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If you are looking for options in security cameras, this Nest Security Camera Review will give you something to think about. The latest development in home security camera reviews options are turning a storm in the technology world. They are everywhere you see. This is what makes innovation so essential. This is the bar The Nest Drop Cam raised when it was launched by Google. The brand’s first foot in the outdoor cam arena was nothing small. This one has everything you can possibly ask for and maybe more. The camera records HD footage, and if you want to store ten days’ footage in the cloud, you just need to pay a bit extra every month.

Well, if affordability is what you are looking at, with you are getting features like 3-megapixel sensor to deliver HD videos at great speed. If you are using the right internet connection, this one does wonders for you. Even as some agree that it has a striking resemblance to its predecessor, the camera is everything you can ask for, with a new app that does it all for you. The app has been updated to fit your needs even better.

Why you might think this is what is offered by most other models too, here’s a little something you didn’t know, Nest Cam excels at its communication as it can be synchronized with your entire Nest ecosystem like the Nest Protect smoke alarm, Nest Learning Thermostat, etc. But there are way more reasons to buy this one.


Image Capture: HD

The new Dropcam Home Camera is professionalism at its best when it comes to its camera. You can now capture footage in 1920 x 1080 resolution. This helps you see through every little detail and what’s more—you see with clarity even when you zoom into specific areas of the image. And the quality is spectacular. The models by this brand have always been perfect.

Night Vision

Again, this is a feature available in many other models too but this one comes with flawless quality. The night vision is automatic and can be toggled on or off manually. This delivers a clear image.

Excellent Footage

This is the biggest selling point for this camera. The footage is really good. It doesn’t matter if it’s a funny clip of your kids playing or the helper in the house cleaning; the footage will come with all the little details with ample brightness to show you the picture.

360 Degrees View

After the successful DropCam Pro Sale, this one has also come up with many similar features but just in a better style. Now the device is thinner and comes with a pedestal-style stand. Narrower base allows a 360 degrees swivel, and it’s easy to fold it to 180 degrees.

Motion & Sound Sensors

The Cam comes with a built-in sound and motion sensor. This makes video recordings and pushes notifications a breeze. Also, the microphone and speaker are in great quality and make two-way audio communications with your smartphones easy.


Nest Cam Review

Super Convenient App

Once you download the app, it takes you to a page that shows all the other Nest devices installed in your home. You just have to click on your camera for live streaming at any time of the day. This comes with different buttons to play, refresh, reverse and forward the live picture. Again, these can be used also to scroll through event before. Once you have gone through that, you can use the live option to get back to live footage. All Dropcam Reviews will stress on this one benefit the most.

Make It Private Or Public

The cam comes with a Video Access setting through which you can either make the camera private or public. By public it means you can even send the recording of your live feed to someone other than yourself. And the camera will switch on and off according to the scheduled setting.

Stream Videos On Your Phone

You can now easily stream videos to your phone, tablet or laptop with precision. This is your 1080p HD camera with a 360 degrees view. Not to forget its 130º wide-angle view of the room makes it even more desired an option.

Instant Alerts

This one allows you to get alerts when something happens according to a scheduled time. You can now just get the feeds and not get them as and when you want. This one is great with planned settings. It makes viewing the person and movements much simpler and you don’t get constant notifications at all times.

LED Night Vision

The fact that it comes with impeccable Night Vision LED sensors make the camera more convenient, and you can see the whole room at night compared, unlike just some specific areas. And that too with maximum clarity.


  • 60-second setup: There’s practically nothing to do here. You just have to plug into power and download the Nest app for the rest.
  • 1080p HD Streaming: This is secure, allows you to see the whole room and the zoom is clearer than you can expect.
  • Instant Alerts: You now get alerts on your phone and these can be scheduled too.
  • Night Vision: This allows you to see in the dark and not just some spotlight areas but the entire room.
  • Motion & Sound Sensors: You can hear and talk to the guest clearly and notice any movement in and around the house instantly.
  • Best In Business: This one gives many competitors a clear miss and you cab read about it in Canary Camera Review. The first reason being its video quality and the second it’s motion detectors.
  • Convenient: The app is super convenient, unlike many other models that do not give clear instructions. So when you install the app, it does it all for you.
  • High Res: This is probably one of the best footage cameras with impeccable quality that you will find out there. There is no doubt about its features, and it comes with a magnetic base and has improved a million times as a DIY device. This is something you can’t ignore in the market today.
  • Because it plugs in, there’s no trouble of changing batteries now and then. You can leave it and keep a track of everything happening at home.
  • Get a subscription with Nest Aware and you have the luxury of 24/7 continuous recording. You can check everything right from the start.
  • You can customise the camera to suit your needs. Check out the activity zones, see what areas you want to check in specific at all times and let your camera help you with it all.
  • The night vision feature is great, and the visual is much more clear than most cameras.

  • The only problem many users have pointed to in their Nest Camera Review is that the feature that disabled the camera automatically by using your GPS location when you returned home is not there. This is something users are missing in the app. It was something convenient and easy to use.
  • Others call it just another webcam at the core of its mechanism. It offers sound security but some security features like opt-in motion, and sound alerts are not as great as in other models and cameras.
  • The only issue is, unless and until you are avidly looking for a nice 1080p video and clearer than its predecessor, the camera has not changed much. So, pick this only if you haven’t tried the one that came in 2013 or want more clarity.


Well, when you want a nest camera review to help you keep an eye on your home when you’re not around, this does it best you can imagine. It gives you not just detailed live footage but that too in 1080p HD. And talk about features, everything from push-to-talk to synchronizing with other Nest products is brilliant.

That being said, the camera can be expensive and may not appeal to many who are looking for something one a budget. Overall, this Nest Cam Review would say, is a good investment and a safe buy.

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