Zmodo Wireless Security Cameras Review

Zmodo has been known for its affordable selection of peripherals and appliances, and as you may suggest, the Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Cameras, which is the point of our discussion today in this Zmodo Smart Security Cameras review, is an affordable option from our security camera system reviews. In fact, you can get four of the Zmodo Smart Wireless Camera for half the price of just one of other products we have discussed, like the Ring Stick Up Cam or the Netgear Arlo Pro.

Being an on-budget option, we can obviously expect fewer features and lesser quality, and the question is how much the sacrifice in quality will be, compared to the high-end products such as the Nest Cam or the Ring Floodlight Cam.

With that being said, the Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Cameras feature a nice 720p HD video quality, which is comparable to the said high-end products. Surprisingly, the Zmodo security cameras can also be controlled with a smartphone app, available for both iOS and Android.It also features an infrared-based night vision mode, and again, surprisingly a motion detection sensor.

As you can see, the features it provides is surprisingly sufficient, if not awe-inspiring. It doesn’t sacrifice much in features, compared to other, more expensive products, and it is quite decent in quality.

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Let us begin the Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Cameras review by discussing its key values:

Key Features


Without a doubt, this is the key highlight of its overall value. You can purchase not just one, but four of the Zmodo Smart Security Cameras at half the price of just one Ring Stick Up Cam or Nest Outdoor Camera. If you are on a budget, or considering installing multiple cameras at once, this product is certainly a decent option.

Satisfying Performance

For its affordability, it doesn’t really sacrifice much in performance. Sporting a nice 720p HD video quality, it is comparable to a lot of more expensive products available in the market.It can also be controlled with a smartphone app, and the night vision mode can cover 80-feet of range. It is nothing revolutionary, but for its price point, it is very decent.

Four Cameras in One Package

If you are in need of multiple cameras, i.e for a large household or a commercial venue, these IP-based cameras is very affordable and very easy to setup. The app is designed so that the four cameras can operate seamlessly together.

Our Review

We based our Zmodo Wireless Security Cameras review with a product test. As we received the package, as expected, the packaging is very simple and nothing special, as with many on budget products available. However, it serves its purpose well, and the installation manual is particularly useful.

The installation process itself is relatively easy, but with one major issue: we expected that the Zmodo Wireless Security Cameras will need a wired power setup, but the included power cord is relatively short. As a result, you will either need to reroute your wiring or carefully adjust the positioning of the cameras to be able to reach the power outlet.

After they are properly installed, we tested its performance. The 720p video quality is surprisingly very decent in the day time. The night vision mode, being an infrared-based, is nothing special but quite sufficient. The app is also nothing revolutionary but is working as intended, providing all the basic features you need from a security camera. In short, it fulfilled its purpose.

The motion detection doesn’t work as well as other high-end products, such as the Netgear Arlo Pro. However, it is quite decent, and serves its purpose well. The only major drawback is that the motion detection area is relatively limited.

However, we found out that the Wi-Fi receiver is relatively weak, as the cameras can suddenly disconnect on its own, or have unstable video and audio quality. It could be an issue in consistency, which is a very important quality in a security camera. However, only one out of the four cameras is experiencing such problem, and after contacting the customer support, they confirmed that it was a faulty product.

The replacement came and now it’s working as intended. However, as with many cheaper products, quality control is an issue, although thankfully the customer service is responsive and the replacement came in time. Another issue is that the cameras are not too durable, and the design is rather cheap.

However, those issues are minuscule compared to the overall affordability and how it performs. It remains a very excellent on budget choice.

Here are our pros and cons for the Zmodo Wireless Security Cameras review.

  • Very affordable, definitely its biggest selling point
  • 720p video quality with a decent night vision technology
  • Decent sound quality
  • Very easy to install and use
  • Decent smartphone app that serves its purpose

  • Cheaply designed
  • Not very durable
  • Power cord too short
  • No third-party integration, both hardware, and software wise

You Should Get This If

The biggest selling point of the Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Cameras is obvious: its affordability. For its excellent selling price, it doesn’t sacrifice as much in both features and quality. It does have issues with durability and consistency, but for what it’s worth, it works really well.

It will definitely be an excellent choice for those looking for a cheaper alternative, or those who need to install multiple cameras at once.

Bottom Line

Let us end the Zmodo Wireless Cameras review with a verdict:
Being a very affordable product, the features of the Zmodo Wireless Cameras are nothing short of amazing. It is nothing revolutionary, and you can find similar or better features from other, more expensive products. However, for its price point, it works very well to serve its purpose.

The smartphone app works really well to control the cameras, and the 720p video quality is very clear. It could be better with the night vision, but like we have mentioned, it is very decent for its price.

The only major downside is the length of the power cord. It is very short, and you might need to reroute cables to get it to work. It is also not very durable, so you might need to be careful when using it outdoor. Overall, a very decent product with a very affordable price.

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