Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt Review

Over the years, the technological development has changed our lives completely. Our lifestyle has become much better with the sophisticated appliances and devices that we use in our day to day life. These gadgets have also played a significant role in keeping our houses safe. Notably, the smart door lock reviews systems for homes have made our lives simpler and tension-free especially while we are away from home.

The Schlage Connect Touchscreen is one of the smartest door locks that is ever made and it has all the state-of-art features. It is manufactured by Schlage, a company that has never compromised on its craftsmanship since its inception in the year 1921. The advanced technology that they have used in making Schlage Connect door lock will give you the kind of benefits that you cannot imagine. Let us discuss these features and delve deeper into the Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt Review.


Z-wave technology – The Schlage Lock Company has left no stone unturned in ensuring that the Schlage deadbolt provides maximum benefits to its owners. It is equipped with Z-wave technology which helps you access your door lock from anywhere. In case, you are away from home, and your housekeeper needs entry to the house, you can unlock the gate for her.

With Z-wave technology, you can also monitor your entire home. In case, you have forgotten to switch off the lights at home you can do so from your smartphone or laptop. Z-wave technology supports electrical appliances, cameras, lighting, and door locks. It is very flexible and can be extended by adding the device to the network. The possibilities of network extension are almost unlimited.

Go keyless Due to our busy and stressed lives, we tend to forget or lose something or the other. Most of the times house keys top the list. With Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt, you and your family will be tension-free about taking care of keys. Each and every member will have their four-digit code. Simply punch in the code and the door will open. Also, once you have entered your house, the door will lock on its own in case you forget to close the gate.

Workout enthusiast – Do enjoy an early morning jog or working out in the gym, but hate to carry a big bunch of keys? Installing Schlage deadbolt will make your life comfortable. You need not carry keys at all. All you have to do is press door lock’s Schlage button; then the automatic device would lock your door. Once you are done with your morning workout, you simply need to punch in your code, to enter the house.

Pet Monitor – In case you are traveling and want your neighbor or a pet sitter to keep an eye on your darlings, then you can give them a temporary code of the Schlage deadbolt to enter your house. Once you are back, you can delete the code from the lock keypad. You need not uninstall the lock to set or remove the code.

Convenient for landlords – If you are renting your apartment on a regular basis then changing the door locks each time a person moves out can be very troublesome. Installing Schlage deadbolt can save you from this trouble. You simply need to change the code when the person renting the apartment moves out. This will save a lot of time and money.

Easy to install – You can install the Schlage deadbolt on your own. You simply need a screwdriver and some of your day. The majority of the time, installing Schlage deadbolt does not take more than an hour.


  • The best part about this is the Z-wave technology that can work efficiently without an internet connection. It links the smartphone or the laptop to the home automation system. This enables the user to lock and unlock the door from anywhere.
  • Another noteworthy feature is the integrated alarm sensor with three different types of alert modes for activity, tampering, or forced entry. The homeowner will get an immediate alert if anyone is going from the house or coming to the house. Also, there will be particular alarm if someone is trying to tamper with the lock or forcefully entering the house.
  • The Schlage Camelot deadbolt has a touch screen that is designed to be fingerprint-resistant. Hence, there is no way a potential intruder can trace your door lock code.
  • The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has given grade 1 certified ranking to the Schlage connect door lock. It is the highest residential rating given to any product. ANSI has set high-performance benchmarks and quality control standards for rating residential security products.
  • The touch screen has a sleek body and a matte finish that prevents smudging or settling of the dirt of the screen.
  • The memory of the Schlage connects door lock can store up to 30 codes. So all the members of your family can have different codes of their own. You will know who is coming and going from your house exactly.
  • The Schlage deadbolt is made with high-quality, durable materials and is known to provide extremely high levels of security at the entry point of the house.
  • With this door lock, you do not have to worry about carrying keys. You can go keyless entirely.


  1. The product weighs 3.8 pounds. It is extremely light-weight and occupies minimal space on the door.
  2. The measurements of the product are 4.5 X 5.1 X 9.2 inches.
  3. The color of the Schlage deadbolt is Satin Nickel. This color is suitable for almost all the doors.
  4. The package contains Schlage Connect Deadbolt, a backup key, 4 AA batteries, installation guide and a user manual.
  5. The average life of the battery is 8760 hours.
  6. Lifetime warranty on the product.
  • The Schlage deadbolt is easy to install and easy to use.
  • Excellent z-wave features.
  • It is made from durable and quality materials that look stylish on the door.
  • The installation guide and user manual are very well detailed.
  • Lock effortlessly connects with the home automation system.

  • The battery life is short. They often fail without giving a warning. Hence, you will need the keys to open the door.
  • This device cannot be programmed without Z-wave technology
  • It makes noise while functioning.

Kevo or Schlage?

The Schlage deadbolt has the Z-wave technology that not only allows you to operate the door lock but also enables you to monitor all the electronics and appliances as well. With Kevo deadbolt, you can unlock the door with one touch. The Schlage smart lock has ANSI grade 1 rating. Kevo deadbolt is compatible with select Android and Apple smartphones. It has the auto-calibration feature to restrict unauthorized entry. Schlage deadbolt has three different alert modes. You can go keyless with both the locks.

Why should you buy the Schlage deadbolt?

We like how the technology has shaped our lives for better. It has enabled us to multi-task. The technological development has allowed our lives to be tension-free about the safety of our homes. The Schlage deadbolt is a smart lock with advanced z-wave technology that helps to keep our homes safe and manage them better. You can not only control your lock but also all your electrical appliances and even your camera once you have configured them in the network.

Also, it has ANSI grade 1 rating which gives us complete assurance about the quality of the product. Besides, if your friend or relative or your pet sitter wants to come to your house, you can unlock the door for them or give them a temporary memory code from anywhere and then delete the code later. The product comes with a lifetime warranty. Hence, if you wish to buy a smart lock, you should consider investing in the Schlage deadbolt.


The review mentioned above of Schlage Camelot deadbolt describes all the features and benefits in great detail. It also highlights its drawbacks. In spite some its flaws, it is an excellent product to buy. Also, it has received positive feedback from the customers. This product may be bit expensive, but compared to other smart locks, it is worth every penny. Buying Schlage deadbolt would surely be a one-time investment.

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