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When it’s about home security, best surveillance camera do fairly well than the others. And I hope you a chance to read Nest Cam Review and Piper NV Review.When you are looking for a good security system, you want something that is not just reliable but also reasonably priced. How to choose the best video doorbell? Look up the reviews correctly. Combining some of the most impressive features in one package, the Amcrest ProHD 1080P has moved up to be one of the bestselling wireless HD IP cameras.

The model is not just something that comes at a reasonable price but also comes with the latest features which work in most settings. The design is adaptable, and the installation is a breeze.

But that’s not all that works for this one. Many things make this camera stand out. Amcrest Prohd 1080p wifi wireless camera comes with many features, and the camera comes with many choices.

Whether you are traveling out of the country for work or want to keep a check on your house while at a party, you have everything available in this one. Even if you are just looking for a secure video system with a clear view of who is visiting you at home or entering the premises when you’re not around, this Amcrest ProHD Review tells you all that you need to know about the system. There are also many ways to store the video suitably. This is one innovation that consumers love the most about it. This review makes you understand what points to consider before investing in the camera. For instance, you might have problems in personalizing it, but once you know how to handle it, it’s easy.

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So here’s a camera that comes with a quick and easy mobile setup, streams live and playback recorded video, easy to understand app, the cloud option for watching the videos after they are recorded as well.

And this one is compatible with all operating systems. This is what makes the cam stand out from the rest. You can check out this Amcrest 1080p review to find out more.

Whether you are looking at a perfect field of view with super-wide 90° viewing angle, or intelligent digital zoom, this camera has it all. Interestingly, this one will give you a night vision up to 32 ft. Now, isn’t that great? The best part is it sets up with your mobile in 60 seconds. Digital zoom and tilt come with the convenience of apps that you can use to use it. And there’s a lot more to this camera that comes with its intelligent motion alerts too.


Store Easy, Store Better

Like many other applications, you not only get the addition of Amcrest Cloud with this one, Amcrest 1080p wifi video monitoring allows you to record all the videos and pictures on a MicroSD card. This is not included in the box. You can transfer these to your laptop, mobile or any computer system without worrying about the loss of data in case you need it for future use. The technology is such that it gives you immense control over how you want to use your camera. This is the camera that also allows you to have maximum control over the recordings.

QR Code For Convenience 

The world is using the benefits of QR codes, and the Amcrest camera reviews will tell you that this one is no exception. There is a QR code on the camera on the bottom. This you can scan with your mobile app called Amcrest View which is compatible with all iOS and Android systems. You do not have to deal with complicated traditional set up systems. This one comes with modern techniques all the way. ProHD can be scanned quickly and you can set it up using a good WiFi connection even if you are not an expert in technology.

Crisp Video Streaming 

The Amcrest surveillance pro comes with a Sony image sensor. The Ambarella processor makes it stronger, clearer and more precise. The Amcrest ProHD camera can easily stream 1080p video quality without any hiccups. You see the colours and imagery without any distortions in a 1920 x 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second.

Clear Audio

If watching the screen does not solve your purpose, there is a two-way audio system to make the conversation easy. This is built into the camera. There’s a mic and speaker which comes with a noise cancelling format. And it does not matter where you are accessing the camera feed from, the voice clarity is as clear in all the applications you use.

Convenient App

This is one of the best things about using this camera. This one camera with the most practical application. You can easily sync Amcrest Cloud and login on iOS or Android or any other PC. The bars, Cloud app on a mobile device to check on recorded footage. The display is programmed to intelligent timeline mode. You can easily playback the recordings and interface is intuitive. The app plays these recordings in 1080p quality and no quality is lost. On Cloud, you can easily store videos for 4 hours continuously for free. This basically means, you never have to worry about any subscription fees. And the service is free which comes with many plans that you can subscribe for.

Lifetime Support

The Amcrest Prohd 1080p wifi comes with a 1-year domestic warranty. The replacement is made by their headquarters in Texas. You get lifetime support from the company on damages of any kind. And the team is quite prompt in taking care of consumer issues.

Amcrest Wireless Doorbell


Easy Installation

Setting up this camera is super easy. This is what every Amcrest Prohd review will tell you. You just need a stable internet connection, a smartphone and to download the Amcrest View Lite App. Within minutes, the camera is installed. It comes with the feature of mounting on the wall, or the ceiling, using the mounting bracket. You can invert the image when the camera is placed on the roof by using the web interface.

90 Degree Camera View

This Amcrest Prohd 1080p review tells you how well the camera works with its 90-degree view in a 4 mm lens. It gives you a complete view of room even when installed in a corner. You can easily pan the camera 360 degrees and the videos can be watched at30 fps, which can also be adjusted downward without any issues.

IR LED For Night Vision

You can easily recognize faces up to 30 feet. You can pan and tilt the camera, get 46 feet wide view from a static view and the car license plates can be seen clearly up to 25 ft. The camera can be tilted and zoomed, giving more clarity to pictures.

Not Weatherproof

This camera is meant for indoors use.It is suitable to use only under certain temperature limits. If you need to use it outdoors, it can be placed on the porch but it reflects light from the glass, so you have to arrange its setting in a way that the camera gives you clear coverage.

Remote Monitoring

You can access the camera from anywhere in the world.Check on your children from home or your pets. You can also have many people viewing the camera together from different locations. But you can’t control the pan and zoom features from many places at the same time.You can have the feature of the monitor as many cameras you want in different areas with the App. This makes it a terrific option if you have want the camera for business purpose or home security.

Excellent Motion Sensors 

What’s interesting about this camera is that it detects movements by using changing pixels. This makes the quality of the motion recording brilliant. You can customize the length of recording time according to a frame that suits you. The camera records from 5 seconds to 10 minutes. You do not have to pause and stop the camera. Once the camera detects motion, it sends you an email, and then stops working on its own when the movement is stopped. And if there is movement again, it starts recording again. You will only receive one email alert during this time for the initial movement detected. It keeps doing this until no motion is detected. It then resets itself ready to start recording again when motion is again detected.


  • 1080P Full-HD video
  • 30 frames per second.
  • Motion Alerts
  • Email Alerts
  • microSD card playback and record option
  • Cloud video recording
  • WiFi Setup with iOS and Android
  • Includes free Amcrest View App
  • Ambarella processor
  • Audio is Two Way
  • Direct streaming of video
  • 90-degree wide viewing angle
  • Digital zoom
  • Remote Pan/Tilt
  • Infrared LED Night Vision
  • Sony Image Sensor
  • Clear picture quality
  • Easy to use app and simple set up. Installation takes only minutes.
  • The camera pans 360 degrees so you can see the entire room properly.
  • Use a wireless or wired camera.
  • Automatic email alerts each time the snapshot image is captured.
  • Everything gets stored in cloud and easy to access.
  • Professional playback options
  • Triggered motion events get stored automatically.
  • IR night mode is working well
  • You can send triggered video to the cloud
  • Installed micro SD card
  • It is easy to use the website without porting forward the router.
  • Live and playback video can be viewed on all internet connected devices.
  • It is easy to see the camera from anywhere in the world.
  • Push notifications when motions are sensed.
  • 4 hours free cloud storage
  • Records audio as well as video
  • Small in size and looks great
  • You don;t have to spend a lot of time installing it. You can do it yourself within minutes.
  • The wireless installation makes things, even more, simple.
  • No issues of cables or wires to be connected.
  • Sync it to your phone and you do not have to worry about anything.
  • Digital zoom makes viewing easy and quick.
  • 2-way communication helps in keeping in touch with family at home.

  • Digital zoom function can get blurry sometimes.
  • Sometimes changing settings in the app can be confusing.
  • Not all functions of the camera like motion detection and scheduling can be done using the app as you need to use your desktop to do this.
  • Once the camera gets past the basic live streaming, there are not very clear instructions as to how to use it.
  • It takes time to understand the instructions.
  • You are not notified about simple things like battery loss and internet disconnection.
  • Horizontal tilt is not as impressive.
  • The website has some issues with selected browsers and Windows 10. Find out about them before investing in.
  • Some users have complained of the WiFi connectivity. There are many issues users have faced around the same.
  • Not many users have found the manual very useful.

Why Buy This Model?

There are many reasons to invest in Amcrest HD wireless IP camera. To start with, the overall results have been quite promising, and people are quite happy with the overall result of the model. The camera has impressed everyone with picture perfection and ease to use. And the sound quality is pretty impressive too.

The truth is, if you are looking at a great app to work with, this may not be the model. But the ease of installation score over aspects that don’t quite work for some otherwise.  The basic set up is straight forward and the ease of QR code makes it even more user-friendly. From motion alerts to pan and tilt, there is just so much to love about this one.

The instructions are quite simple. Intelligent motion sensors store the video automatically, and the cloud feature helps you get to look at the videos later as well.

The price is superbly reasonable. If you look at the features this one is coming with; the rate is justified.

It provides high-quality images and no additional costs required for most of its features. The brand is known for this model.


When you are looking for something sturdy and smart, make this choice. Apart from that, the model is quite affordable and can be trusted. You will not have to worry about its replacement anytime soon. And what you don’t know is mentioned in detail in this Amcrest ProHD Review.

Overall, the camera comes with all the latest features and is meant for those who can afford it. It will give you all the latest technological advancements at a good price. This is what makes the camera stand out.

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  1. Reply Yaro
    rob October 18, 2016 at 8:11 am

    Is there an Ip camera viewer out there what would allow me to view my Ring Doorbell and The Amcrest camera?

    • Reply Yaro
      Yaro October 19, 2016 at 8:46 am

      Hello Rob,
      You can add ring doorbell and Amcrest camera to Smartthings Hub or other compatible hubs available and then you can setup your phone or tablet to control all from one app.
      Let me know how the setting up goes and how do you like it.

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