Quick Tips About Ring Video Doorbell

Ring doorbell is making waves with its up-to-date technology and easy to use features. Today, home security systems are have become complicated. There are thousands of properties and plenty of technical aspects to invest in. But not everything is meant for your use. This is why you need something sturdy and simple. That’s what makes Ring a sensible choice and you can find more in the Ring doorbell review.

This is your device that comes with HD camera and pairs up with Android and iOS devices without any tantrums. You can easily stream live video from this doorbell, and if the wi-fi connection works well, you will be able to access this with ease. The bell allows you to have two-way audio communication so you can easily get in touch with those at home while you are traveling.

When you have this installed, you can rest easy as this will take care of all your security needs. The entire set up is available in just one box. It comes with a simple mounting plate, a guide and everything like a toolkit, multi-bit screwdriver and what not. But here are some useful tips you need to know before using this one.



The Ring WiFi enabled video doorbell is quite easy to use. The installation is quite straightforward. But when you remove the old doorbell take a picture of the wire configuration and check the level indicator to make sure it is straight. Don’t go by mere guesses. Most of the times people use their own screws to secure the connection but use the ones given in the box as they work well with the mounting plate.

Charge the Ring entirely by making use of the USB cable on the back. Make sure you are securing the screws tightly to avoid any theft.

Dual Powered

Ring Wifi doorbell is one of the smartest options available in the market. This is dual-powered which makes it easy for you to power it with the existing wires of your old doorbell or use the rechargeable battery it comes with. Here’s a tip: A lot of people save the battery to last and use the wires for as long as they can. But avoid this. It’s good to have wires, but the battery is what it works best with.

Connecting it to existing wires would mean it will chime the traditional doorbell every time someone rings the bell. And you don’t want that kind of noise in the house.

Weather Resistance

Sure the brand makes weather resistance options but that doesn’t mean you can put it in water without any hiccups. Some people confuse it with being waterproof. Read the instructions carefully to know the kind of weather conditions it can withstand. Even better, call the customer support to ask before you take and chances. Usually, the Ring Video doorbell comes with weather resistance technology and can withstand snow too.

Motion Detection

This is an interesting feature, but many don’t know how to make the best use of it. So while using motion detection, set up specific zones within the Ring app. When you adjust the range within these zones, set up the frequency also. This is the frequency with which you get notified about any detected motion. If it spots anything around your door, you will instantly be notified. Be careful about the frequency and range you want to cover in this.

You don’t want to be notified all the time for every little thing. So check your Ring wi-fi video preference for this wisely before setting it up.

Camera’s Video

A lot of people believe the camera’s video as shown on the website usually captures a clean wide-angle shot. You might also think it moves from one edge of the screen to another, but it may not work in a similar fashion. How your camera captures a feed depends entirely on how it is positioned. Check out the lens and the position properly before setting it up otherwise the video feed may cut at the edges.

That doesn’t mean the camera doesn’t work well, but the difference is just in the way it is set up.

Check reviews where we choose top video doorbell in the market today especially after the release on the top Ring models model which you can read more in our Ring Pro review. But if you don’t know how to install or use it well, you can lose a lot of money in its installation itself. When you are making a choice to use this one option, be careful about these simple tips, and you’ll have a product that will last long.


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