Smarter Home Technologies: How It Will Affect You

The recent advancements in mobile technologies mean a lot to the home security system. As we can see, especially during the past couple of years or so, many ‘smart’ home technologies are emerging in the market. They are not only getting smarter by the day but also getting more affordable. Smart, robotic houses used to be a very luxurious thing available only to the richest. Nowadays, it is simply no longer the case, as it is virtually accessible for just about anyone.

There are two main technologies driving the rise of the smart home advancements. First, is how our smartphone is getting smarter, with apps being available for just about anything. Second, is the availability and speed of the Wi-Fi network. These two factors are driving the smart home devices to be wireless, and connected to your phone through an app. So, we can say that wired home security systems are already obsolete.

Welcome Wireless, Goodbye Wired

The concept of wireless for home devices is not certainly new. In fact, it has been a dream of Nikola Tesla back in the 1940s. The wireless system has a lot more benefits than you thing. First, we all know how a wired system can be really expensive, not only for the cables but the fact that we will most likely need professional help for the installation. Additionally, there are a lot of electrical codes we should follow, depending on your location, that can further add to the cost.

Not to mention, wiring installation can be very time-consuming and problematic. Even after all that, you will still need to pay the monthly service fees for the maintenance of your wired security systems.

With the wireless technology, or known as the Internet of Things, the up-front cost for devices might be a little higher. However, you will save a lot of money in the long run. With wireless, smart home security systems, the only bills you will need to pay will be your internet bills, as well as very affordable cloud storage services, depending on the manufacturer.

Connected Anywhere, Real-Time Alerts On-The-Go

With smart home security systems, the video feed will be sent to your smartphone. You are, of course, smarter than any sensors out there, and a quick look at the video will be enough for you. How many times have your outdated motion sensors picked up your dog rather than an actual burglar? That won’t happen with an app-based home security system because you can be the judge. Don’t forget that depending on your location; there might be a fine for false alarms. That simply won’t happen with a smart security camera or video doorbell.

Smart security devices are not all about better security, but also convenience. A smart video doorbell will allow you to answer your door anywhere from your smartphone. There are still a lot of door-to-door salesmen out there, and we all know how they can sometimes be a headache, especially when we are in the middle of something important. A smart video doorbell can bypass that issue.

Don’t forget another case when you have a sleeping baby at home, and the sound of your doorbell chime made them cry. Most smart doorbells offer silent mode, another convenience, especially for nursing mothers.

A Smarter, More Flexible Security System

There is simply a lot of benefits you get from connecting your phone to the intelligent home security devices. They are now more secure and more efficient.

Although smart home technologies are not only about security, security will be the centrepiece, most important part of the future. The amount of flexibility provided by these smart security systems is simply astonishing. You can create a custom security system with several devices, and control them all from just one app, only from your fingertips.

You can find the best smart doorbell and security cameras that send video alerts to your phone, there is smart lock system controllable by an app, there are smart thermostat and lighting that can be controlled even when you are halfway around the world. Even better, they can all be scheduled and automated, so you won’t need to worry about forgetting to turn on lights at night, for example. Automation will also mean saving a lot of money on utility bills.

So what will the smart home technology mean for you? In our opinion, it means a more secure, more flexible, and more convenient household.

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