WiFi Doorbells You Need to Know About

You’re probably familiar with feelings of frustration whenever you missed a social call from an unexpected guest or the delivery of an important package to your house. Although it’s impossible to be near at your door at all times, it can be rather inconvenient and time-wasting to start the laborious task of calling up and scheduling delivery dates. Fortunately, there are nifty home automated gadgets available to put an end to these problems. Home devices like WiFi doorbells are cropping up in the market today; the concept is fairly new, but companies have been developing and integrating WiFi technology to the traditional doorbell.

What is a Smart WiFi-Enabled Doorbell?

So, what’s a WiFi-enabled doorbell and why is it called ‘smart’? In essence, a smart WiFi-enabled doorbell is a device that lets you use it like a traditional doorbell. However, smart WiFi doorbells provide all these neat features along with the capabilities of a WiFi network connection. Anyone who’s got a smartphone can receive prompt alerts that somebody is at their doorstep. Also, WiFi doorbells enable you to see who comes knocking and speak with your guests, anytime, anywhere in the world.

The goal of WiFi doorbells is to achieve that integral connection between users and guests, and perhaps add security and convenience to homeowners. Furthermore, these doorbells send live video and audio feeds to your mobile device so you can see, hear, and communicate to the person at your door.

Most WiFi doorbells have instruction manuals so you can easily sync Wi-Fi network connection to your home or office to your app.

Most available WiFi doorbells tend to be pricier than expected, costing from $100 to $200 and above. Smart WiFi doorbells fit in a new category, so it’s a bit more expensive compared to wired or wireless doorbell types that cost less.

WiFi Doorbell Reviews

We have reviewed two of the latest, best-selling WiFi doorbells out in the market like the Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell and Skybell Doorbell. To help you decide which other options to buy, we provide you this list that cover three smart doorbell models that may also offer you advanced features and added security.

Doorbot Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Doorbell

Doorbot Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Doorbell on Amazon

This WiFi doorbell from Doorbot includes key features you would expect from a smart, Internet-connected doorbell. The DoorBot WiFi doorbell kit comes with a mounting bracket, screwdriver, micro-USB charging cable, four standard screws, four aluminum siding screws, four wall anchors, a drill bit, and sealing tape.

DoorBot's digital peephole doesn't quite cut it

By connecting to your mobile device (smartphone or tablet), you’re able to view and speak to your arriving guests. This doorbell has an adjustable wide-angle camera so you can specify multiple directions that you want. What’s more, Doorbot promises that the product is theft-proof and guarantees replacement if it’s stolen. It also includes a built-in battery that lasts for months, is weather resistant, and includes night vision. If you have an existing doorbell wiring, you can use it to power this doorbell, thus leaving you with more options. By wiring this smart doorbell, whenever someone rings it, the doorbell will also chime.

  • Easy setup and syncs in minutes
  • Dual power
  • Brushed Aluminum Faceplate
  • Theft-guarantee
  • Adjustable wide-angle camera
  • Built-in night vision
  • Weather resistant
  • Pairs with multiple devices
  • LED ring

  • Needs hardware and software update
  • Weak video quality
  • Needs super strong Wi-Fi connection
  • Lacks motion sensor

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i-Bell WiFi Enabled Camera Doorbell

I-bell wifi door bell

If something’s not within earshot, you can count on i-Bell to bring that elusive guest, message, or delivery parcel to you. Developed by a UK startup, the i-Bell has basic smart doorbell features. These features include security mounted brackets, dual power battery, push notification, low battery indicator, Wi-Fi signal indicators, disconnect warning, audio only function, and motion sensor.

This doorbell system also has a voicemail facility and concierge service, so callers can leave you messages if you’re out. The product is available for pre-order at the manufacturer’s website. It carries a hefty price tag, which makes it unappealing especially for cash-strapped consumers who just want that bonus WiFi feature as an added security measure. i-Bell’s makers are still running a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to improve the device.

  • Easy setup
  • Dual power
  • Pairs with multiple devices
  • Weatherproof
  • Low battery indicator
  • Onboard HD camera
  • Disconnect notifications
  • Wi-Fi signal prompts
  • Motion sensor
  • Built-in night vision
  • Voicemail facility
  • Home kit compatibility
  • Cloud image storage
  • Privacy mode
  • Remote video activation

  • Expensive
  • Occasional camera lagging
  • Video quality needs improvement

You can check more information here.

Chui WiFi Doorbell

chui doorbell

The product of a Dallas, TX-based startup, Chui is branded as a ‘socially intelligent’ camera doorbell that can be used both as a doorbell and a monitoring device inside your home. It readily connects to your WiFi network and includes a camera. It includes a couple of features that can identify frequent guests and alertly notifies you in real-time specifically for them. The cool thing about Chui is that it has a pre-recorded identity-based message feature, which helps if you can’t be bothered with calls from your front door. You can pre-record messages for your visitors, letting them know about your schedule and other pertinent details. Similar to i-Bell, Chui is available for preorder at its official website.

  • Easy setup
  • Real-time notifications (email and push notifications)
  • Two-way audio and one-way video
  • HD Camera
  • Pre-recorded identity-based message feature
  • Includes a ‘Do not disturb’ list (if you can’t be bothered with notifications)
  • Integrates Lockitron (smart locks)
  • Includes smart plugs and lighting systems (Hue)
  • Motion and face detection
  • One tap 911 calls
  • Live video feeds
  • QR code recognition
  • Alphanumeric password recognition
  • RGB feedback LED visual indicator
  • Artificial intelligence and machine Learning

  • Expensive

Check more information here.

Doorbell providers keep on innovating and adding new features that cater to today’s demands for advanced home technology. WiFi doorbells are being developed to replace traditional wired doorbells and provide better security measures. And you should check out our article where we found the best wireless video doorbell. These doorbells will change the face of home security and add to our convenience and peace of mind.

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