Best Keyless Door Locks Reviews 2017

In this day and age, when technology and innovation are taking human beings to levels of creativity never before reached, there is a cry for a more sophisticated style of living. With smarter cities being designed, why not go for an enhanced, smarter way of living through keyless entry systems for homes or the offices.

Such systems are ingenious ways of controlling the accesses into the ‘home sweet homes’,  monitoring planned criminal activities in one’s property and preventing distress conditions from festering.

We have grown up watching and reading about spy-fictions, sci-fi fantasies where through the use of this sophisticated technology a fluid living sort of a thing was created. There seemed to be no hindrance in movement nor was there some unnecessary waiting, outside one’s own home for that matter, unbolting the million locks which were chosen carefully and then the amount of money spent on them, also their maintenance, the freezing, weather proofing, the possibility of it being hazardous to the child health, all of this, one not necessarily would consider at once, but they indeed remain somewhere dangling in the periphery waiting to manifest as a horrible reality.

Then imagining about the Bonds and Star Wars, fantasizing about their way of lives and building our little cocoons filled with fancies and make beliefs. For some, the entire idea of smart lock systems for homes might not be as big a deal as for some for whom it would be rather overwhelming – like a leap from an analogues way of life to the complete digital.

Best Keyless Door Locks

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They might seem to go unnoticed, always hidden from the eyes, but something is going on in the basement factory that nobody knows about and in the finale some intricately designed apparatuses come up that make our lives easier and secure. Locks as a tool have been in use since the antiquities first as necessary contraptions then with the sophistication of techniques the post-industrial revolution period saw the arrival of more sophisticated locks.

The modern day ‘smart lock’ systems that work on as electromagnetism that uses instructions received from an electronic device and a cryptographic key. There are also keyless home entry systems that require the fingerprint, eyes, auditory configurator systems. Therefore, no longer one needs those ugly metal pieces that would give up, or the key would break, they come with reliability and certifications guaranteeing their performance and legality around.

Why Use a Smart Lock System?

Within the preview of smart cities, and the growing integration of sophisticated computing devices into our daily lives, human beings have begun to focus more on ideas and creationist endeavours. The endeavour is to reach kind of smartness through constant innovation and induced with the Japanese concept of KAIZEN, which asks for continuous improvement.

As societies progress, individual units of homes tend to follow the same line of progression and carry affiliations from the discourses of modern day living – thus systems like smart locks and keyless entries are gaining popularity in the market.

Also keeping in mind the increasing sophistication with which the criminal activities around the world has been increasing, there is a definitive requirement of more useful tools and utilities that would assist in tackling the menaces of burglary, theft et cetera.

As societies progress, individual units of homes tend to follow the same line of progression and carry affiliations from the discourses of modern day living – thus systems like smart locks and keyless entries are gaining popularity in the market.

Also keeping in mind the increasing sophistication with which the criminal activities around the world has been increasing, there is a definitive requirement of more useful tools and utilities that would assist in tackling the menaces of burglary, theft et cetera.

Keyless entry systems for homes are uber cool. The kind of impact they would have on one’s social life is immeasurable. Whenever a guest would come over, and they would see something, say, as a biometric system – just by placing the hand the door would open up, and then one could go ‘hey presto!’ – it is magical indeed! And of course, bragging rights are just an additive with the products.

These devices despite being interlinked with the mainframe security unit, they can very well function independently even in cases of power disruption and the main frame being disrupted or damaged. Though this may require additional programming.

Smart locking systems can also be integrated with the home automation devices or programs so that certain specific functions to prevent an immediate break in can be dealt with or avoided. Moreover, the companies are constantly upgrading their systems and software so that the customers and their in-house installed devices never have to face the cloud of redundancy.

Top 5 Reasons Why you Need a Smart Lock

  1. Why You Need To Buy Smart LockThey are safeThe keyleess door locks are made with innovative technology that makes it almost impossible to break or pick the lock. There are some safety features in a good smart lock. The keys of a smart lock are only known to the owner of the house, and no one else can access them.
  2. Can be installed very easily –The smart locks for homes are extremely easy to install. They can be fitted on almost any type and size of the door. Also, the process of installing a smart lock is not very time-consuming. The Smart Lock Installation video for various brands is available online that can help you understand how easy it is to install a smart lock.
  3. Easy to operate – You can work a smart lock very smoothly with a smartphone or a specially designed key. After the lock is fitted in the door, all you have to do is download the app and set the password. To unlock the door, you only need to put the password in the app and the door opens. You need not worry about carrying keys.
  4. Helpful during emergencies – In case, your children are locked in the house, and they need to be rescued due to some untoward accident. If you are not around, then you can guide the rescuer to download the app of your smart lock, put the password and open the door. Later, you can reset the password. Thus, emergency situations can be handled with ease.
  5. They are durable –The smart locks are extremely durable and fireproof. They are made of high-quality metal and fiber. The smart locks are waterproof and add to the beauty of the door.

The Different Types of Keyless Entry Systems

The doors are getting cleverer with the passing minute – they were a part of the door hitherto, now, with the smarter way of living and technologically induced lifestyles on the rise, door locks are becoming parts of a unified house system. Where the purpose of opening and locking of the doors is definitely on the top, but, they have become parts of an enhanced meta-security systems for homes, allowing keyless entry to homes.The market is full of sophisticated keyless home entry systems or as popularly said smart lock systems.

To illustrate a few systems that are popular:

  1. Keyless systems: This system is more prevalent in the automobiles. These are based on electronic remote controls, which allows through the press of a button, transmitting a predetermined numeric key code for the entry. The signal bursts through short range radio – transmitters, usually something like a 5-20-meter distance is what is mandated.

Such systems could sometimes be inbuilt in one’s car, and while approaching the garage, just with the click of a button, the doors open up, or similarly with the help of an application on the smartphone, when one approaches the house, the door would unlock. Such technologies have been extensively used in automobiles, almost every car comes with a remote these days; also in hotel industries.

  1. Electronic door locks: Such devices operate as the names suggest by the means of electric current. The device usually comprises of two main units the lock mechanism and an electric board mounted on top of the locking unit. The technology has come a long way in electronic door locks, they use magnets, or motors or solenoids, this mechanism either to be just put opens and closes the circuit for the passage of current. Furthermore, this mechanism could thereon be attached with or on to a more complex system like a biometric system or with something like an intercom based access control system.
  • Numeric codes, passwords and phrases – the most commonly seen device, a simple keypad for access purposes. The lock codes can be remotely or manually changed and updated.
  • Security tokens – this mechanism requires the user to scan through or touch a security token/card on or along the sensor to enter. To change the lock codes or restrict the passage to certain individuals only, this would require a massive overhaul of the system.
  • Biometrics – finger, retina, or voice print scanners, these systems are more sophisticated and are usually used in cases of sensitive areas including banks, secure data centres, for vaults, et cetera. Working on complex codings these devices are often connected with a secure network/ mainframe computing systems and are used for and by limited individuals.
  • Radio-frequency identification – the RFID system is usually incorporated within the user’s body, something like a chip being inserted or one could carry a radio tag in their clothing. These systems have also been seen in offices and banks that would require restricted access and intensive security surveillance. The implants are made under a doctor’s supervision, and the materials used in the chips are as per the health mandates guidelines and perfectly safe for human usage.
  1. Magnetic-coded locks: this is one of the most intricate and delicately designed systems which uses a combination of magnets, when the key enters the system, this combination of magnets depending upon their polarity push certain pins with the device and thence allow the access. These devices are further complicated by using pairings of magnets. Also, permanent magnets are used within the system so that the magnetic effect does not dissipate with use.
  1. Door Security: the system is more concerned with the door’s, and have been seen to be the best fit with smart lock systems. That is to say, if the locks can be smart why can’t the door be the same. In fact, as per the research conducted by the ‘consumer reports magazine’ in the 1990’s, it was duly noted that in most cases of burglary and break in’s – it was the door that gave up first. Therefore, solid wooden doors, or wooden doors with metal fixtures and fittings, or doors with steel rims heavily bolted together, these are the common combinations of doors that are more popular and carry certified durabilities.

Thence the best keyless door locks would appropriate the door system because in  smart house doors are not just movable monolithic walls, they are a crucial part of the security system. The technology of the doors when brought in consonance with the sophisticated lock systems, the symbiosis created would be resulting in an impenetrable fortress.

Such door systems can come with alarm systems, either a silent or loud one, depending upon the door and the inside item. Moreover, this alarm system can then trigger through the main frame of the security centre and send warning signals on to the cellular phones or the contact referral in case of emergency, which could very well be the police. The doors could also be dead bolted and carry impact resistant reinforcement compounds that can withstand blows and small grade blasts.

The Further Examination

The smart locks are not just home keyless entry systems; it is capable of much more than just allowing you to feel great. Due to the abilities of these devices to interact with smartphones using networks via landlines, cellulars or through cellulars, and Bluetooth.The pros and cons of using smart, keyless entry systems for homes:

  • More Security: Smart systems can be integrated with the larger home security network thereby allowing greater safety, remotely being controlled and monitored, along with the possibility of home automation.
  • Virtual keys: since most of these smart systems do not require a standardized key unit, many keys could be issued to different people as per the requirement and then those sets or the initially set code could be quickly revoked. And, the system could also allow the owner to know who used the code and allowed monitoring in case of any unwanted element enters.
  • They also lock the door: the smart system has been seen to be doing the one thing it was designed to do quite efficiently. Moreover, such systems also require reinforcing of doors, which would mean, use of more secure and harder material for the door, bolting, wiring and others.
  • The smart lock systems have been proven to be more reliable and far superior than the traditional locks and bolts. But of course not as secure as a concrete cube.
  • Smart lock systems do cost a bit more, but for the optimal usage one must an assessment of the requirement and then make an investment that is almost like a once in a lifetime investment with minimum maintenance.
  • The service providers are mandated to carry certifications from consumer redressal agencies, globalized standards, and, of course, are slaves of market forces. To survive in the intensely competitive market maintaining standards would be crucial and therefore products should only be purchased from authorised and certified dealers.
  • There are ways to deal with the electromagnetic interference issues. Many service providers have unearthed ingenious ways to address these problems.

  • Common source: such systems when integrated with the main security framework of the house – it is possible that if the main frame fails the doors security locks also fail and can cause inconvenience to the homeowners in particular cases.
  • The key problem: each time one changes they key, it becomes almost a nightmare to send out the new combination over and over again to the required one.
  • Privacy issues: Such devices allow audio and visuals based monitoring, and it is entirely possible that some other individual who has a hold of the main key could pry on and use the information for malicious purposes.
  • Electronic smart devices are not foolproof.
  • The systems cost a great deal of money and also is prone to recurring costs.
  • Since this system is connected online, and it is also likely that the service provider would hold a server where there would be a storage of all the information of one’s house and their inhabitants, it is therein highly likely that there is a definitive scope of fraud and criminal activity which could be more damaging and distressing.
  • All electronic devices are usually affected by electromagnetic interferences, and such hindrances can cause these units to malfunction.

Advantages of Keyless Entry Locks

Door locks are the most important aspect of your home security. Traditional door locks involved a lock and a key, but now the market has various more technologically advanced designs available that serve the purpose of a door lock without the hassle of keeping the lock key. Many a time’s people misplace their lock keys and thus have to get their home locks changed.

Keyless entry locks do not use a key to lock and unlock but use a coded password. All the user requires to do is set a desired numeric password for the door lock, and once the password is set, it goes with the user everywhere without being misplaced, unlike a key that requires constant vigilance.

Keyless doors also are beneficial if you live in a family as everyone needs to go in and out of the house at various times thus making it necessary to have at least more than one key for the entry lock every time inside the house. A keyless lock, on the other hand, solves this issue as well since one numeric password can be managed by every member of the house to secure entry and exit in your residence.

Apart from these there are many other perks of having a keyless entry lock system installed in your house such as ease of installation and enhanced security cover.

Benefits of Keyless Entry

  1. Advantages of keyless entry locksEase of installation: If you have always had a traditional door lock system installed in your house and are looking to upgrade to residential keyless entry locks, you would be surprised to know that no additional drilling on your door is required to get smart keyless locks installed in your main entry door. Keyless entry locks can be fitted as standard door knob over existing deadbolt. This ensures no modification of your door is required.
  2. Keypad: Keyless smart door locks have a luminous keypad that glows at night making the numbers readily visible even in the dark. This reduces any chances of you mistyping the code to secure entry in your house. The keypad is situated near the door knob, so it is readily available to everyone.
  3. Passkeys: Most keyless door locks come with two access key passwords that can be set by the user by his choice. This gives the flexibility as sometimes due to reasons unknown you might forget the passcode for the door lock, but you might still remember the second key and make entry into your premises.
  4. Enhanced security cover: It is not impossible to get an exact replica of your traditional entry lock key from a locksmith. In fact this is what people most of the time do when they lose their hardware key, they get a new key made for them. This is a serious security compromise as anyone who has access to your home can potentially get a key for your lock. But with smart keyless locks the key is always with you inside your head so only you can use it.
  5. Waterproof: Keyless smart locks are digital and work using computer chips. These locks are waterproof to ensure that they can never be defused using water.
  6. Remote controlled: Many smart keyless locks are remote operated. This is the latest technology that has been integrated into the lock and key system, and now if you have forgotten your password to the keyless lock, you can still manage to open the lock using a remote that comes in with the package.

These remotes act in the same way as remotes are used to control your car or your garage door. Since the keyless locks that are remote operated still need a remote to run them every time, people are becoming more interested these days to biometric locks that are the next generation of keyless locks.

Smart Locks Comparison

If you are a tech-savvy homeowner and are looking for an additional layer of security for your home or office, a keyless entree is sure to tingle your fantasy. While these locks do look like a prop from a sci-fi movie, they are loaded with features, to make your life easier and secure. Let us have a look at some of most impressive keyless door locks currently available in the market and then try to compare them with one another to find ourselves a winner.

August Smart Lock-Keyless Home Entry

August is one of the most famous brands when it comes to smart locks and doorbell cams. If you are searching for a keyless door lock that is innovative and durable, this Keyless Home Entry Lock from August is sure to impress you. You can find more information in August Smart Lock Review.The smart lock doesn’t require you to remove the existing lock as it merely replaces the deadbolt thumb turn.

The smart lock doesn’t require you to remove the existing lock as it merely replaces the deadbolt thumb turn.

August Smart Lock

The lock can be locked/unlocked in two different ways. First, with the help of the Bluetooth in your smartphone and second, it also has an option to unlock/lock the door as you leave and approach. With the help of its app, you can pass temporary access to your friends and family members. You can also view the activity log through its app to keep an eye on who enters and exits your home. Moreover, apart from Android and iOS mobile phones, you can also use Apple Smartwatch to lock/unlock the door.

Moreover, August also sells an additional August Connect with the help of which, this smart lock can be connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network. And even if the WiFi, cable, or power goes off, the 4 x AA batteries of the lock will make sure that the lock still keeps on working. Also, if the battery of your phone dies, you can still open the lock with the help of a traditional key.While the lock has many features that are highly impressive, it is way too expensive when compared with other smart locks. Even if you compare August vs Kevo, you’ll see that Kevo has most of the features of August Smart Lock, but is little bit cheaper.



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Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock with Keyless Bluetooth Touch to Open Convenience

If you are looking for a solution to the annoying problem of fumbling your keys for opening the door, this Kevo Smart Lock from Kwikset can be an excellent solution. While the majority of the modern keyless locks allow you to use the Wi-Fi of your home or smartphone app to open or close the door, this Kevo Smart Lock is a step ahead. All you need to do is to have your iOS with the Kwikset App or the electronic key fob in your pocket to quickly open the door by simply touching the lock.

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

As far as the appearance of this lock goes, it is nothing different from a standard deadbolt. But touch the lock and its colored status light will come to live, to transform a standard deadbolt into an attractive piece of technology. As far as the installation of this lock is concerned, it is fairly simple and you will only need a screwdriver and a few minutes for the process to get over. It comes with a variety of hardware sets that make the lock compatible with doors of different sizes.

The Kwikset app for iOS devices is pretty sleek and has many useful features. You can give unlimited eKeys to your friends and family members to open the door, check the history and notifications to know who locked/unlocked the door, and a lot more. A major drawback of this keyless lock is that it is only compatible with a few Android smartphones. If we check the keyless entree comparison of the best of keyless locks, Kevo does have some amazing features, but its incompatibility with Android smartphones is a major drawback which compels buyers to look for other options.



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Danalock Integrated Smartlock

Available in brushed bronze or silver, the Integrated Smartlock from Danalock is one of the most aesthetically appealing smart locks available in the market. You can also read full Danalock Review here. But don’t be deceived by its looks, the lock is packed with features, to enhance the security of your home.

Danalock Keyless Door Lock

The smart lock works on low-energy Bluetooth and will automatically unlock when you are close to the door. You can also use a traditional key to open the door. The lock comes with a variety of templates to work with different types of locks. However, it is only compatible with single cylinder locks and cannot be used with any other complicated locks or security systems. The front of the lock features a sleek button for granting access and twist feature which starts the unlocking/locking process.

The lock also has 4 x CR123 batteries to make sure that it works even if there is a power outage. Also, with the help of the August App, you can give access to your family members and friends for varying lengths of time. You can also utilize the app to send notes along with the access. Moreover, the whole system is encrypted to eliminate the chances of hacking. The lock is also compatible with Z-Wave series of smart home appliances. While purchasing this lock remember that that it is available in three different models- LE Bluetooth, Z-Wave and Bluetooth and Z-Wave both.

Danalock is often compared with August Smart Lock as both of them have an almost similar set of features. However, if you make a keyless entry comparison between them, you’ll find that the August lock has a slight edge over Danalock. This is because there are a few drawbacks in Danalock. Many users have complained that the Bluetooth of Danalock is unresponsive at times. Also, there is no manual adjustment feature in Danalock. Some users have also suggested that the Danalock App is a little difficult to use. However, make sure that you research about both the models thoroughly before making a decision.



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Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

Schlage is a brand that is in the lock business since 1920, and this Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt is a perfect example of their experience in making highly secure and innovative smart locks as well.

Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt with Built-in Alarm

Let us first talk about the installation of this lock. Unlike August Smart Lock, Schlage Connect cannot be used with your existing lock. You will be required to remove your existing lock completely to install this lock. The installation process is pretty simple and can be done with the help of a single screwdriver. While it has many features of its own, but the actual benefits of this lock can only be experienced when you connect this lock with a Z-Wave home automation system.

The smart lock is available in six different colors. Its Touchscreen keypad is large and can be used even when you are wearing gloves or when your hands are wet. The inside part of the lock is an 8” x 3” metal housing which accommodates its noisy motor, other electronics, a programming button and 4 x AA batteries.

The external part of the lock also features a key cylinder which can be used to unlock the door with a traditional key. But a traditional key is only supposed to be used in a case of emergency. Otherwise, users can easily open the door by punching the four digit code. For locking the door, you only need to press a single button, and there is also an Autolock feature which eliminates the need to press the lock button.

The alarm can store up to 30 unique user codes which can be easily disabled and enabled for guest access. It also has a built-in alarm which can be activated under different scenarios. Moreover, the lock also has three different alert modes- Activity, Tamper and Forced Entry, which allow you to know if anyone is approaching towards the door or leaving. But as mentioned above, the actual benefits of this lock can only be experienced when you connect it to the home automation system. As a standalone unit, Schlage Connect is not that impressive. So, it is better to invest in this smart lock only if you have a home automation system.



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Lockitron Keyless Entry Using Your Phone

Lockitron’s crowd-funding campaign which was responsible for the production of this keyless lock saw a significant number of people interested in buying this innovative piece of technology. While the company has launched Lockitron Bolt, which is an upgraded version of this original keyless lock, it still has some pretty amazing features, to completely transform the way in which you open and secure the doors of your home and office.

Lockitron Keyless Entry Using Your Phone

The lock makes use of low energy Bluetooth and allows you to lock and unlock the door right from your iOS or Android smartphone. Users just need to download the Lockitron App from the app store for controlling the lock. Moreover, you can also share the access to the lock with your friends and family members with a touch of a button. Moreover, the best thing about this lock is, it can be easily installed on top of your existing door lock. No need to remove the existing lock or buy a new one, only fix this Lockitron Keyless Lock on top of your existing door lock, and you are all set to control the lock from your smartphone.

Apart from Bluetooth, you can also use your home Wi-Fi network for locking and unlocking the door. While the original Lockitron Keyless Lock has some pretty good features, it has a few drawbacks as well. A large number of users have grieved that its battery life is highly unimpressive, and it is also said that the lock is not reliable, and hackers can hack into the lock, to open the door.

Moreover, even if you make a comparison of Lockitron vs August keyless locks, or other famous brands, like Schlage, Danalock, etc. majority of them have many features that are much better than this Lockitron lock. Also, the company has discontinued this model due to the reliability and battery life problem, but you can still buy them at some online stores. If you do want to buy a Lockitron keyless lock, it is better to go for the Lockitron Bolt as the company has eliminated the majority of the flaws of the original model.

Samsung Ezon Digital Door Lock SHS-3320 Universal Deadbolt

Samsung is a brand that is usually associated with smartphones, TVs, and other electronic appliances. But apart from these devices, Samsung has also tried to enter into the emerging smart lock market with its Ezon series of Digital Door Lock.

Samsung Ezon Digital Door Lock SHS-3320 Universal Deadbolt

The first thing that you will notice about this smart lock is its sleek and stylish looks. Both the interior and exterior segments of the lock are given a sleek black design to make sure that the lock easily compliments the interior and exteriors of your home. The lock is a breeze to install and will surely look classy on any door. The buttons of the lock can be distinguished easily, and you will hardly have a problem of mistakenly pressing a wrong button.

The lock has an automatic locking mechanism for locking the door when it is closed. While the lock is powered by electricity, it features a 9V backup battery to make sure that you are never locked out of the home even when there is a power outage. It can also be connected with many different types of home automation systems and Samsung’s Video Door Phone to unlock the door.

The volume of its keypad is adjustable and for enhanced security, the lock also has a Double Authentication Mode. When this mode is activated, you will be required to enter the security code as well as swipe the key tag to unlock the door. You can choose any security code between 4 to 12 digits. It also has a random security code mechanism to ensure that no one can copy your PIN. The Ezon Digital Lock also comes with a RFID card which can be used to unlock the door.

While the lock is loaded with some amazing features, a large number of users have negatively reviewed this lock due to its complicated installation process. Many users have complained that the lock is very fragile and should be handled very delicately during installation. Other than that, Ezon is still a highly impressive smart lock.

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Yale Touch Screen Deadbolt YRD220-ZW0BP

If you are looking for a powerful smart lock to protect your home or office from robbers or thieves, this Touch Screen Deadbolt from Yale can be a great choice. The transitional design of this lock offers enhanced security to make sure that your home stays safe, and the door looks appealing. However, just like the Schalge Connect, you need to connect this lock to a Z-Wave home automation system to experience all of its benefits.

Yale Security Real Living Electronic Touch Screen Deadbolt YRD220-ZW0BP

It has an easy-to-use touch panel which you need to use for unlocking the door. It also has an Auto Re-lock feature that works along with its SmartKey system. You can use up to 25 different codes which you can easily change and even save the settings through a smartphone. It also has an innovative Auto Night Watch system that detects any unusual movements at night.

There is also a Privacy mode with the help of which you can erase all the stored codes from the lock. Once the codes are erased, the only way to again use the lock is through voice recognition. The lock communicates with you in four different languages- Spanish, French, English and Chinese. You can also unlock/lock the door from any part of the world through your smartphone when you connect it to a Z-Wave home automation system. You can give temporary access to friends and family members and can also get email and text notifications when someone unlocks the door.

When you connect this lock to a home automation system, as soon as someone unlocks the door, the system can switch on the lights, air-conditioner, heating units, security cameras and a lot more. While the unit lacks many features when you do a keyless entree comparison with August or Kwikset smart locks, especially as a standalone unit, it is still a pretty impressive lock. However, for a smart lock whose actual working requires a Z-Wave automation system, the lock is too expensive.

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Best Smart Lock 2017

August Smart LockIf you are finding it complicated to decide between the above mentioned smart locks, let us recommend the one that you should buy. After a thorough comparison of the features, cost, durability, etc. we have reached the conclusion that the August Smart Lock is better than all the other locks. No matter if you compare August vs. Danalock, Lockitron, or Kwikset, August lock has many innovative features that make the door locking/unlocking process easier for the users.

It is highly secure, doesn’t require you to remove the existing lock, has auto unlocking/locking feature, its mobile application is highly functional, and you can further enhance its functionality by purchasing August Connect. Moreover, it is aesthetically appealing as well. While the lock is expensive than many of the smart locks, when compared with the features of other cheaper models, you will see that its cost is justified. After all, it is the security of your precious home and family members, how can someone risk it in return for a few bucks?So, if you are contemplating to get a smart lock and want something that is loaded with features, no doubt August Smart Lock is best deadbolt on the market today!

Cheapest Smart Lock

Danalock Integrated SmartlockIf you are looking for something that is loaded with features and is not as expensive as the high-end smart locks, the Danalock Integrated Smartlock can be an excellent option. The lock can be controlled through Bluetooth in your smartphone and can also be connected to Z-Wave home automation systems. There are also only Bluetooth and only Z-Wave models that are available at even cheaper rates.

The lock has all the standard features that you will find in more expensive models. It uses the low energy Bluetooth of your smartphone to automatically unlock the door as you approach. Moreover, you can also use the traditional key to open the door in case of an emergency. While the lock works on electricity, it also has 4 x CR123 batteries to ensure that you are not locked out if there is a power outage. Moreover, the whole system is encrypted to prevent hacking.

The August App which is available for Android and iOS phones can also be used to grant guest access to anyone with a smartphone. But the lock has a few minor drawbacks as well. For instance, it can only be used with single cylinder locks. Also, a lot of users have complained that the Bluetooth of the lock is unresponsive at times, and they need to use a traditional key to unlock the door. However, with a price tag this low it is still one of the best smart door locks currently available in the market.


The spread of ‘Skynet’ probably could not be stopped due to inadvertent foresight. But being prudent about one’s living and abilities to control and influence the environment is a necessity rather than probability.

Upon the careful consideration of the pros and the cons, it becomes evident that the smart locking system are beneficial and the need of the current technological and aspirational requirements. These lock systems apart from being advanced sophisticated security devices they are also fashionable home pieces that give away a charm along with the cool quotient.

The market will remain filled up to the brim with smart locking and keyless entry systems at all times, and hence one must be careful in choosing the products and the service provider as well.

Looking at the affiliations of the company, their track record and previous customer testimonials would be extremely helpful. Also, it becomes an imperative to understand one’s space and then again, the requirement of space and then acting for it would make more sense. It would be rather foolish to carry the entire product line home when all one would require is a keyless kit for the house.

As a home or office owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your property is safe from unscrupulous activities.

If you are looking to buy a smart lock but a large number of options available in the market are too confusing, choose anyone from the list mentioned above to make the buying process quick and simple. These are some of the best smart locks currently available in the market, and they will do an excellent job of enhancing the security of your home and making the door locking/unlocking process easier. However, make sure that you research about these models, understand their functioning and your requirements before making a decision.

To purchase a smart locking device for the house, smart decision making is also required and for that purpose a careful assessment of what is there in the market along with one’s research and then undertaking a comparative analysis would be more useful and smarter.

A Call For Action

It is an impossibility and will be a mark of irresponsibility that would compel an individual not to buy a smart lock system and instead rely upon the whatever traditional products were. Security is a parent’s primary concern and homes, as they say, are not built every day, they are built on blood and sweat of dreams and aspirations, of hard work and the desire of owning one’s space for life.

Protecting this dream as it was once done through constant care and sensitivity is required. It can under no circumstances be allowed to brittle and fall away.

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