Best Wireless Intercom Systems for Home & Office Reviews 2024

In today’s generation, technology helped society in many ways like the best wireless intercom system improves convenience, comfort, and communication in just a push of a button. Without technology, it might be hard for people to cope with the changes in the environment. Communication has been a crucial aspect of harmony. The failure to communicate will lead to chaos and conflict, especially in times of emergencies.

Nowadays, communication is made easier with smartphones and computers. In just a few taps, you can connect with someone halfway across the world. Whether you aim to talk or chat, you are guaranteed to have satisfaction in virtual communication. However, there are also instances that you need to communicate with someone in the house, but he is too far away to hear from you. Shouting at him is not efficient and considered to be downright rude, especially if he is older. Calling with a smartphone might also be expensive. You should consider investing in something more practical than the methods you are used to.

Wireless Intercoms

As the name suggests, wireless intercoms are anything that does not make use of wires for connectivity. Wireless intercoms for homes are systems that do not necessarily need any installation. The interesting part is that you are connected with some different systems and lines without any wires whatsoever. Wondering how they work? To begin with, wireless intercom systems for home or office transmit signals by making use of radio frequencies.

There was a time when any interference would cause an issue in the usage of these systems, but times changed, and there came an influx of brands that came up with effective modes of wifi intercom systems. We bring you wireless intercom reviews to give you information on what’s best for you.

Wireless intercom usually comes with portable receivers, and you can use these to answer or operate the home security system. Among many, the most important benefit of using a wireless intercom system over any other is that it doesn’t use any cords. There is no nuisance of any wires if you are using wireless intercom as most of these models are extremely convenient to use. And the models today allow you to use these devices without spending a lot of time in their installation.

Types of Wireless Intercoms

  • Battery Operated Doorbell – These are door intercom systems that run on simple AA batteries and do not require any power. There is no need to worry about their operation as even if there is an electricity failure, you know what to do, and you can easily use the wireless intercom for home.
  • Expandable Systems – These are the ones that accept a second master intercom system. These models work effectively as the system connects with other rooms easily. These devices for home is ideal for bigger houses and offices.
  • Voice Activation home intercom systems – You can see and hear your guests with wireless doorbell intercom and when you want. This is something you get in some models that also come with clear voice quality too. Wireless intercom system helps in speaking to your guests easily or simply hear them as they ring the bell.
  • Multiple Channels intercom systems for business – They come with multiple channels, connect one room to the other seamlessly, and you are never left to wonder how to go about answering the call when you are on the other side of the office intercom systems. You can have all the connections you want with this wireless intercom system for office and explore from a variety of options by checking out these wireless doorbell reviews.
  • Digital FM Circuitry – This is the wireless intercom system for office that ensures that the sound quality is completely clear. You do not have to fret about the clarity of voice with wireless intercom systems. No matter what range, the home intercom will get a clear notification every single time, there is an alert.

What is a Wireless Intercom System?

The wireless intercom system for home is widely used in homes and offices. Imagine wanting to speak with someone in another room, but do not have the energy to do so. It is a great way to relay a message without the need to communicate face-to-face. Furthermore, intercoms are great for emergencies involving members of the family, especially seniors. In times of crisis, reaching the other family members in a matter of seconds is possible. In the workplace, wireless home intercom systems are used varyingly. It is an excellent tool for giving instructions or receiving notices in real-time.

The Advantages of a Wireless Intercom Systems For Home

Intercoms have evolved into something more practical and efficient. Wireless technology is already a big thing; thus, security systems like the device also adopted the change. Wireless home security systems are better than the traditional system in many ways. First, it does not require any installation that might cost more than the gadget itself. The setup is simple to use, so contractors would not be needed anyhow. There would be no wirings involved, so it means fewer risks. Wireless security systems for homes can either be battery-operated or power outlet-dependent. Bear in mind that battery-operated ones are better used when blackouts are frequent; however, the regular replacement of batteries could be costly. Wireless intercom system that relies on power outlets are cheaper and have the same efficiency as a battery-operated one.

There are a lot of intercoms models on the market. Choosing the right one for your house should require proper planning. Make sure that the signal in the home or workplace is safe. Just like smartphones, these systems are vulnerable to interference. If you have metal walls or any blockades, discuss the layout of your homes to the service provider. You should also take note of the wireless range of the product, as well as the maximum no. of devices it can be connected with. The warranty and price should also be considered.

Wireless IntercomRangeGroup ConversationRoom MonitoringReviewsPrice
Wireless IntercomRangeGroup ConversationRoom MonitoringReviewsPrice
Chamberlain NLS21000 footYesYes3.4$$
Intercom System Digital200 footYesYes4.9$$$$
Aiphone CCS-1A ChimeCom2245 footNoYes4.2$
Nucleus Anywhere Intercom1000 footYesYes4.7$$$$
M&S Systems DMC41000 footNoYes4.3$$$
Samcom 10-Channel M&S Systems1000 footYesNo4.1$$

10 Best Intercom Systems in 2022

When it comes to intercom comparisons, it’s a tough call. There are some features to pick from. And the brands are only getting better by the day. On the one hand, you have Chamberlain ruling the charts, on the other, there are models giving you the best deals that are too tempting to refuse. When it’s about getting the right intercom for your home, it’s important to know what is the primary use.

Here are some product suggestions on Amazon that you can consider for your home and office.

Chamberlain NLS2

It is a tech-friendly gadget that is perfect for homes and offices. It has an old school style that blends effortlessly in any interior. It has a duotone finish (metal gray/ black) that looks sleek and simple but packs a punch regarding efficiency and signal capability.

Chamberlain NLS2

When you are looking for something that is not just simple to use but is also a convenient intercom doorbell wireless system to install, this one is it. Chamberlain Wireless Intercom is the one that you can get when you have a huge house, and sending messages across rooms is a problem. The Chamberlain intercom manual tells you everything you need to know about its installation, and the range is up to 1000 ft, which is a good deal for this price. You just have to use the talk button, wait for the beep and talk and the sound quality is good.


  • Super convenient to use
  • Expandable: Allows comfortable communication within rooms
  • 1,000-ft range without wires or power connections
  • Fully scalable to an unlimited number of stations
  • Improved controls
  • Battery operated
  • Voice activation
  • Monitor mode
  • Single or multi-channel
  • 2-year battery life
  • Four AA batteries per unit (not included)

When you talk about the price range, many users have often pointed out that the product is expensive for its reliability. And some found the Chamberlain intercom instructions to be a bit too comprehensive to use. And if you are looking for something too trendy, this is not something you’ll enjoy using. The design is a bit clunky and old fashioned. That being said, this is one of the most preferred models in long range wireless doorbell intercom. The Chamberlain Voice-Activated NLS2 is a portable and needs no power connection since it is battery operated (4 AA batteries). It has a wireless range of 1000 feet, which is already enough for a big house or office. It has a secure 900 MHz digital communication that provides a crystal clear signal. The device also features a monitor mode and voice activation. With the Secured Link Single or Multichannel communication, it can help broadcast a message simultaneously. The network is compatible with at least 12 models (NLS1, NDIS, NTD2). There is also a room monitor mode.

  • The range of the unit works correctly and can deliver clear signals to and from the units.

  • The device does not have enough volume and a mute option.
  • Furthermore, the monitor mode could only be used by the primary or main device.
  • The product reliability is also weak, considering that it did not last for some users. It is also expensive as compared to other wireless intercom systems on the market.

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Chamberlain NLS1

Out of the many options in intercoms online, you will see this brand’s name time and again. Especially with this model; the label covers a range of up to 1000 feet with no wires or power connection. Making it an ideal bet for most households and commercial buildings is its ability to allow multiple communications with a secure 900MHz digital set up. The design is world-class, and the model can form an exclusive network at its set up. With this model, the brand has come up with more advanced versions.Chamberlain NLS1


  • Improved controls
  • Easy to operate
  • 1000 foot (300 m) range
  • 900 MHz secure digital radio link
  • Voice-activated intercom wireless system
  • Monitor mode
  • Secured Link to speak to one party or multi-channel
  • Up to 64 extensions per work
  • 2-year battery life

The good news is that this one is compatible with some of the other models of the same brand. You can’t call this perfect, but a few tweaks here and there and this system works correctly. The design can be improved for sure, and it makes room for great communication throughout the house by its good expandable security.

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Chamberlain NDIS

No wires, no electricity, this is one system that can be used indoors and outdoors without any wires. Chamberlain has always been known as the company that knows how to create products that also work in sync with each other. Just like walkie-talkies work, this is your wireless intercom long range product. It comes with two portable, battery-powered units that provide clear wireless radio till about 1,000 feet. You can easily install many devices in connectivity to this one and communicate from one room to the other with ease. Now, this is ideally used for communications with someone at your door, and the system is simple to use. When the battery is low, the parts with beep 3 times to give you a notification.Chamberlain NDIS

The best part is that the system can be set to voice activation mode which allows the call to be answered without pressing the button.


  • Easy to use
  • Mobile with up to 1,000 feet range
  • Secure radio link door entry for privacy
  • Expandable up to 12 additional receivers
  • Portable or wall-mount units
  • Weather-resistant for outdoor/indoor use
  • Voice activation mode
  • Compatible with other models by the brand

The one feature that works for most users is the fact that it can be extended to as many as 12 channels. The wireless doorbell and intercom system allows multiple simultaneous conversations. The intercoms work in an interesting network where they respond only to other intercoms within the network. With this station, you can even speak to one party with the provision of a Secured Link. What’s better is that each unit can be wall-mounted and all the instruments for this are added in the kit. This one is all good things in one including the price range too.

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Calford FM

Calford FM

The Home and Office FM System Digital includes four components in a black finish and an AC adapter. These stations have a new wireless circuit design. Installation is not necessary since the setup only needs to be plugged in for it to work.


This cellular intercom system has Direct Channel buttons with Stations label for easy identification. The improved digital FM circuitry enables reliable and clear transmission and reception. It has a secure 462 MHZ radio operation. There is also a three-in-one big button that alternates between LOCK, CALL, and TALK. There are volume control and a rotary On/Off button. Its wireless range reaches up to 200 feet, and its power source is an AC outlet. There is also a room monitor mode.

  • The multiple channels were able to receive better reception and transmission.
  • The range works correctly, even between two adjacent houses.
  • The installation is faster and does not require assistance, even among those that are not tech-savvy.

  • N/A

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Aiphone CCS-1A ChimeCom2

Aiphone CCS-1A

The Aiphone Single Door Answering System is a security system made from white and gray plastic. It includes a master receiver, instruction manual, mounting hardware, and bracket. Once installed, the homeowners would be able to communicate with visitors.

The Aiphone CCS-1A ChimeCom2 is a one-door answering system that enhances the security of your home by ensuring that the audio communication is possible with the guest without having to open the door physically. You can either connect it to an already existing wiring or start over. Every time the visitors press the button that is backlit to increase the visibility, the chime rings on the door, and also a ring goes off on the master unit inside the house to alert the homeowner. The homeowner can just release the push-to-talk button once the chime is played to talk to the guest or the visitor.


  • Single-door system
  • Backlit call button for visibility
  • Listening feature
  • Expandable system
  • Adjustable audio
  • Chime volumes
  • Uses existing doorbell wire and power
  • Easy to install
  • Audio monitoring

This Single Door Answering System has a push-to-talk button and a listening feature that enables the homeowners to receive an audio transmission from the front door through the master device. For visibility, it has a backlit call button which is useful at night or in low light conditions. The chime and audio volume are adjustable. The door intercom can accommodate up to two master intercoms. The expandable system is useful in multiple rooms and large areas.

  • The product is great at night with the backlit feature.
  • The audio quality is adequate, and the chimes are loud enough to be heard across the distance.
  • The product is reasonably priced and value for money.
  • The durability is also guaranteed to last for years.
  • The mounting bracket and hardware made it easier to be installed on walls.

  • The system is good. However, the electrical component can be noisy.

The Aiphone wireless intercom only uses the two-wire intercom cable for installation. Not only does it cost less, but this system is also known for being the most reliable door intercom wireless tool in the industry. It comes at a reasonable price and you never have to worry about its replacement. Overall, a model worth investing in.

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Chamberlain NTD2

This is your weather-resistant network device which comes in a set of two portable intercoms that are perfect for expandable communication. These intercom security systems are designed keeping the durability factor in mind. This is your voice activated intercom system that works extremely well even in adverse weather conditions. The Chamberlain covers up to 1,000 feet, which allows you to use it everywhere in the house. The easiest way is to use this wall mounted wireless intercom system on the front door so that it’s easy for the visitors to call simply and you can see who is on the door.Chamberlain NTD2Features

  • Operates on 900 MHz frequency
  • Four AA batteries
  • Expandable
  • Networks with 64 other units
  • Wireless intercom with up to 1,000 ft. range
  • One secure channel provides a direct line
  • Weather-resistant

You can now create a flawless digital troubleshooting intercom systems which are easy to fix in case of trouble. Credit it to the simplicity of operation or the complete guide that tells you exactly what to do in case of trouble; the systems are super convenient to use.You will love the fact that there are four channels and a volume control. The only issue that has irked some users in the past is that you can’t easily replace it as it can be a bit expensive. For this looking for online intercom options, this brand has a huge presence on the web, and many discounted choices are available.

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Intercom Central 246

This is among the best intercom systems for the home that allows you to upgrade those two prongs device already existing at your place to this Advance 3 wire system which bridges the two phases of the AC power-lines. And these are not wires that you see everywhere; it’s more like an invisible setup. The system works by making use of the power line in the building, so there’s no Radio Wave involved. These are the kind of intercom doorbell systems where the same piece of electric wire is used, the power line that the building is already using.

Intercom Central 246 - Four Channels HOME Power-line

The only issue us that it is not compatible with an outbuilding connection. The good news, however, is that it comes with four channels, so you can choose how many you want. This is an audio intercom system that brings a lot of clarity and bridges the two phases of the AC power lines in the building and can be used in every room to room intercom where there is a power line.


  • Four channels
  • 3-wire system
  • four stations set power-line intercom
  • Uses ground & neutral electrical wire in the house
  • Bridges the two phases of the AC power-lines in the building

Overall, a great and does not bring the chaos of wires in the house. The intercom security systems by the brand are known to be reasonable and perfect in use. When you want something sturdy and fairly priced, this is what you opt for. That being said, do not expect the intercom to come with additional benefits and too many features that make it better.

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1byone Phone Intercom System

When you want to answer at your convenience on an indoor phone that rings every time the guest presses the button outside, this is it. The good thing is that now you can even hear outside just by picking up the indoor phone. That’s all you have to do. There are many good pointers that this one comes with. The first one being, the indoor unit, and outdoor units are connected by a wire. Now the problem with this is, you will have to drill a hole through the wall from inside the premises for this to work. This can be a little frustrating, but no so much if you look at the other perks, this one comes with.

1byone 2 Wires Audio Door Phone

When you think about the installation, the instructions are pretty comprehensive. The important part is, you have to check your door on both sides and make sure that you can mount the units where they are useful. But that being said, you will need your drill, etc. Once the installation part is crossed, this is one of those hard-wired systems that you will not regret having.


  • Calling, talking and unlocking functions
  • Easy for DIY installation
  • Two wires intercom
  • Outdoor wireless intercom unit can be flush or surface-mounted
  • Outdoor station with ABS plastic covers
  • Connect outdoor unit with the  electric lock or possible with smart lock

The one issue is that the wire doesn’t come with it, you need to get your own. The copper stranded two core works in this one. And you have to work out how the two are to be connected for the system to work in on the piece. Other than the fact that this is not entirely a cordless intercom system, the setup works quite well and is great for use where when you want in-wall intercom system.

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Linear DMC1 M&S Systems

The Model DMC1 Music/Communication System Master is your hands-free and music distribution system designed for residential purposes. Not only does it support up to 15 room stations, but also up to three door speakers. What’s more interesting is that it has an inbuilt provision for AM/FM radio giving you eight AM stations to enjoy and the same number of FM station presets. For those who want to shop intercom system, this is the model grabs eyeballs instantly with its elegant backlit liquid crystal display. It’s here that you can easily see everything clearly from whether it’s in operation mode, at a good radio frequency, what volume setting it is on and the right time. But there’s more to love about it.

Linear DMC1 M & S Systems Music Communication Master Unit


  • Room stations have pushbuttons
  • Room and patio stations connect to the master unit
  • Interconnectivity between all room station
  • Maximum output of 30 Watts (RMS)
  • Volume control for each unit
  • Privacy button for your use
  • Supports up to 15 room stations
  • Three door speakers
  • Two music source inputs
  • 8 am and FM stations respectively
  • 30% smaller than previous models
  • Remote volume
  • Source control from room stations

The good news is that this is one rate well in wireless door intercom system reviews. It gives you all the brilliant access you need for any part of the house. For access control, it is designed such that you have an optional Model DRW Door Release Mechanism. Once installed, it is easy to operate from even the master unit or room stations. There are many things to love about this model. For instance, you have a full-function intercom. And then there is a music distribution system. But the one issue it obviously faces is that it is not always available at the best price. Discounts are one thing, but to be able to afford it for someone looking for a nominally priced option is quite another.

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Comelit HFX700M

When you want a hands-free system that makes sense and does everything you want, this Comelit intercom is to rely on. The model from Comelit comes with a power supply, master monitor, and door bell. Now that makes it possibly for you to identify and communicate with the visitors. This system is not only convenient to use but beefs up the security in your house.

Comelit HFX700M Color Hands-Free Video Kit

The interesting part is that this is one of the devices that work best for both residential or commercial applications. It safeguards the entrance and is not something too complicated. When the door is rung, you can see the live feed and control everything from the volume of the speaker and the chime too. It’s exciting to see that you can, in fact, extend to 2 door cameras and four inside monitors.


  • 5 inch LCD monitor
  • Two-wire installation
  • Hands-Free
  • Expandable up to four monitors and two cameras
  • Adjustable speaker volume
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Best Intercom System?

Among the best is the Comelit Hands-Free Video Remote intercom system. For the simple reason that with some more money, you get the additional measure of security. Another factor that gives this one an edge over the rest is its use in both residential and commercial areas. The system ensures that everything is tightened to optimum security levels. Just when the doorbell rings, you can see who is at your front door and listen to audio and watch the video directly on the monitor. And the best part— you can answer and operate the system even when the doorbell is not activated.

Cheapest Intercom System

Chamberlain NLS2 is the cheapest among them all. So when you are looking for simple features like a single-door intercom system which allows you to speak to your visitors before they enter the premises, this is quite literally a steal deal. Coming with adjustable volumes, it lets you speak to your visitors. And in this money, that’s a decent bet.

Last Words About Intercom Systems

Wireless intercom systems for the home are indeed helpful in getting the family together in times of emergencies. In the workplace, a simple message or instruction would go from one room to another effortlessly. It is also safe to say that the intercom system for office improves the security and protection of the house and workplace.

You also can invest and get one of the best video doorbells that we reviewed on our website.

When choosing the right operation system of security, you have to ensure that there is no overspend. To make sure the system works out within a budget, it’s important to know what the need and the area of operation are; whether you want it for commercial intercom system use, residential or both. Choose wisely keeping wireless doorbell intercom reviews in mind.

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