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Worried about losing your keys or forgetting your door code? Today’s smart lock technology lets us have more control over our home entrances. There’s no need for keys with smart locks. These smart locks detail log activities through a web browser or mobile device, meaning you can have access to your home no matter where you are if you are connected online. Even if you’re just lying in bed or out to dinner, you can lock or unlock your door just by reaching for your smartphone. A smart lock that’s growing in popularity is the Integrated Smartlock. Here, we give you a full Danalock review, along with an overview of the company as well as the product’s features.

Introducing the Danalock Smartlock

Danalock Integrated Smartlock on Amazon

Danalock is developed by Poly-Control International, a Danish family-owned company. The company, which has been operating for years now, intends to make ‘intelligent’ home automation available to anyone around the world. Danalock is part of the company’s long line of home automated products. The products are shipped worldwide and available through online shopping platforms such as Amazon. Some of their products under the pipeline are being developed to compliment Danalock.

There are couple similar keyless entree locks you can check: August lock review and Kwikset 925 review .

The Smartlock is hailed as the smallest smart lock that incorporates Scandinavian design aesthetics. The device enables you to use your smartphone to lock or unlock your door and never fuss over lost keys or forgotten door codes ever again. You can grant others limited or unlimited entry to your home or office from anywhere in the world. Danalock is made to fit any door and can be mounted without the need for professional services (this is ideal especially if you’re not mechanically inclined). It has easy installation features that will only take you about 10 minutes to set up. Danalock has an online guide and installation videos to help you install the device.

The Danalock fits many types of door locks. Extra work isn’t necessary since it uses existing screws and holes. The device retrofits deadbolts, oval cylinders, and euro profile cylinders among others. If you feel uneasy about installation, the Danalock package contains everything you need.

Danalock also uses the highest level of patented encrypted data transfer. It also offers you two options: you can either go keyless or with a key. You can run it by app, press of a button, hand, or with a traditional key. A personal login protects your keys and is matched with a phone, thus making it possible to log in only from that particular phone.

This product enables you to use your smartphone to lock or unlock a door through Bluetooth Smart technology and Z-Wave functionality. Bluetooth Smart connects thru smartphone when in close vicinity, and grants access from anywhere in the world. With the Z-wave version, you’re able to operate your lock from any place by getting online and using a Z-Wave Gateway. If you choose to go offline, just switch to offline mode on your mobile device app, and allocate pins to lock or unlock the door, without going online. Being offline means operating your smart lock directly from smartphone to Danalock without connecting to a server.

Danalock’s battery status is also logged that prompts an alarm when it’s running low. Danalock’s battery life spans two years.

If you’ve lost your phone and felt the need to delete your keys, you can log into Danalock’s website. There, you log in with the username and password details you’ve registered when you first installed the device’s app on your mobile phone.

Danalock Integrated Smartlock Features

The smar tlock comes in silver and bronze. It has a slew of smart features that can rival other video door phone systems. Check them out below:

  • Easy to install
  • No keys required
  • Quick to lock/unlock feature
  • Worldwide home control
  • Time-controlled home access
  • Uses Bluetooth Smart technology
  • Z-wave compatibility
  • Retrofits over your preexisting deadbolt
  • Affordable price for a smart lock
  • Remote log activity
  • Can connect to other systems (booking systems or other third-party programs)
  • Fits most types of door locks
  • Detailed video installation guides on its official website (the US, EURO, and SCANDI-versions)

  • App can be difficult to operate
  • Bluetooth tech can be unresponsive
  • Doesn’t come with manual adjustments
  • Inconsistent knock to unlock feature

Danalock vs August Lock

If you can’t decide between august smart lock and danalock then we can help you with it. If you want better quality and able to spend little bit more then get august smart lock. If you still in doubt then you can read our comparison between smart locks and find out pros and cons of each of them.


Indeed, the smart lock offers us more control over our homes and make our lives more convenient without fear of unsafe situations. The time has come to engage with available technologies such as smart locks. We hope that our Danalock review will help save you from strenuous lock/unlock experiences. You might also want to browse some reviews where users of the product ran into several issues. That said, Danalock makers plan to tweak existing products and launch more products. Poly-Control’s development pipeline includes other home automated products geared to be more Danalock compatible.

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