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Doorbells are not as simple as they seem. These understated accessories can either make or break the first impression of anyone who knocks on your door. There are many kinds of doorbells – vintage, antique, and Victorian among others. And, they come either with a wire or without one (wireless). You may be wondering why anyone in the modern era would get a vintage doorbell. Well, for starters it looks visually appealing, and they have a certain old-world charm of their own. Also, people who want their doorbell to be both useful and good looking can always opt for this kind of doorbell. There are plenty of vintage door bells for sale online but before you start checking them out, take a look at the rest of the article to get a good idea about them.

Tips to Buy Vintage Doorbell

  • Safety and Security: Even if you are buying a vintage doorbell, safety and security should be your first concern. If you are living in a neighborhood which is notorious for crimes, ensure that your vintage doorbell has the video feature so that you can filter out unwelcome visitors.
  • Effortless Installation: In this day and age it is all about DIY(Do It Yourself). Even if you aren’t familiar make sure that you purchase a doorbell which can be installed by you within a few minutes. Vintage wireless doorbells are ideal if you want effortless installation.
  • Sound Quality: If your vintage doorbell is wired, then ensure that it can filter the background noise. One good thing about wired doorbells is that the sound can reach far and wide meaning you can hear it from anywhere in the house.

Lastly, vintage means class, and so it is recommended that while purchasing a vintage doorbell, go for neutral colors.

Overview of Some Vintage Doorbells

NuTone PB67AB Wired Unlighted Door Chime Push Button, Antique Brass 

This vintage style doorbell one is ideal for you if you live in a house with a Victorian decor. Even if your house is ultra-modern, this charming brass finished push button can take you and your guests back to the bygone era. Although it doesn’t come with a diode, the best part is that it comes in a wide range of sophisticated colors like oil-rubbed bronze, white, gold, black and antique brass.

Victorian Solid Brass Electric DOOR BELL vintage antique Replica Hardware for new or old homes
This push button antique door bells hardware will straight take you back to the Victorian era. This charming accessory is a mixture of copper and zinc and is ideal to make that first impression on your guests. In case you are not living in a house with vintage decor, there is no need to be hesitant to buy this since it can complement even non-traditionally decorated houses.

Victorian Style Mechanical Twist Door Bell Antique Reproduction Ornate Solid Brass Doorbell 

This model is perfect for leaving a mark on your visitors. It is mechanical in nature and although a little overweight, the installation is a cakewalk. Once anyone rings it, your entire house will be filled with a beautiful melody. This long-lasting wireless antique door bell requires no battery (win-win) and doesn’t add up to your electric bill. There is one drawback though – it is not compatible with a metal door.

Morris Products 78140 Bells, 4″ bell

This aluminum finished doorbell goes perfectly well with both homes and offices. You can install it without having to take help of an electrician. The perk of having such a doorbell is that it goes on ringing with a distinct sound as long as it is pressed upon and you do not have to strain your ears to hear it. Also, this comes with a highly efficient battery, and there is no need for wiring.

Craftmade Pewter 4 Tube Long Westminster Door Chime 

This particular model comes with authentic plungers which strike the tubes to create sound. Its rosewood cover is pleasing to the eyes. You need a 16-volt transformer to run it, and once you install it, it is a guarantee that this antique doorbell chime will satisfy you, both visually and aurally.

Vicenza Designs D4006 Sforza Doorbell, Vintage Pewter 

The above model is one of the best vintage style door bells out there. It has got an Italian look, and it has been made skillfully by hand. The design has been influenced by Italy’s history and is a sure shot winner as a doorbell in any home.

TL001 Bestplus Vintage Cast Iron Birds Doorbell, Antique Rust 

This is one of the few antique door ringers that have been made skillfully by hand. It is ideal for interior decoration due to its vintage appeal. It looks as if multiple birds are sitting on a branch and goes pretty well with a home by the countryside or a house where there are children. If you want an antique wireless doorbell, you can go for this product.

Vintage Style Lion Pushbutton Doorbell (ZLW-132GR)

This vintage doorbell button is made from solid brass and filled with details.  The antique door bell’s hardware has been created again from some antique piece. The entire look is on the dark side, and when you insert it with a screw on the wall, none of the screws will be visible.

Antique Style Shopkeepers Triple Bell – Brass Store Doorbell

Antique Style Shopkeepers Triple Bell ~ Brass Store Doorbell

This antique door bell ringer is perfect for any shop. This bell has been built with care and even if the door moves slightly, the antique door ringer will create a lot of noise to notify you about a visitor. Its classy look along with its jingly sound makes it a catch.

The Best Product and Reasons to Buy It

It is, in fact, difficult to pinpoint the best product among the above antique doorbell. Since it is vintage, it will usually dependent on your taste. However, if you like history, then you should consider buying the Vicenza Designs D4006 Sforza Doorbell, Vintage Pewter. If you run a shop or have children at home, then Antique Style Shopkeepers Triple Bell ~ Brass Store Doorbell is your ideal bet. On the assumption that you do not want any mounted screws to be seen with your doorbell, you can think about getting the Vintage Style Lion Pushbutton Doorbell (ZLW-132GR). No matter which vintage doorbell, you ultimately pick, do evaluate the following factors.

  • Color: A vintage doorbell chime should always come in a color, which is sophisticated and not too loud.
  • Easy Installation: Make it a point to get vintage door chimes that you can install by yourself within a short time.
  • Volume: See to it that the volume has a certain kind of balance to its, meaning neither should it be too loud and annoy you and everyone else nor should it be too low because then it would defeat its purpose.
  • Performance and Convenience: Ensure that when it comes to performance and functionality, it does not let you down.

The Cheapest Product

Among all the above antique door chimes for sale, the cheapest one is NuTone PB67AB Wired Unlighted Door Chime Push Button, Antique Brass. If you have budget constraints, then you can consider buying it because not only is it cheap when compared with other antique doorbells, it also looks simple and sophisticated at the same time.

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When it comes to vintage doorbells for sale, there are so many options. From different brands to different styles – you get them all. Antique electric doorbells and antique wireless doorbells are usually the most popular. It does not matter whether you get a pushbutton, a wireless doorbell or a chime – what matters is whether your doorbell is serving its purpose. If you are buying it solely to make an impression on your visitor, then at least ensure that you get another doorbell which has some security features because as they say prevention is better than cure. Also, check whether they are easy to install, durable, and have a good warranty period among others. If you are not on a budget, then you can consider getting a pretty vintage chime inside your house and another vintage doorbell with multiple features outside your door to ward off unwelcome visitors.

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