video quality which is a nice upgrade, and many customers wanted to have sharp video quality because sometimes you can’t see the face of the person by your front door. The video is clear with minimal pixels showing up sometimes and slight delay (about 0.5-1 second), but while trying this product bet my Wi-Fi networks aren’t perfect, and it’s time to upgrade it.

Ring video doorbell pro in day time video quality

It also offers wide 160-degree field of view and digital zoom capabilities that provide homeowners important visual information. Although external factors such as Wi-Fi signal strength or network settings may impact the picture resolution, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro consistently presents excellent footage which places it at an advantage compared to non-pro Ring smart doorbells.

And finally, the Pro version supports stream live video view. You can see what is going on in from of your door at any time, and it will record video in the cloud storage for future viewing.

The only thing in my testing didn’t like about the Pro version, it’s viewing angles they are a little bit smaller here probably because the size of the doorbell is slimmer, and this why this couldn’t integrate the camera with 180 degrees viewing angles.

Night Video Quality

Ring Pro Doorbell - Night Time video quality

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is an impressive security solution that offers night vision capabilities and clear footage in dark conditions. This feature consists of both full infrared LED and color night vision, allowing users see at night far and clear and to continuously keep their property under surveillance at any time.

I tested the video quality of this doorbell during nighttime scenarios. It delivered great results with accurate motion detection even when visibility was low.

Audio Quality

It’s equipped with two way talk, which enables users to hold conversations through the device while visitors are at the doorstep. As soon as you press the doorbell button, you can hear the sound in the house coming from the Ring Chime Pro (don’t forget to check our Ring Chime Pro review).

The two-way audio quality is just perfect. Not only it doesn’t have any delay, but it also has a noise-reducing function which is great if your house located on the busy road or area. From all doorbells I have tested, this has the best audio quality.


Ring Video Doorbell Pro subscription options

The Ring Pro doorbell is an attractive choice for those who desire full home security coverage, thanks to the additional services of its subscription plan. You can get with your Ring account 24/7 professional monitoring and extended warranty access with Ring Protect Subscription, as well as cloud storage up to 180 days at a reasonable price comparison to other competitors – just $3.99 per month.

With video footage kept secure this way, customers can rest assured that their safety needs are being taken care of by the reputable name in video doorbells: Ring.

Smart Home Integration

The new doorbell version doesn’t have any differences with the previous version because it’s all about the software/app that it is using. It has the same compatibilities, and they are improving it every day.

It can integrate and work with many different smart home gadgets and you can connect to security cameras like Ring security camera, to smart locks like Kevo, Lockstate, Kisi, Lockitron and go to the supported app right through the video feed and open your door. Also, You can connect to Wink and Wemo smart hub systems to turn on/off light switches and outlets.

If you have Amazon Echo device then you can connect it with Echo Show, but not with Nest Hub or echo speakers to enable voice assistants support.

Motion Detection and AI

The doorbell provides customizable motion zones and notifications, allowing the user to choose which areas they want monitored as well as keeping informed of any appropriate activity.

On the other hand, this doorbell doesn’t have Artificial Intelligence tools to help with facial recognition to avoid false notifications from environment, meaning that users might be receiving extra notifications from irrelevant events or may miss out on important ones. But it will notify if it detects person in front of your door.

With customizable motion zones you can select specific area to detect people to avoid false alerts.

The Ring App

This Ring app offers a comprehensive range of other features and controls for users to livestream footage, integrate Alexa capabilities and set custom motion zones as well as receive crime alerts via Neighbors App.

You can easily use the app with other connected smart devices without switching to the other apps.


Ring doorbell vs Ring doorbell pro mounted on the box

The main competition in the market is Nest doorbells and Skybell HD doorbell. Despite Skybell has better day/night video quality Ring video doorbell pro has better audio and software. In my testing Skybell app, multiple times stuck and weren’t able to connect to the doorbell.

Other smart doorbell products like the first generation original Ring you can find here and August doorbell cam aren’t even close to competing with it by quality because the original Ring has only 720p camera, and August model has 960p camera and also currently doesn’t support motion detecting

How does Ring vs Ring Pro compares

There are many differences between ring doorbell pro vs ring doorbell products. First what you will notice it’s a smaller modern design with 4 interchangeable panels so that you can match with your color house design.

Video Doorbell


Ring Pro

Image Ring Wi-Fi Doorbell Ring Pro Video Doorbell
Video Quality 720p 1080p
Field of View, degree 180º 160° horizontal, 90° vertical
Motion Detection and Alerts Yes Yes
Power Source Yes No
Connects to existing doorbell Yes Yes
Wi-Fi Connection 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz
Enhanced Dual-Band WiFi No Yes
Removable Battery Pack for Easy Charging No No
Interchangeable Faceplates No Yes
Corner Kit Included No Yes
Built-In Alexa Greetings No Yes
Package Alerts No No
Bird's Eye View No No
Head-to-Toe Video No No
Size, in 4.98 x 2.43 x .87 4.50 x 1.85 x .8
Design 1 5
Easy Installation 5 4
Video Quality 2 4
Livestream N/A 4
Motion Detecting 2 4
Night Vision 2 4
Audio Quality 3 4
Our Rating 2.1 4.1
MSRP Price $ $$$
Check Price N/A

Another big difference is camera resolution. Now Rind doorbell comes with a full 1080p HD camera and plus infrared LEDs. Yes, you can see bright and clear at night.

Ring Pro vs Ring

Side view

Below you can see day and night video images between Ring doorbell vs pro.

Pro version has infrared night vision which is works perfectly, my picture below can’t really say why it’s better because I had a wall close to the doorbell and it made the picture too bright. Otherwise, I prefer clear black and white night vision in the Pro version.

Daytime video: Regular Ring on the top and Ring video doorbell pro on the bottom.

Ring doorbell video in day time

Ring video doorbell pro in day time

Nighttime video: Ring original doorbell on the top and Ring video doorbell pro on the bottom.

Original Ring - Night Time

Ring video doorbell pro - Night Time

Also now it supports the 5Ghz wi-fi network. What does it mean for you? If you have a wireless router supporting it, then you will have better speed, and fewer people will use the same frequency.

The new version comes with some negative impacts.

For example, because it does have slimmer design it doesn’t have the battery anymore, and you require to have an external power adapter to power up the doorbell.

When reviewing ring video doorbell vs pro from my research I can see the clear winner here if you have an extra budget. Pro version does everything better: video quality (day and night time), sound quality, motion detection.

Pros and Cons of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro

  • HD video quality
  • Better night vision
  • Can setup areas to track motion detection
  • Live stream view
  • Smaller design
  • Interchangeable panels
  • Support 5Ghz Wi-Fi
  • Integration with Amazon Echo Show devices and Amazon Alexa

  • Viewing angles smaller than the first generation
  • No AI motion detections
  • Unable to configure the sensitivity of motion detection
  • No battery-only works with existed doorbell wires or external power
  • Doesn’t integrate easily with Google Nest Hub and Google Assistant
  • No free local or cloud storage

Verdict: The Ultimate Doorkeeper?

Ring video doorbell pro box

I hope this Ring Pro review was helpful to you to decide and compare it with other doorbells. If you want to have a better video and configurable motion zones feature, then I suggest the Pro version. If you don’t want to deal with wires and prefer to charge the battery once or twice per year, then the non-pro Ring doorbells will be a good choice too.

Don’t forget to check Skybell HD vs Ring Pro article where I compared each doorbell side by side.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding Ring video doorbell pro in the comments below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ring Pro worth getting?

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is an advanced piece of technology with advantages like improved day and night vision, customizable motion zones, a hardwired connection option, but reduced field of view. It would be definitely worth investing if your budget allows.

What are the downsides of a Ring Video Doorbell Pro?

No artificial intelligence to help with unwanted notifications, reduced field of view and you will need to hardwire to existing doorbell wiring or you will need to make new power source.

Is there a monthly fee for Ring Video Doorbell Pro?

No, but ff you would like to have video history up to 180 days, person alerts and rich notification then you will need to get Ring Protect plan.

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  1. Reply
    Louis Vitale October 21, 2016 at 6:04 am

    Really appreciate your review
    Question where does the advanced power kit mount
    Also can a phone wire power it?
    Thank you

    • Reply Yaro
      Yaro October 21, 2016 at 2:28 pm

      Hello Louis,
      This is the interesting question!
      Phone line provides around 90V AC and power kit should stabilize the power and output optimal power to Ring Pro doorbell.
      I didn’t test it myself and I think it’s better to contact Ring support and see what they will answer, to be safe with warranty.

  2. Reply
    Gordon Fath October 21, 2016 at 12:41 pm

    Hi, Thank you for the review of the Ring Pro. Is this an IP camera? I would like to integrate this item with my home IP security cameras and add it to my multi camera display.

    • Reply Yaro
      Yaro October 22, 2016 at 2:23 pm

      Hello Gordon,
      Yes, Ring Pro is an IP camera.
      I didn’t connect it to other camera systems, but I am sure there are diy methods available.
      I will try to do it myself in future and write blog post about it.
      Let me know if you able to figure out and share your results!

  3. Reply
    David November 3, 2016 at 7:12 am

    Thanks for the great review Yaro. I bought the RING PRO doorbell while shopping at Best Buy. I usually read through reviews like this before I buy something but I’m happy that my pick this time around was exactly what I was looking for and has most of the features I’m looking for. Your review made me feel very positive about my decision so thank you for that!

    My question is what video profile would I choose if I were to connect to the cameras (I also have the RING CAMERA installed out back). Very interested in doing as Gordon and others have mentioned and connecting through direct IP. Thanks and keep up the great work!

    • Reply Yaro
      Yaro November 3, 2016 at 11:45 am

      Hello David,
      I am glad my review helped you.
      Can you please explain what do you mean by video profile?
      Video quality?
      Best Regards,

  4. Reply
    steven M November 29, 2016 at 6:58 am

    does any of the door bells have a slot for SD card for internal memory?

    • Reply Yaro
      Yaro November 29, 2016 at 7:13 pm

      Hello Steven,
      No, doorbells don’t come with SD card slot because it will be easy to steal the card and video data on it.
      This why all video stores online. Even if robbers will steal your doorbell, you still can see video online.

  5. Reply
    Hales December 6, 2016 at 5:12 pm

    Great review…this close to purchasing, but…will it hold up to Canadian winters?

    • Reply Yaro
      Yaro December 19, 2016 at 2:50 pm

      Hi Hales,
      Manufacturer recommends operation temperature between -5F to 120F, when Skybell HD can operate in lower temperatures: -40F to 140F

  6. Reply
    dhws December 29, 2016 at 12:10 pm

    hello Yaro: We live on a private street where there is a lot of foot traffic and some cars but the street is close to the front of the house. Is there any way to control the sensitivity of the motion detector?

    Thank you


    • Reply Yaro
      Yaro December 30, 2016 at 12:00 pm

      Hello DHWS,
      You can control sensitivity on Ring Video Doorbell.
      The Ring Pro only gives the ability to set up the motion detector zones.
      If you are looking for better video quality compared to the first generation Ring doorbell then I suggest you get Skybell HD, it has motion detector sensitivity control.

  7. Reply
    Michelle L. January 22, 2017 at 11:10 am

    Great comparison, Yaro! I received the Ring Doorbell as a Christmas gift (per my wish list) and did not know there was a newer, smaller version (Ring Pro). I am debating exchanging my Ring for the Ring Pro. I have not installed the Ring, only charged it, downloaded the app, and played with it a little inside the house to gain familiarity with the app and the features. Here is my biggest question for you: when you show your images above comparing the Ring and the Ring Pro, you show a daytime picture where the Ring Pro is much clearer and far better quliaty. However, in your nighttime picture the picture on the right (labeled as Ring Pro) lacks color and is not nearly as crisp & clean as the (Ring) picture on the left.
    Is it correct the the Ring picture is the one on the left (clearer, crisper, more colorful, larger view), and the picture on the right is the Ring Pro? I’m hoping it’s a mistake and the pictures should be swapped.

    • Reply Yaro
      Yaro January 22, 2017 at 11:39 pm

      Hello Michelle and thank you!

      Yes, the pictures are correct.
      The Ring Pro comes with infra-red night mode which is black and white like in professional security cameras.
      And infra-red vision actually more crisp and will have better details in the area without external lighting because has better resolution 1080p vs 720p.
      On this particular images there were external lighting from the walkway near the door and Ring (non-pro) got better image.
      If you are worried about night time vision then I suggest to you to get Skybell HD, it has better night vision because of external LED very bright.
      Otherwise, first generation Ring Doorbell is good beginner choice.

      Please let me know if you have any questions.


  8. Reply
    H A lewis January 27, 2017 at 4:05 pm

    Hi. Thx for the great review!
    After easy installation of a ring pro, the resolution sucks. It’s like blurry, like a piece of Saran Wrap is over the lens (yes, I took their protective wrap off). Is there another? Anyway, why is it so unclear as well as overt silhouetting.

    • Reply Yaro
      Yaro January 27, 2017 at 10:49 pm

      Hello H A Lewis,

      This is weird. Maybe your internet upload speed isn’t fast enough.
      How fast is your internet upload speed?


  9. Reply
    Stevo January 28, 2017 at 8:30 am

    I’ve been using the Ring Pro for a month and after working out some early bugs, I love it. One of my early issues that people really should be aware of before purchasing this is their internet provider’s download/upload speed. I was on AT&T’s 18Mbps plan which is not a basic plan at all and my upload speed was hovering just below 1.0 Mbps. This was causing my motion detection video to cut out after only about 3-4 seconds leaving only audio for the rest of the usual 30 second video. My live video feeds were also pix-elated. After reading the Ring troubleshooting, I realized the minimum upload speed recommended is 2.0 Mbps and I was well below that. After upgrading my plan, this device is just about flawless and exactly what we wanted in a household security device. Users should really be patient if they are experiencing problems with the video. It may not be the device itself. It’s well worth it.

    • Reply Yaro
      Yaro January 30, 2017 at 10:45 am

      Hello Stevo,
      Thanks for info about upload speed.
      I heard about this issue, but didn’t have it because I have fast download/upload speed.
      Thanks again!

  10. Reply
    Robert Lehrer February 3, 2017 at 10:33 am

    Well-done review, Yaro. Thanks. I’m unsure about the adjusting motion settings on the Ring Pro compared to the original Ring device. I have two questions:
    1. can I decrease or increase the range on each model?
    2. can I turn on or off 6 of the motion zones on each model?
    Thank you.

    • Reply Yaro
      Yaro February 4, 2017 at 11:46 am

      Thank you Robert!

      Motion sensor sensitivity only adjust on regular Ring Doorbell.
      And in Ring Pro you can specify with which area exactly you want to set it up.

      To answer your questions:
      1. Only in Ring Doorbell
      2. Again only in regular Ring Doorbell. Ring Pro only will detect motions in specific areas which you will specify.
      Please let me know if you have questions. And let me know which model you choose.


  11. Reply Yaro
    Gustavo March 1, 2017 at 10:59 am

    In either of them , When someone rings the door is there a bell that can be in the house in case your cell is on silent?

    • Reply Yaro
      Yaro March 2, 2017 at 4:19 pm

      Hello Gustavo,
      Yes, you can get Ring chimes for Ring and Ring Pro.
      They are wireless and you can place them anywhere in the house.

  12. Reply Yaro
    Meg March 8, 2017 at 5:32 am

    Great review! I’m looking at Ring Pro…… BUT! What if my existing doorbell is mounted on the SIDE of the house, at a 90 degree angle from the door?

  13. Reply Yaro
    MeHu March 19, 2017 at 6:59 am


    I have the ring now and am considering upgrading​ to the pro. The major problem I have with the ring is the lag time for the video to start. I can have ups come to my door leave a package and the video starts when the truck is pulling away! It just did defeats the purpose. How is the sensitivity and lag time with the pro?

    • Reply Yaro
      Yaro March 20, 2017 at 12:08 pm

      Hello MeHu,

      I didn’t have this issues with neither doorbells.
      Remember, it all depends on your wireless network signal, internet download/upload speed.
      And Ring Pro motion detector more sensitivity.


  14. Reply Yaro
    Mark Abraham March 21, 2017 at 4:00 pm

    I currently have a skybell ver 2.0. I am ready to upgrade. My question is which one had a louder speaker so the person on the porch can hear me better.

    • Reply Yaro
      Yaro March 22, 2017 at 11:04 am

      Hi Mark,
      Yes, Ring Pro has loud and better audio quality than Skybell HD and of course Skybell 2.0.

  15. Reply Yaro
    El April 4, 2017 at 6:56 am

    Will the ring Pro or Basic Ring effect my existing Cox Home wireless alarm system?

    I have a camera from them yet it is very obscure & mounted by front door high in an area that can’t be moved-so I am thinking of installing a ring system for better facial recognition
    Also~ does the ring pro or basic Ring come with a door bell chime for my inside Door bell- or do I need to hard wire it to my existing door bell for the chime to work inside?

    I have a very skinny area where my doorbell is now mounted..therefore A ring Pro would fit better if it covers my existing bell area..Hope this makes sense.. I suppose I can disconnect my door bell & put the ring in a new area if possible

    Thank you for your time

    • Reply Yaro
      Yaro April 5, 2017 at 1:42 pm

      Hi El,
      Neither of them won’t effect your wireless alarm system.
      The Ring doorbell you can power up with just a battery, but Ring Pro required hard-wiring to existed doorbell.
      And yes, when you hard wire it then it will work with existing chimes.
      The other way is to buy Ring chimes which aren’t expensive and no need wires.

      Sound like you can just get Ring Pro and wire it old wires. And yes, Ring Pro is way smaller than original model.


  16. Reply
    Marivonne April 17, 2017 at 8:13 pm

    I have a regular Ring doorbell (not Pro). I hate that whenever it loses connection with my Wifi, I have to unscrew the unit, dismount, bring inside, connect to USB long enough so it can reconnect to my Wifi, then go back otaide and reinstall. This is so ridiculous. Right now mine is off of my Wifi and the battery says it’s 100% charges. My question: can the Ring Pro automatically reconnect to your network, like after a power outage, for example? This is ao stupid.

    • Reply Yaro
      Yaro April 18, 2017 at 12:27 pm

      Hello Marivonne,
      Yes, it can.
      It will reconnect automatically. It can failed sometimes as well, but you can click reconnect button from the app.
      If you changed wifi password or your router then you will need to re-setup the doorbell. You don’t need to unscrew it. Just pull out the front panel and press side button.

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