Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Among all the security equipment for homes and offices, fire alarm systems are one of the most important. These kinds of equipment are known to save lives and in fact, commercial areas are required to go through a Fire Risk Assessment to determine the requirements of these systems.

With advancements in technology, traditional fire alarm systems are now replaced with their wireless counterparts as they bring in many advantages. The most significant benefit of a wireless fire alarm system over a hard-wired model is that they do not need any wiring. As a result, they are faster, cheaper and easier to install. You’ll not be required to drill any holes, and none of your wallpaper will be damaged for concealing the wires. Wired fire alarm systems’ installation can be described as quite a disruptive process. On the other hand, wireless systems can be installed easily without causing a lot of disruption.

Another main benefit of wireless systems is their fire resistance. For instance, if there is a wire in which the cables of a wired fire alarm system are damaged before the fire is detected, then there can be a considerable delay in fire detection. This problem can be successfully eliminated by installing a wireless alarm system.

If you are planning to buy a wireless fire alarm system, we’ve created a list of some of the best models to make the buying process easier and quicker. Understand the requirements of the location where you want to install these systems and then go through features of all the below-mentioned systems to make an informed buying decision.

Top Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Kidde KN-COSM-BA Battery-Operated Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice Warning

Kidde KN-COSM-BA is a battery-powered wireless smoke detector which doesn’t need any kind of connection with the electrical system. It features an ionization sensor for detecting flaming fires and also has a carbon monoxide detector if you use any fuel-burning appliance or if it a requisite of law in your region. Apart from this, this wireless smoke detector also comes with a voice alarm which notifies you about the nature of the hazard to allow you to take the required action accordingly.

As the detector doesn’t need any electrical connection, you can easily install it in places which are not wired to the electrical setup. It is also an exceptional choice if you have an older home which is not configured for installing traditional hardwired detectors. One major drawback of this unit is that it doesn’t feature photoelectric sensors, which are known to do an excellent job of detecting smoldering fires; i.e. the fires which are not yet ignited. Thus, it is recommended that you should use this detector along with photoelectric sensors.

Also, the detector cannot be interconnected with other detectors. As a result, only the sensor which is exposed to CO or smoke will activate. This can be a matter of concern if you have installed this detector at places like a basement, garage, etc. as you might not be able to hear when it goes off.

If the Wi-Fi smoke detector is tripped, the unit features a single button on the front which can be used to deactivate it. You can use this same button to test the fire alarm. When its battery is low, it’ll make a small chirp in every one minute, and it also features LED light which will start flashing. Moreover, the voice alarm will also inform if the battery is running low. This Kidde fire alarm comes with a 10-years warranty, and you can contact its support staff through email and telephone. There is also an informative FAQ section on company’s website.


  • Dual sensors- Ionization and CO
  • Powered by battery
  • Voice alarm
  • LED low-battery indicator
  • Meets UL standards
  • Easy wireless installation
  • Dual sensors for enhanced safety
  • Visual and audio low-battery notification
  • Ideal for areas that are not wired with the electrical setup
  • Ten years warranty

  • No photoelectric sensor for detecting smoldering fire
  • Cannot be interconnected with other detectors

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First Alert Z-Wave 2-in-1  Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

If you are looking for a much-advanced fire alarm, then the Z-Wave compatible 2-in-1 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm from First Alert can be an excellent choice. It is compatible with SmartThings and other Z-Wave Home Automation Systems, and will not just alert the home members when it detects smoke or fire alarm, but will also inform the members who are away by notifying them on their smartphone.

By pairing this wireless smoke detector with smart in-wall switches, light bulbs, outlet, etc., you can trigger the lights on when the alarm detects smoke or CO to provide family members with an illuminated pathway towards the exit. It has a single button on the exterior for silencing and testing the alarm. The alarm features a photoelectric smoke sensor and an electrochemical CO sensor and has a battery drawer on the side to allow you to replace the battery easily. The presence of the photoelectric sensor allows this alarm to avoid false detections which can be caused due to shower steam or from cooking.

It meets the UL standards and comes with a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty. While it is one of the most impressive Z-Wave dual-sensor alarm, a lot of buyers have complained that it cannot be connected to other smoke detectors in the house, and it is not compatible with a lot of Z-Wave systems. So before purchasing it, make sure that it is truly compatible with your Z-Wave system.


  • Z-Wave compatible alarm system
  • Features photoelectric and electrochemical CO sensors
  • Side-access battery drawer
  • Single test/silence button
  • Meets UL specifications
  • 7-years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Sends notification to your phone even if you are away from home
  • Can be connected to smart lights, outlets, etc.
  • Photoelectric sensor reduces false signals that can be caused due to shower steam or cooking
  • Reasonably priced

  • Cannot be connected with other fire detectors in the home
  • Not compatible with many Z-Wave systems

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Nest Protect (Wired) Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

While the original Nest Protect with its ‘Wave’ feature which allowed the users to turn off the alarm through gesture was highly unreliable and had to be recalled, some software updates have now made it a better fire and carbon monoxide detector. After all these software updates, what Nest needed was a hardware update, which came in the form of this 2nd Generation of Nest Protect.

Nest Protect smoke & carbon monoxide alarm


Apart from the sleeker looks, the 2nd Gen of Nest Protect is loaded with some handy features as well. It has a split-spectrum sensor which can detect smoldering as well as flaming fires, along with carbon monoxide sensor. The WiFi smoke detector works on battery and thus, you can install it in areas with no hard wiring or in older homes that are not wired to accommodate a fire detector. While one of the major benefits of hardwired detectors is the fact that they can be interconnected with each other, this battery-powered Nest Protect Gen 2 also carries this ability.

If we talk about the features, Nest Protect 2nd Gen is loaded with that as well. It features audio alarms to notify you of the location and type of emergency, warning signals if the battery is running low, safety lights which illuminate if there is an emergency, and the best part is that all these features can be controlled with a smartphone app. You can receive notifications if the alarm goes off through the app and can also silence the alarm right from the app.

While Nest Protect is undoubtedly one of the most advanced fire and CO detectors currently available in the market, its sensor technology is different from the traditional ionization sensors. Thus, it is recommended that you should use thus alarm along with other traditional alarms.


  • Split-spectrum sensor
  • Nest-compatible
  • Mobile app
  • Battery-powered
  • Meets UL standards
  • 2-years warranty
  • Installation is easy
  • One of the most advanced wireless smoke detectors
  • Can be silenced from the mobile app
  • Unique split-spectrum sensor
  • Aesthetically appealing

  • Only two years warranty
  • Expensive

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Best Wireless Fire Alarm System

If you are still not ready to make a decision, let us help you choose the best wireless fire alarm system. After comparing the pros, cons, features, and customer ratings, our vote for the best wireless fire alarm system goes to the Nest Protect 2nd Generation. Right from the looks, advanced split-spectrum sensor, to its mobile app, everything in this alarm is a fresh take on the traditional fire alarms, making it the best fit for every modern home. While the fire alarm is slightly expensive, the advanced features to make up for the cost pretty well.

Cheapest Wireless Fire Alarm System

If we talk about the cheapest product in this list, Kidde KN-COSM-BA with its highly reasonable price tag and some great features, makes up for an excellent fire alarm for any home. It has ionization as well as carbon monoxide sensor and has voice alarm for notifying about the nature of the emergency. As a battery powers the unit, it can be easily installed in places that are not hardwired with the electrical setup. 10-years warranty, Single test/silence button and LED low-battery indicator are some other features that make this Wi-Fi smoke alarm the cheapest, yet very impressive fire alarm.

While all the home security equipments have advanced and turned smarter, it time for you to upgrade to an advanced fire alarm as well. Choose one from the list of Top Wireless Fire Alarm Systems mentioned above to ensure that your home is well-equipped to detect a fire emergency.

If you are looking for other advanced home equipment, don’t forget to visit other pages of our website.

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