YYGIFT Smart Video Doorbell Review

It’s difficult to rely on just any security system without much ado. This is what this YYGIFT Smart Video WiFi Doorbell Review will help you understand. So while the other brands in the market are busy creating that perfect look in best wifi doorbell, this one gave them a clear miss as it came out with a feature that was much needed. This is not just a sturdy doorbell but also a technologically sound.

What makes it “smart” is its ability to let you see the visitor before the person comes in. You not only can communicate with the visitor easily, but this one comes with an impeccable video and audio quality. And there’s more to YYGIFT doorbell that makes it a hit and also not the best option for some.

YYGIFT Smart Video WiFi Doorbell


All System Use

This is not your ordinary doorbell linked to a video feed. This goes beyond just that. It lets you communicate with your guest by just using its app on any Android or iOS. It doesn’t matter which system you use or phone, this one works on each format.

Alerts On Your Phone

Every single time someone rings your bell your phone rings, and you can choose to ignore or answer the call. You can also make a photo or video of the person at the door.


The system that connects the doorbell to WiFi doorbell is quite simple, and it’s easy to spot someone from anywhere in your house. You can communicate easily with the person.

Night Vision

The YYGIFT Wireless Doorbell comes with135 degree angle lens. You can see up to ten mts at night as the 0 lux night vision ability makes it possible. This allows you to spot people and know who is at the door even if the light is dim. So you know who is outside your house under any light condition. The doorbell is an improved home safety mechanism where you know who is at the door before you open it.

DIY Installation

The installation is very manageable, and you can do it yourself. This is what makes this model quite successful as unlike the others; the connection hardly takes a lot of time, and once in place it functions pretty smoothly. You simply have to download the app on iOS or Android. It is free. And then you follow the instructions.

Impeccable Audio

This one comes with a two-way audio system that allows you to communicate with any person outside the house, without any fuss. You can converse with them at length and know their purpose of visit and avoid answering the door if you don’t want to.


  • Well packaged­
  • RF bell with multiple ringer options
  • Easy to install
  • Mobile app to control the WiFi doorbell­
  • Watch the visitor before answering


  • Wireless network Wired network
  • Material: ABS
  • Colour: Black
  • The YYGIFT Video Doorbell brings the image directly on the phone even if you still haven’t answered the doorbell. This helps you avoid unwanted visitors and people. The phone notifies you when it’s a call from the doorbell and immediately displays the image.
  • See live image of the person as you answer the call. And this is in perfect quality.
  • The camera of this model is in premium quality and it’s sturdy and reliable.
  • Competitive price but worth the money.
  • You can also purchase an electronic lock and set a 6-digit code to unlock the door.

  • The only problem people have faced often is that of no separate alerts for each user. The settings are only meant for one.
  • YYGIFT Doorbell is bigger than an ordinary doorbell. But again, it’s modern enough to be used conveniently. But some people find it quite cumbersome as a model.


There are many similar models in the market like this one, but what sets this apart is the simplicity. Yes, some issues here and there but overall a good buy. This YYGIFT Doorbell will not give this model a clear ten on 10. But definitely a 3. Worth investing and if you want something impressive and interesting in the with just some shape issues (not for all), this is a safe bet by all means. I would suggest to check better options and check out our comparison between Ring vs Ring Pro.

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YYGIFT Smart Video Doorbell Review
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