Vivint Video Doorbell Review

When it comes to home security, one device that acts as the first layer of protection for a home is the doorbell cameras. With many models already available on the market, what can the new Vivint Doorbell Cam offer? To find out, let’s go through in detail through this Vivint Doorbell Review.


Vivint home alarm security systems feature a revolutionary new interface that quite literally makes the door talk. Some of the standout characteristics of this Vivint Door bell with monitor are:

  • The eye of the tiger: The revolutionary camera offers a field view of 180 degrees with excellent image and video clarity.  It truly has cat eyes that can see at night. The camera is equipped with night vision and works efficiently. Through this camera, videos can be recorded or streamed from a remote server.
  • A good communicator: Through the device it is possible to have a two-way talk. The built-in microphone and speaker can amaze the first time users.
  • Connected with the door: The doorbell camera can be integrated with the larger home security network or simply with the electronic door security system. Through this connection, the lock of the gate could be remotely locked or opened.
  • Instant access at any time and from anywhere: The most extraordinary ability of this device is that it allows mobility. Not only can the videos be viewed from the control panel but also remotely. Also, it allows for live video streaming for instant calls.
  • The technical backup: A team of experts performs Vivint Doorbell Camera Installation. The company offers not only technical support for installation but also provides necessary backend technical linkages. The device comes laden with professionals sporting specialized skill sets that have been earned after years of experience.


The advantages of video doorbells are many. Here are some of them:

  • To be safe: A sad but fact has been the rise of crime. Vivint Doorbell Offline feature provides a sense of security with their offline storage of videos and instant transmission of calls.
  • A secure system: Vivint offers an excellent technologically sound package that is hard to break. Working wirelessly, is the greatest advantage it provides. With minimum wirings, there is even less a chance of it malfunctioning or being tripped by a burglar. It can work in all weather conditions and at all times of the day and night.
  • Professional assistance: Every customer is offered top-notch professional assistance for installation or after sales services. The technicians are highly skilled with years of experiences.
  • Constant up gradation: Through Vivint home alarm systems reviews one gets to know that they offer software support, which is regularly updated. They always remain in touch with the changing dynamics of the world.
  • Wireless operation: Through these systems one can control and monitor individual systems of the house wirelessly. For example, temperature control system.


  • The mobility: It can allow one to watch the door of the house remotely. With this handy feature, one can let anyone in and at the same time bar the unknown from entering.
  • The technology: With every ring on the door immediately a notification pops up on the Vivint home alarm systems application on the phone. With a simple pat on the screen, one could easily let them in the house and not only that, but one can also make them feel homely in the meantime.
  • The integration: It is possible to integrate the doorbell camera with the home monitoring system. Through this one could control the room temperature and lightings.
  • The moments of joy: Not only is it a shield against criminal elements but also it can be used to capture those few lovely moments that somehow just happen on the doorstep or the front yard.
  • The ease of use: The Vivint doorbell camera installation and operation are much easier than the complex features it poses. To understand further about the device they should be weighed on a scale.
  • The device most certainly ranks the best in the market. It is perfectly sized
  • Professional installation.
  • 24/7After sales services is just a call away.
  • The 180-degree view camera takes excellent quality videos
  • This device can also be integrated with other Vivent security-related devices.
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • A dedicated control panel with a soft touch and heavy duty fittings. It also adds to the home décor.
  • Can be remotely controlled with the help of a mobile device.
  • Vivint doorbell camera cost is kept at competitive market levels.

  • The company requires for their customers, to purchase products only from their portfolio. That is, there is some compatibility issues with third party devices and software programs.
  • Though the initial costing might not be much of an issue, it is the subscription plans required by these devices to function, which might add up the burden.
  • According to some of the Vivint Security system reviews in the past, the customer support offered by the company is not that great and one could possible face issue there.


In conclusion – it is clear that the Vivint doorbell cam can be connected and integrated with other elements of the house such as the lighting, viewing camera feeds remotely, temperature control, telephone, the internet et cetera. The device also improves upon the ergonomics. Clearly it is like a one-stop solution that allows people to remain free from paramount concerns. Vivint does have offers and great deals that can be sought after. It is a good idea to explore the web pages for details of such sorts.

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