Wireless Gate Intercom Systems for Home

One of the most efficient and convenient security and communication systems has been the intercom. Intercom is short for intercommunication device and is also known as a door phone or talk-back. It is essentially a voice communications system that is outside the grid of public telephone networks and is used within a home, building or a small network of buildings. There are a variety of different intercoms out there suited for every individual need.

Arguably the common use for intercoms in today’s time is gate entry intercom systems. This is when entry is made via intercom where a guest or visitor is required to identify themselves through the intercom. This takes place through an audio call or via video call, depending on the system one prefers.  Gate entry intercom systems for homes are becoming increasingly popular and are used in most of the apartments and houses. It creates an important security measure to protect homes and identify who a visitor is or not. That essentially is the reason why gates and gate entry intercom systems exist. Due to the exponential increase in technology, there are a lot of wireless gate intercom systems for homes being produced. Installation for these is far easier due to the removal of wires which in turn makes them easier to move around as well.

Choosing the right wireless gate entry intercom system

Finding the right Gate intercom wireless system for your home is very important as the system needs to match well with what your needs are as well as what your home is like. The wireless system is usually very cost effective as well because it removes the need for wiring and experts to install it. Factors such as range as well as whether it requires batteries or power outlets are surely something to be careful about.

Mighty Mule Wireless Gate Entry Intercom

Nothing says security more than an intercom system with a keypad. With an easy-to-use speaker, you can easily watch out for the kind of people who are willing to enter your home and filter them out accordingly. The Mighty Mule Wireless Gate Entry Intercom/Keypad comes with a stand-alone keypad as well.

Mighty Mule Wireless Gate Entry IntercomBenefits of the Might Mule Intercom

  • Crystal Clear Voice: With a good range of around five hundred feet, you can be assured that you can hear the other person extremely clearly when they come ringing. It eliminates any distortion and ensures that you know whom you are talking to, making it extremely use to have around. If you have directly wired, the range goes up to 1,000 feet of crystal clear communication!
  • DIY-centric: Due to the stand-alone keypad it offers, you can put in around twenty-five entry codes. Not only does it make it easy for you to know who is entering at all times but the Do-it-yourself part of it makes the user feel more secure knowing they can control it completely.
  • Grant access: This is perhaps the most important benefit of this device. Not only do you get the option to talk to the person who is requesting entry, but you can also grant it or deny it with just the push of a button. It offers complete protection and does not leave it to choice.


The Mighty Mule Wireless Intercom comes packed with a chock-full of features.

  • Wireless/Wired Communication: Already mentioned above, you have the options of choosing whether you want to keep it wired or not. While the range for wireless communication is still a good five hundred feet, the direct wiring just improves it double.
  • Button entry: Easy to grant access, you do not have to walk that extra mile to let your guests in. A simple push button will do the trick instantly!
  • Multiple base units: A chance to answer the door and see who is requesting entry, from all corners of your home. With a maximum of 4 base units available, it is quite easy to access and works directly to your advantage.
  • Rechargeable Batteries: This is especially useful if you are looking at a usual power outage. While many other parts of your home might not be equipped to deal with this, the Mighty Mule is well prepared with batteries as back up.
  • Entry codes: Not only are you able to enter up to 25 different codes for your convenience, but there is also the option of entering temporary codes and set it to expire anytime between one to seven days.


The specs of the Mighty Mule wireless intercom are as follows:

  • Weight: 4.0 lbs
  • Product Style: Keypad system
  • Product type: Keypads/intercoms
  • Material type: Plastic
  • Batteries required: Yes
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Base Units: Maximum four
  • Its multiple base units that ensures that you know about anyone who is trying to enter the home.
  • The rechargeable batteries as it makes sure you are well protected even when there are power outages.
  • Lightweight so you do not have to worry about setting it up yourself.
  • The range is great for a wireless intercom system.

  • With so many entry code options, it might become hard for you to remember the correct ones at times.
  • The lack of security cameras which means it is not completely reliable as you will need to judge through the voice of the announcer only.
  • Though a range of 500 feet is promised, many users have complained that the range is practically lower making it useless. The need to wire the speaker in case you have an extremely long driveway beats the purpose of it being wireless.
  • The warranty is only for a year while many intercom systems provide a warranty for two years or more.


Wireless gate intercom systems for homes are becoming more and more necessary for security measures. They make sure that you have full control over who comes into your home and acts as a defensive zone against anyone who is not welcome. One can never be sure of when danger will strike, and protecting the home is of particular importance as it is the place that you come to rest at and a place to feel safe. To protect family members, wireless intercom systems for gate are unquestionably a must for today’s society.

While the Mighty Mule Wireless Intercom systems have few cons, the pros outweigh it by a long mile. With a trustworthy brand and a good security system in place, you do not have to worry constantly.

Whether one chooses to buy the latest technological marvels in the industry or a simple network which is built for durability and to complete a certain function without fail, it is a barrier that one needs to protect his home with, and the Might Mule Wireless security systems are a great way to go.

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    Rebone Mashiloane October 29, 2016 at 5:35 pm

    I’m looking for gate inetercom which had had screen which I can see who is at gate and phone to able to speak to the one at gate

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