Wireless Hidden Security Cameras

While a security camera reviews that is displayed prominently does an excellent job of deterring theft, wireless hidden security cameras carry great value too. These cameras are not visible to anyone and can record the crimes as and when they occur. There have been innumerable cases where these covert security cameras have recorded evidence which was then used by the law enforcement personnel’s to capture the culprit.

However, when it comes to buying the best hidden spy camera, the number of options available in the market can prove highly confounding. Be it doorbell hidden camera or Covert IP camera, the options are just too many. Thus, we have created a list of some of the best of hidden surveillance cameras to help potential buyers to choose one as per their requirement easily. Right from their features, advantages, to their drawbacks, everything is covered by wireless spy cameras for home and other types of hidden cameras to provide potential buyers with a clear idea about the products.

Top Rated Wireless Hidden Security Cameras

Titathink 720P HD Wireless Micro Hidden Pinhole Nanny Spy H.264 Network IP Camera TT520PW

No matter if you want to keep a tab on how the nanny treats your child or increase the overall security of your home or office, this Titathink TT520PW IP Camera can be a great choice. The super-small camera is perfect to make discreet recordings wirelessly. While its dimension is similar to that of a quarter, it is still able to capture HD videos at 720p.

The sensor of this camera only measures 1” x 0.74” which makes it one of the tiniest of sensors currently available on security cameras. The small size of the camera makes it extremely easy for you to conceal the camera in virtually any place and no one would be able to detect it. The camera also has four configurable zones for motion detection which you can adjust to enable the camera to send you alert in the form of an email as well as push notifications on your smartphone whenever it detects motion in these zones. Also, the wireless spy cam allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the motion detecting zones to avoid false alerts.

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This spy video camera features an SD card with 32GB of space in it. With this built-in SD card, the camera can easily record continuous footages of up to two days. Moreover, the camera is compatible with up to 128GB of SD card which can record video footages continuously for up to seven days. As the camera has built-in NAS and ONVIF protocols, it also directly records the video feeds on your NAS device, NVR or even PC. With this wireless hidden security camera, you also get the freedom to record everything that the camera captures or to only start recording when motion is detected.

It also has audio line-in interface which you can plug into a sound monitor to listen to the audio of area in which the camera is installed. The wireless hidden security camera system can be connected to your existing Wi-Fi connection, Ethernet or PoE with the help of which you can view live feed right on your mobile phone. There is a free Titathink mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones for controlling the system and viewing live feed even when you are not at home.

The camera comes with many different types of mounting accessories with the help of which one can easily install the camera at any location. While the size of this hidden IP camera is pretty impressive, it makes it lack some useful features. For instance, the camera doesn’t feature a loudspeaker or built-in microphone. Moreover, there is no night vision feature. But overall, it is still a pretty great and reasonably priced hidden IP camera


  • 720p HD video recording
  • Multi-zone motion detection
  • Multiple options for storage
  • Sound monitoring
  • Easy installation
  • One of the smallest hidden spy cameras
  • Records clear videos
  • Can work on Wi-Fi, PoE, and LAN
  • Adjustable multi-zone motion detection is very useful
  • Supports SD card up to 128GB
  • NAS and ONVIF compliant
  • Remote monitoring
  • Free app for iOS and Android smartphones
  • Simple plug and play installation

  • No night vision
  • No built-in mic or speaker

WiseUp Mini Hidden Camera Clothes Hook Video Recorder Motion Activated Security DVR with Audio

If you are looking for the best hidden spy camera that can be easily hidden in any environment, this Mini Hidden Camera from WiseUp can be an excellent option. No matter if you need a nanny cam, a camera for home security or other short-term surveillance cameras, this security camera in the shape of a clothes hook will provide you with the desired results without making the wrongdoers self-conscious about their actions in the vicinity of this camera.

Irrespective of its small size, the hidden wireless camera is loaded with some features to enhance your monitoring ability. The camera has a motion detection feature, and it will automatically start recording video feed as soon as motion is detected. It records video in real time at a resolution of 640 x 480p with a frame rate of 25/30fps. While the quality of the video recorded by this clothes hook hidden camera is not on par with the video quality of the above mentioned hidden cam from Titathink, its highly reasonable price tag still makes it an amazing value-for-money product.

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Moreover, the camera also features a built-in microphone which the above mentioned Titathink camera doesn’t. The camera can support SD card of up to 16GB and for best results, micro SDHC class 4 cards are highly recommended. It is important to note that this spy video camera doesn’t come with an SD card and you will be required to buy one separately. The camera comes with a mini USB cable, and you can charge it with a standard mini USB charger. Once fully charged, the camera can function for up to 1 hour. While is again a major drawback.

At the top of the hook there is a small indicator light and on/off video record button below it. The micro SD card slot, power button, and USB port are all located at the back of the hook. While you can easily install this hidden camera anywhere with the help of a sticky pad to record videos, you will be required to remove the unit time and again for charging. Once the video is recorded, you can then remove the SD card and insert it in a smartphone or simply connect the unit to a PC or Mac to view the recorded feed.

While this hidden camera from WiseUp with its excellent clothes hook design is great for recording videos in disguise, it has some major drawbacks. But with a price tag of about $20, it is still a great pick for people looking for a cheap spy camera.


  • Records video at 640 x 480p
  • Built-in microphone
  • Motion detection
  • Supports up to 16GB of SD card
  • Easy to install
  • Unique clothes hook design can be easily installed in any environment without raising suspicion
  • Can be easily installed with the help of sticky pad
  • Comes with a mini USB cable for charging
  • Built-in microphone to record video as well as audio in real time
  • One of the cheapest of hidden security cameras

  • Video quality is not very impressive
  • Only works for 1 hours when fully charged

SpygearGadgets 1080P HD Motion Hidden Spy Camera/Nanny Cam with USB Wall Charger

The last product in this list of best wireless hidden security cameras is this Hidden Spy Camera from SpygearGadgets. While the hidden camera looks like a standard USB charger but hidden inside is a very powerful security camera that records HD videos at 1080p- a perfect disguise to keep an eye out on nannies and monitor the safety of your home.

Moreover, the USB adapter design of this camera is not just for show-off, the adapter is fully functional, and you can use to just like a standard USB adapter. Also, as the camera is neatly hidden inside a small smoked glass and even the memory card is inside, no one can understand that it as a fully functional security camera.

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The camera features motion detection feature, and you can set it to record videos when it detects motion. However, you can also adjust the settings to allow it to record without detecting any motion making sure it records video continuously. But continuous recording will only waste the precious space on the SD card. The spy video camera comes with an 8GB memory card, but you can replace it with an SD card of up to 32GB. Moreover, the video that this camera records also displays time and date when you play it to allow you to keep the videos organized easily. There is also a Loop Recording mode in the camera which when activated, will automatically overwrite the old files to make space for newer ones.

Once the videos are recorded, you can easily connect the charger to a Mac or PC to view the videos. This best hidden spy camera comes with a one-year warranty along with lifetime technical support. And the best thing is that there is no installation for this hidden camera. Simply insert this into an outlet and you are good to go.

While this is not the cheapest of covert surveillance cameras available in the market, it is not the most expensive as well. If you want to record videos without letting anyone know or even raise any suspicion, this Wall Charger Hidden Spy Camera from Spygear Gadgets is undoubtedly an excellent choice.


  • Records HD videos at 1080p
  • Continuous as well as motion-activated recording
  • Compatible with up to 32GB of SD card
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows-based PC
  • Time/Date stamp
  • Loop recording mode
  • One year warranty and lifetime tech support
  • High-quality HD recording
  • One of the most disguised security camera
  • No beeps, lights or indicators for completely covert recording
  • Works as a fully functional USB charger too
  • Comes with an 8GB SD card
  • Auto overwrite ensures that you never run out of space on the SD card
  • AC-powered operation
  • Easy to use

  • Many users have complained that this camera is expensive, and similar cameras are available at much cheaper rates
  • Charger lights up for 3 seconds when motion detection mode is activated to raise a lot of suspicions

So, which is the best product from this list of best hidden security cameras?

If you ask us, our vote for the best hidden security camera from the options mentioned above will go to the Titathink TT520PW. While it is not the cheapest product, when it comes to the safety of your home and office, rather than focusing on saving some bucks, the focus should, in fact, be on buying a high-quality product. The Titathink camera is only as big as a quarter and functions flawlessly. A large number of users are highly impressed with its functionality, and it is loaded with some features that maximize its performance. So, if you want to buy a reliable hidden camera, the Titathink TT520PW is the way to go.

Which is the cheapest of them all?

If you are looking to get hold of a cheap security camera for short-term surveillance, the WiseUp Mini Hidden Camera in the shape of a clothes hook can be an excellent choice. Its unique design and discreet operations will allow you to record live video and audio without raising any suspicion easily. It is easy to install and charge and comes with a mini USB cable for enhanced convenience.


Hidden security cameras do an excellent job of providing you with the ability to monitor your property and ensure that safety of your loved ones. Choose any one of the options mentioned above to enhance the safety of your home or office in the most discreet manner. To know more about other great security tools, like smart cameras, smart locks, doorbells, etc. do go through few more pages of our website as well.

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