Wireless Doorbells for Hearing Impaired

People who have hearing imparity seldom find it hard to answer to others, answer phone calls and door calls. If you or any of your family member is hearing impaired and you are looking for a doorbell that can help indicate to them when a visitor is knocking at the door, then these doorbells might just be the product you are so desperately looking for.

List of Wireless Doorbell for Hearing Impaired

Etekcity Plug-in Wireless Doorbell Kit

Etekcity Plug-in wireless doorbell kit is one of the most sold doorbell chimes for the hearing impaired because of its flashing light feature which makes the hearing-impaired understand that someone is knocking on the doors when they see the flashing light. This doorbell has various other features such as 52 chimes, 4 volume settings and a 1000ft range. The receiver also includes a blue LED designed specifically for the hearing impaired. This doorbell is very affordable at under $.

Etekcity Wireless DoorbellAnother great feature of this doorbell is that it is very loud and thus if there are any senior people living in your house who may not be hearing impaired but who do have hearing issues then this doorbell is certainly a great device for them. Etekcity is easily available online and you can get them delivered to you at your doorsteps in a matter of days.

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Wireless Doorbell Kit with LED for Hearing Impaired

If you are looking for best doorbell for hearing impaired look no further. Wireless doorbell kit is for those who love hassle free life and this door chime has features that make it desirable to one and all. This doorbell does not require either batteries or direct power connection. Whenever you use the push button it converts kinetic energy into electrical energy and the doorbell rings.

Wireless Doorbell Kit

This doorbell has a special LED that makes the people with hearing disability understand when someone is standing by the door. Also, this door chime has 25 chime options and a very loud output sound to ensure that you never miss out on the doorbell. This is one of the best wireless doorbells you can lay your hands on.

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Heath Zenith SL-6144-A Wireless Plug-In Door Chime Kit Flashing Light

Health Zenith door chime is one of the most popular in the market right now because of its classy design and output sound. This is one of the most audible door chimes you can lay your hands on and if you are looking for a doorbell for the hearing impaired then this is the best you can get. This door chime has various desirable features such as 100 feet range and a solid durable body.

Heath Zenith Wireless

Because of the fact that this doorbell has bright flashing light people with hearing imparity can see when the LED screen is blinking and understand that someone is knocking at the door. It is this visual display that makes this door chime ideal for someone with hearing deficiency. Also it is loud enough to be recognized from any corner of the room when the bell is ringing.

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Security WC180 Wireless Door Chime with Flashing Strobe Light

Doorbells come in all shapes and sizes but if you are looking for amplified doorbells for hearing impaired then there are limited options available to you at your disposal and one of the best doorbell for the hearing impaired that you can lay your hands on in the current market is Security door chime.  This doorbell has a flashing LED display that indicates the hearing impaired of any presence outside the entry door of the house. Also this doorbell does not require any installation hassles and can be placed where ever you feel like. This door chime works on a single battery and does not require external power source.

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SadoTech Flashing Wireless Doorbell with Portable Vibrating Receiver

One of the biggest advantages of having this doorbell in your house is the fact that it is ideal for someone with hearing imparity and thus if you have an elderly living in your house or if you have a hearing disability and you seldom miss the door calls then this device is made just for you. This doorbell has a vibrating portable receiver which will indicate to you when someone is by the door.  SadoTech Wireless DoorbellThis doorbell has a very acceptable range of 500ft and can emit sound at levels ranging between 25db and 110db. This bell is loud enough to be heard from any corner of the house, and it also has flashing light to indicate the door call to someone who has hearing deficiency. SadoTech is known for making quality products and this door chime is durable and beautiful aesthetically.

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BESTEK Wireless Doorbells with Receiver and Transmitter

There are various doorbells available on the market, but if you are looking for loud doorbells for seniors, then BESTEK is the finest option you have at hand. This doorbell has a portable vibrating-receiver which is light and can easily be clipped to the best of someone who has a hearing disability. The vibrations will indicate to him when someone is standing outside the door.   Bestek Wireless DoorbellAlso this doorbell has 2 plug-in chimes and thus you can place them at two different corners of the house and never miss a door call again. This doorbell also has a flashing LED light, again for people with hearing disability who can see the flashing light and understand that someone is expecting the, to open the door.

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Sunnybell ST60 16-Channel 3-Tone Wireless Door Bell with Strobe Light 

Sunnybell ST60 door chime is one of the most popular doorbell currently competing in the market. This doorbell is very durable and has a robust built. This doorbell has a flashing light which indicates people with hearing deficiency of door call. This doorbell does not have a portable vibrating-receiver feature, and it only depends on its flashing light to indicate door call to hearing impaired.

Sunnybell Wireless Doorbell

Sunnybell has a 90 days cash back guarantee for you if you order the doorbell and then decide to give it back. This door chime is water proof and thus, can also be used outside your premises. This doorbell comes with three selectable chimes and has 16 selectable channels to prevent any outside signal interference.

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Best Product

When looking for doorbell for hearing impaired, Bestek Wireless Doorbell has everything in it to be labeled as the best doorbell for hearing impaired. It comes with two receivers that collectively cover a range of up to 1000 feet. It also comes with a portable unit that vibrates when the button is pushed. It also comes with an LED light indicator for letting you know of this visitor even if you are not able to detect the ring. Equipped with two loud chimes an LED indicator and a portable vibrator, it is a complete solution for people with hearing problems. You also can choose from 52 different chimes and set the volume for both the chimes individual giving you additional flexibility. Though slightly expensive, it is a product that will never let you miss a door bell.

Cheapest product

The cheapest product in the segment is Etekcity Plug-in Wireless Doorbell Kit: 1000-feet, 52 Chimes, 4-Level Volume and it is also one of the most sought after doorbell. This door chime is aesthetically beautiful and performs to the very best level. If you had to choose for an ideal doorbell for your house and the hearing impaired, then this is an ideal doorbell for you.


All the door chimes in the segment offer similar features and also command a similar price tag. But while other doorbells range in the price tag of below $$ mark, the Etekcity Plug-in Wireless Doorbell Kit: 1000-feet, 52 Chimes, 4-Level Volume door chime comes under $ and has features worth relishing. This is certainly the most value for money products in the current segment.

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