Best Infrared Security Cameras

Security cameras have been a blessing in disguise ever since they became popular. No longer do you have to worry about what is going to happen in public places and more due to the lack of eyes everywhere, especially in the night. Best security cameras have single-handedly enabled you to know what is going on in your home, office or their surroundings any time of the day.

With Night vision security cameras’ inception, it became evident that technology is moving towards a safer future. Not only are these infrared security cameras a need in recent times but they have evolved enough to be used in all sorts of scenarios.

With a broad range of security cameras, available in today’s market, the features and specifications are also spread wide. Knowing what kind of camera will best suit your need will make it much easier for you to get the one you want sooner.

Top Rated Infrared Security Cameras

Here are few of the best security cameras that are currently popular in the market:

ZOSI 960H 1/3″ 1000TVL 3.6mm lens 42 Led Had IR Cut 120Feet Night Vision Outdoor Security Camera

Whether you want to have a single camera or a whole set, the ZOSI Night Vision camera is one of a kind. With easy access to footage from the connected monitor or even your phone, you can keep a tab on your surroundings day in and day out. It comes with the weather as well as a vandal resistant aluminium camera housing which makes it very tough and can withstand the different changes in the weather conditions with ease.  ZOSI 960H Security CameraThe ZOSI’s main features are the 42 highly intense LED lights which mean you can have up to 120 feet of clear night vision. Not taking any chance of the lighting conditions, the ZOSI has an Auto Gain Control (AGC) and a Back Light Compensation that gives it enough light for optimal picture quality.

It also comes with a 3-axis camera stand, a cable through the bracket and to get high image quality, an HD 90H TV 1000 Lines.

If you are looking for a simple night vision surveillance camera that produces high-quality images, this is your man!

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VideoSecu Bullet Security Camera 700TVL Wide View Angle Lens 

Interested in twenty-four hours security recording? This is the best night security camera for you! The VideoSecu Bullet Security camera’s main feature is the built-in 3.6 mm lens that gives you a wide angle view of what is happening in your surroundings. It has 0 lux when it comes to IR LED. The IR illuminators are around 28 and are built-in long range ones that provide high definition videos and images.

VideoSecu Bullet Security Camera

It comes with a 700TV line for high resolutions and also has a weatherproof metal housing and bracket. With the 1/3” Sony CCD technology powering it, it needs around 12V DC 500 mA power supply. Along with a color DSP image sensor and a warning decal.

Weighing only around 2.2 pounds, you need to have a DVR to record the footage. However, this is not included with the camera so figure out how well it will fit in with your budget!

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VideoSecu Day Night Vision CCTV Infrared Home Security Camera 

Similar to the VideoSecu Bullet Security Camera, this infrared security camera is more suited for day time although it works pretty well throughout the day as well. A little smaller than the Bullet Security camera, it comes with the 1/3” Color CCD image sensor in the NTSC format. Great for home security, you get these in white and white a vandal proof covering too. However, the lines are just 480TV which makes the distance much shorter. It also carries only 20 infrared LEDS but comes with the same 12V DC 500 mA power supply.

VideoSecu Day Night Vision CCTV Infrared Home Security Camera

One of its main features, however, is the mini illumination of 0 lux and the 3.6 mm camera lens which ensures that it has auto gain control as well as auto white balance.

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ANRAN HD 1200TVL SONY IMX138 CMOS Sensor Security Camera

As far as the night vision security cameras go, this is also a pretty good catch. If you are thinking to get a great image quality for a low price, the ANRAN is a good choice. It comes with a buttload of features like all-metal waterproof housing; it also has a 1/2.5″ Sony IMX 138 CMOS sensor. With an infrared light of 0 lux and the IR being on, you can get night images that truly look clear as the day!


It is more of a wired CCTV and weighs 15.2 ounces making it extremely hard to detect. Scoring high points in the best night vision security camera review.

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R-Tech RVD70B Outdoor Dome Security Camera with Night Vision

This is one of the most popularly used security camera in the business right now! With amazing features and great quality, this is normally the first choice on everyone’s list. It comes with weather and vandal resistant casing that makes it extremely tough against outside weather conditions. Along with the AGC and BLC options, you will not only get an optimal light for your images but has an IR range of 98 ft for taking videos in complete darkness.

R-Tech RVD70B Outdoor Dome Security Camera

Along with a 2.8-12 mm lens for wide-angle views, you also get 1000TV lines for superior images.

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Best Vision BV-IR140-HD Bullet Security Camera 

Similar to the R-Tech regarding the lens and the casing of the security camera, the Best Vision also comes with the BLC for great picture quality. The IR range is, however, 164ft, making it better than the R-tech. It also comes with a 1/3″ 1000TV Lines for getting real HD analog videos.

Best Vision BV-IR140-HD Bullet Security CameraWith enhanced features and more, the Best Vision weighs a good 1.9 pounds and is quite noticeable in normal conditions.

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Best Infrared Security Camera

Although all of them are great in their way, the one you should go for is the Best Vision Bullet Security Camera, especially for commercial uses. With great image quality and value for money, this will be a great long term investment. Not only will you get a sense of security but you will get easier loans and insurances knowing you have the best product protecting your company.

Great Value Infrared Security Camera for Money

The ZOSI security camera is the cheapest in the business, and you can get simple and trusted protection for your home. You do not have to spend over the top, to give your home the protection it needs, and the ZOSI proves that with its easy to use features and good image quality. If you are not too sure, try out the ZOSI before upgrading to more features.


With so many ranges available, it can get quite hard to choose the infrared security camera that will fit into your budget and give your home the protection it needs, all at the same time. With this in mind, you can opt for any of these great security cameras until you know what your exact needs are.

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