Evoz Vision Smart Baby Monitor Review

As a future parent, I started looking into smart gadgets for the baby and the first one I got for review is the Evoz Vision baby monitor. Yes, you heard right, I will be a father in a couple of months and can’t wait for this moment! I will keep you guys posted with other babies smart tech which I will use as the time comes.

In the current time, we are busy with everyday home tasks, chores or just watching tv while you have baby sleeping in another room and you want to keep an eye on him or her. And here where every parent gets their baby as must have to make sure their baby sleeping safe and tight.


  • Works with iOS and Android smartphones
  • Cry detection
  • Unlimited range because it works through Wi-Fi
  • Secure internet connection between your smartphone and baby monitor
  • Plays lullabies remotely to calm the baby
  • Data tracking collection
  • Night vision


Installation is pretty easy. Basically plug and play. Just download the Evoz Baby app, register and add the baby monitor through QR code.


The camera itself is decent and comparable with other cameras on devices, the camera has HD quality with night vision which I love. Pretty impressed with some features of the app like the baby cry detection and play lullabies is must-have for every single smart baby monitor.

Pros and Cons

  • Works through WiFi
  • Lullabies option
  • Datalog collection
  • Nightvision
  • Cry detection

  • Internet connection only, debatable for some people
  • First view of the camera sometimes takes more than couple seconds

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Bottom Line

Overall it’s a great gadget to keep alert on your baby anywhere in the world. And I think it’s must-have if you baby sitter or somebody else taking care of your baby while you are not home and still can keep an eye on your precious baby. I will update this Evoz baby monitor review after a couple of months of using it.

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