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Smart locks are creating a strong impact among many homeowners. Our smart lock reviews are also being popularly used, not only in residences, but in offices, hotels, and buildings. One of the highly anticipated smart locks is August’s flagship product, the August Smart Lock. This smart lock is regarded as an intelligent security home solution where you can completely control who enters your door without using keys or codes. Check out our August Smart Lock review below.

Introduction to the August Smart Lock

August is a brand that “re-imagines” how people interact with their homes. August integrates new levels of safety into its smart lock that includes encrypted locking technology, which is safer and more secure compared to keys and codes. Users of the device can control when visitors have access to their homes. In fact, you can view a log of who has entered and left – done remotely from your smartphone.

If your power, Wi-Fi or cable goes down, you can use four included AA batteries to power the device. If you’re low on battery, you’ll get instant notifications. To connect it to your phone, you need to download the August app. Then, turn on the Bluetooth and follow the software process.

The device is noted for its simplicity and discreet design. It has an auto-unlock feature (although it’s still in beta stage) where it can sense if you’re approaching the door. It automatically unlocks to let you in, without you needing to reach for your phone. The EverLock technology automatically locks the door behind you. You never have to fret about leaving your door unlocked.

Plus, reaching out to your family and friends is easy using August Smart Lock. You can select your family members, close friends, or the reliable delivery guy and provide instant invites by issuing them keys in a matter of seconds.

There’s even a virtual guestbook where you can share more than your keys; you can instantly leave instructions, jot down notes, and read comments on your phone anytime, anywhere.

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August Smart Lock on Amazon

The August Smart Lock is very easy to install; the device replaces your current single-cylinder deadbolt and doesn’t require any changes to your exterior door hardware. It’s easy to set up in just a couple of minutes. Since this smart lock is a retrofit product, the deadbolt’s quality is up to you. Providing that your current lock uses compatible deadbolts for this device, you can add the smart lock to it. There’s a Bluetooth-based function that works decently enough, but the deadbolt isn’t as secure as the company promised.

You need to understand that this device only controls your deadbolt and not any other lock you have installed on your door. For installation, the product comes with a list and directions to ensure your mounting hardware and any other pieces are compatible with your existing deadbolt.

In case that your phone battery dies, August is able to accommodate a traditional key. Or you can use a neighbor or friend’s smartphone, download the app, log in with your password, unlock the door, and exit the app.

The August Smart Lock, which is compatible with iPhone and Android devices, is available at all Apple Stores, Amazon and at August’s official website.

August Smart Lock Features

August Smart Lock is great to use if you need to let a guest into the house especially at times that you aren’t there. The August system comprises of a smart lock device and a mobile app. The package includes deadbolt attachment adapters to furnish traditional deadbolts sold on the market today.

August Smart Lock Unboxing & Review

It also comes with the August Connect, which syndicates with the smart lock to provide a safe and secure way to lock or unlock your door, especially at times when you’re away. August Connect needs to be installed within 30 feet of your smart lock device or 15 feet as recommended by August Company for maximum performance and consistency. Since August is powered by AA batteries and doesn’t need WiFi connection, it will be a great addition to your home that complements your other smart devices such as WiFi-enabled doorbells.

Here’s a closer look at the product:

  • Easy to install
  • Clean, discreet design with intuitive interface
  • Encrypted locking technology
  • August Connect accessory
  • Provides log records
  • Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones
  • Replace interior of your existing deadbolt in minutes; provides no changes to your exterior hardware
  • Always on – powered by standard AA batteries and doesn’t require WiFi connection
  • Needs no wiring
  • Works with Single-Cylinder deadbolts
  • Comes with a mobile app
  • Provides virtual guestbook
  • Reliable Bluetooth technology
  • Package includes deadbolt attachment adapters

  • Pricey compared to other smart locks
  • Auto-Unlock and EverLock are still in beta
  • Not compatible with mortise, Euro-Style and Rim Cylinder locks
  • Bluetooth may cause connection lags
  • Android versions don’t support auto-unlock feature

Overall, this August Smart Lock review notes the elegant and polished design of the device, as well as its user-friendly automated features. It’s a great device that ensures your home’s safety and security and makes it more difficult for burglars to enter your home. So, these are some of the benefits, features, and cons of the August Smart Lock. If you need more information about the device, you can read some customers reviews on its Amazon product page. There are no usage fees for August key management service access.

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