Best Apartment Intercom Systems

Increasingly, a large number of homeowners are using apartment intercom systems to improve the security of their homes. The apartment intercom systems are devices designed to identify people who wish to access your home or apartment. It will enable you to talk to the people and verify their purpose and identifications before they enter the house. Thus, making sure that everyone in the house uses the intercom will give your entire family great benefits.

Over the years, due to progress in technology, there has been a development of wireless residential intercom systems. The best home intercom system do not have copper wires running through them for connectivity. Instead, they are connected by radio waves and they communicate with radio frequencies. Whether wired or wireless, the intercom systems have many advantages. Let us look at some of the best intercom systems for apartments.

Top Rated Apartment Intercom Systems

Amocam 7-inch Wired Video Intercom Doorbell System LCD Monitor 4 Units Apartment Video Door Phone Bell

Amocam LCD Monitor Wired Video DoorbellAmocam intercom system is one of the best apartment and building intercom systems. It has 16 various types of chimes for doorbells that are loud and audible and easily changeable.  It has the 7-inch touch screen for to answer, monitor and unlock the door. The touch screen is made of acrylic.  The product has a two-way audio intercom and a mute intercom for indoor purposes. The Amocam can be used can be used for residences, corporate offices, private villas, public enterprises, etc. It can provide support for at least 12 security and surveillance systems.

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TEKTONE IR204E SOUND and SIGNAL Apartment Station Surface Mount 4 Wire


Tektone has designed an intercom system that is a great combination of modern styling and simple operating system. The apartment intercom system is designed with very clear and crisp voice communication system. Also, the circuit system of the intercom system is well-designed and it can be used for residential and public buildings. You can install the intercom system by yourself. It is light weight and made of high-quality aluminum. One intercom system can be used for more than one entrance.

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Alpha Communications Wire Intercom IS543 5/4/3 Stat-Plast

Alpha Communications IS543

Alpha Communications have manufactured high-quality intercom system that is not too expensive. It has a very simple one-button operation.  The intercom is designed in such a way that it can be used with 3, 4 or 5 wire system.  It has an excellent voice quality. Its high-quality circuit system and flexibility enable the intercom system to be utilised in large buildings and corporates. This intercom system for apartments also comes with additional accessories that allow operations for multiple door entries, door releases, etc.

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Six Units Apartment Video Intercom Doorbell Security with Auto Visitor Photo Memory 

Six Units Apartment Video IntercomThis apartment or building intercom system is developed by Angel Canada and is extremely stylish and has a very high-quality front-door camera. The camera is colored and provides very accurate vision. The video intercom door phone system is a two-way system, and it captures every visitor’s photo with date and time stamp. The intercom system has six call buttons that can support around six apartments and it works best for apartments for rent and houses that have multiple units. This wireless apartment intercom system is designed in such a way that you will be able to know who wants to enter your house even if you are away from home.

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Four-Wire Flush Station-Ss Holes

4 Wire Flush Station-Ss

This intercom system is designed by Lion Beam and is extremely easy to install. It has a very simple design and features. It is a 3-button system, one each for talking, listening and opening the door. The body is made of high-quality stainless steel. It has a 45-ohm speaker. The Lion Beam intercom system is very durable and a hassle-free product.

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Byron Elro Audio Door Intercom for three apartments

Byron Elro Audio Door IntercomByron Elro has designed a unique audio door intercom that is extremely durable and it comes with a cable extension that is 30 meters long. This intercom system can be used for three homes or apartments. The volume of the bell is properly audible and adjustable. It has an excellent dual-way communication system. The intercom system comes with a surface-mount system. It is a great product that can help you maintain the security of your apartment and it has received good customer reviews as well.

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Pacific Electronics 3404 4-Wire Intercom system

Pacific Electronics 3404

The Pacific 3404 intercom system is the advanced version of the earlier model. It designed in such a way that it allows two-way communications between the apartment owner and the visitor. It comes with a big RH6 adapter plate. This new model can support up to 4 to 7 apartments in a building

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Best Apartment Intercom Systems

The Amocam 7″ LCD Monitor Wired Video Intercom Doorbell System is the best product. It is a two-way system that can enable you to communicate effectively with strangers and there will be no need to open your door. It has 700 TVL CMOS high-resolution camera for perfect vision during the day and night. This intercom system comes with one outdoor camera and four indoor cameras and it can be used for one building with four residences. Besides, Amocam provides excellent customer service, if you need any after purchasing the product. The intercom system can provide complete hands-free communicating experience while using the intercom. Thus, with so many advantages the Amocam intercom system will be a great investment.

Cheapest Apartment Intercom Systems

The Tektone intercom system can provide excellent security to your house and it costs barely anything. This product is very durable and easy to use. The intercom system is developed in such a way that it can provide security not only to your house but also to an entire building. Besides, it has received some good reviews by customers regarding its pricing and usage. Without any doubt, this low-cost product will play a great role in keeping your near and dear ones safe.


All of these intercom systems mentioned above belong to some of the best brands. You will rarely face any problems in maintaining safety and security of your house. If you are not around then, you need not worry about their safety or entry of unwanted persons in the house. You can easily teach your children how to operate an intercom system.  Thus, to protect your home and family wired or wireless apartment intercom systems has become a necessity.

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