Remo DoorCam Review

I received Remo DoorCam for review, and I will describe all corks and features of the new door camera for your home or apartment. I like Remo products Remocam and Remobell which I reviewed previously, and now they came out with a better solution for the security of your home. You won’t need to make any holes in the walls or the front door. Especially great product for people who rent an apartment or a house.


  • HD Video camera – it comes with 720p HD video and 160° wide viewing angle to keep an eye on your front door
  • 2-Way Audio – you can speak and listen to your visitors through the Remo+ app like through smart camera or smart doorbell.
  • Cloud Recording – free access to your recording from last 30 days. You never know what you could miss.
  • Motion Sensor – you can customize the sensor and specify sensitivity. It helps to notify and record activities going on in front of your door.
  • Battery Powered – Don’t need cut and connect any power wires. Just insert 3 D-type batteries, and you are ready to go for up to 12 months without changing them.
  • Night VisionDoorcam comes with infrared night vision which helps to detect motions at the dark and suspicious activities.
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Our Review of Remo Doorcam

Review of Remo DoorCam


The installation is pretty easy and quick:

  • Install the Remo+ app.
  • Sign up to create your profile.
  • Register your doorcam.
  • Insert 3 D-type batteries into battery slot.

Side of Remo DoorCam Back of Remo DoorCam Back Open of DoorCam

  • Connect your doorcam to the app.
  • Put back the battery cover and secure it.
  • Attache doorcam on the top of your front door.
  • Adjust doorcam to keep it tight on the door.
  • Enjoy your new front door smart security camera.

Remo DoorCam on the door back view  Remo DoorCam on the door front view

Video Quality

Video quality is good for the non-full HD camera. I still wish it comes with full HD or 4k camera, but wide viewing angles help to see everything clear around my front door.

I have a dark hallway and it doesn’t show a crisp image, but if you have enough lighting then video quality will be clear.

Remo DoorCam Video View

Infrared night vision help to detect and record videos. Honestly, I prefer the quality of Remocam night vision.

Audio Quality

Two-way audio is good as it can be and no issues here. I can hear my visitors, and they can hear me as well.

Motion Detection

Motion detector has small delay about 3-5 seconds before the video starts recording. If you have trees or road in front of your door, then it can catch some false alarms and notifications. But you can fix it by lowering sensitivity settings to low

The App

The remo+ app is easy to use. There is some improvement Remo company can make, and I bet they will since they care about their customers:

  1. I notice a small delay before motion detection trigger and the push notification to appear on the cell phone.
  2. In the first camera didn’t have live view feature, but company updated the firmware and now it does have.
  3. Also with a new software update, the DoorCam supports Alexa and can get various information through it.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to install
  • Awesome smart camera if you live in an apartment
  • Video quality is good for 720p
  • Panoramic view angle
  • Live view feature
  • Alexa compatibility

  • Not full HD video
  • Ok night vision video quality
  • Motion detector doesn’t trigger video right away
  • Need to reconnect to wifi if it loses the signal
  • Video view isn’t straight since camera pointing from the front

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The smart camera isn’t perfect because it has motion detector delay which I think will improve after a future software update. But after my DoorCam review I came with the verdict: If you are living in the apartment and want to have a smart camera or best doorbell with camera to monitor whats going on in front of your front door then DoorCam is the answer to you!

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