The History Of Video Doorbells

The History of Video Doorbells is quite interesting. It all started as technology made its way swiftly into our lives. The way we look at the world today has changed significantly. Credit it to the telecommunication experts or those involved in the evolution of home automation technology, the perception, demands, and mechanics of anything related to home security systems have undergone a major transformation. There was a time with the residential security market only knew deadbolt locks and control panels. And then there was a revolution. This was the time when coveted high-tech gadgets became the top-grossing items in the market. Today, in the review of the best video doorbell will tell you how much has changed.

The concept of video surveillance can be dated back to the 1940s. But its roots date back to the 1870s. History has it that it was after George Orwell helped open the world’s eyes to video security systems through his book. Initially, many found it was awkward to be monitored by a camera, but then we all know what happened. The world fell in love with the idea of being able to see the visitor without even having to open the door. These were some very interesting times as it wasn’t until the late 1970s that people started using video cameras as a home security measure.

How It All Began

The 1800s

Taking a sneak peek into the Video Doorbells, one finds that it dates back to the 1800s. The inception of the idea happened sometime around 1877 when Edwin Holmes was already making news for commercializing the first network of alarm systems. In those days, there was one central monitoring station for these. This was the starting of the Bell Phone Company as it was figured out that Edwin Holmes could use pre-existing phone cables and network them to his alarm systems. He was the president of this company, launched in 1878. This was the most significant development in the world of alarm bells at home. He was given the right to use the company’s phone lines. Things took more shape as the world was reeling under the post-world war stress.

The Early 1900s

After the First World War, a burglary took a nasty turn. People were restless, and so there were more cases of thefts, robbery, and other crimes. Life became unsafe even within the walls of their homes. This was when they started seeking help with better home protection systems. This was also the time when insurance companies were giving away incentives and premium discounts to those who subscribed to alarm systems. This led to a higher demand for alarm systems. This was the era of improved Video Doorbells History. People started taking security technology seriously. The earliest alarm systems used electromagnetic contacts which when fastened to doors and windows made a noise as they were connected to a battery and bell.

The Late 1900s

Once World War II was over, the prices of these systems went down. They also became more reliable and versatile. This was the time in Video Doorbell Systems History when inventions like motion detectors and surveillance equipment were introduced.

 The Earliest Models

When you look back in time, the earliest models of advanced video home security systems comprised of a motorized camera. This kept moving slowly to record the view of the outside. The most typical model for this was the four peepholes that were usually mounted at the entrance. The pictures transmitted by this were hazy, dusty and not very clear. These were transferred to television monitors that also allowed the user to control the camera’s movements. There was an intercom, and you could easily communicate with the visitors. These cameras were usually huge and took images in black and white. It took time for people to understand the images too.

How It Evolved

With the internet came many changes came. This was when everything got smaller and more compatible in size. The camera size came down to as much as one square inch. You could connect it to the Internet. Powerful lenses made their way into the market, and images kept getting sharper and sharper. The era of HD quality brought even more changes, and everything became perfect. Home automation technology is playing a big role in any new alarm panel.

With the advent of technology came newer demands. Today the industry has evolved. And people have smartphones. It’s no more a luxury only for the rich could afford, is not just that. People want to know the updates on their phones. So much so, that the alarm companies shot the home security system by leaps and bounds. The technology has emerged manifolds. We could not have imagined the kind of alarm systems we have today even ten years back.

What’s new

There are more than just video doorbells systems on smartphones today. You have a range of goodies from just a doorbell you answer on your phone to constant live updates. People are looking at more and more convenience each day. Interestingly, data from a recent study also revealed that with the birth of telecommunications firms, the perception of security as an add-on service has shot up. People are spending like never before on home security systems.

 What changed

We have come a long way from the era of clunky video monitors and crammed recording devices. We are in interesting times. Today, the technology costs you much less; a touchpad does all the talking for you, you can see your visitors before they even enter your house and answer calls on your smartphone. Thanks to the advent of apps that now most of these setups cost you nothing. All you need to do is download the app provided by the lock company and you are sorted.

If the History of Video Doorbells has a lot to tell, the future holds more promising models for sure. There is so much development happening in the world of doorbells that it’s impossible to put your hands on one best. But if you want the best video doorbell, the search starts here and now.

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