Vtech Video Doorbell Review

Home security is now a prime concern. With the burglars coming to terms with the changing lock systems, it becomes vital to keep changing them and upgrading to better security is a necessity. But something like VTech Intercom consistently works to make your home safer. You have an excellent video camera here, a good sound system and everything you can ask for in a doorbell. And this one allows you to spot someone on the porch or if you have someone knocking on the front door. There’s plenty that comes with IS7121-2 2 Handset.

Vtech Doorbell Phone


Front Door Screening

What if you don’t want to greet a surprise visitor? Do you wish to keep the surveillance up on who is out there at the door before they reach inside? This is what it helps you do. This comes with a two-in-one cordless answering system. It also has a video doorbell, so you get two products one. A phone to use at home and a digital camera doorbell.

Audio/Video Answering

Vtech video doorbell review

This is one of the best you will find in the industry. This is a two-in-one cordless answering system. You have a video doorbell connected to a phone system and a digital camera.


This is a feature you won’t find easily in other doorbells. This VTech Doorbell Camera Phone lets you automatically snap a photo. You can send it to the handsets, and you can listen to the audio, stream video and do whatever you want instantly.


Cordless Handsets

You can see who the visitor is without changing your room. A cordless system allows mobility within the house. You do not need a special landline for this. The system works independently.

Vtech Video Camera

It comes with an automatic night-vision mode. You can even adjust video to the contrast you want and optimize the quality to suit your preferences.

Volume Adjustment

It’s easy to listen to your visitor at any level you want as you can simply adjust the volume and even use the speakerphone to answer calls. It’s your choice to switch on the microphone or not. This one also comes with an equalizer. This allows you to adjust the quality of the sound too.

Camera Adjustment

You can adjust it to any angle you want. Up, down, left or right, all this can be done by using a joystick that is placed in the interior of the doorbell housing.


  • Audio/Video answering system
  • Front door Video Screening
  • Video streaming
  • Video camera on doorbell
  • 1.8-inch color LCD screen
  • Technology: VTech doorbell cleverly synchronises with your phone’s landline to the video doorbell technology.
  • Cordless: You get three cordless handsets with this doorbell.
  • Visitors Captured: You do not just have the videos of those inside the house but also those in the vicinity. And then you can also get images of the visitors immediately, and they are transferred to all the headsets.
  • Zoom in: You can easily zoom in all the images and make sure.
  • Wider Range: You can integrate this with your telephone handsets, and you can get images from throughout your property.
  • Instructions: The doorbell comes with a set of instructions that are detailed with examples of where to position the outdoor doorbell unit.

  • Snapshot Hassles: Some users have complained of only two handsets receiving the video snapshot and not all three. There are issues some have faced with automatic photo snapshots.
  • Video Initiation: This is another problem many users have faced with wireless video doorbell. The problem is that you cannot initiate a video with the doorbell if your outdoor unit is not attached to the AC power. This is a major problem for some. This is someone many VTech Doorbell Phone Reviews have hinted at.


Overall, a great buy. And definitely value for money. This video doorbell review seeks to bring to notice the advantages that the use of this doorbell brings. If you want something ready like a bell that comes with a set of telephone handsets and allows you to view and shoot visitors as they visit you, this is the deal you are looking for. It can turn out to be a slightly expensive but all the features are totally worth the deal.

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