The Advantages of Wireless Doorbells

Times are changing, so is the technology and so is the way of life. In the earlier times when a visitor came to your door, he would just use his knuckles to tap on your door. The sound produced would let you know that someone was waiting for you to open the gate. This action of using knuckles to knock on the doors was replaced by metallic door knockers. This would save you the trouble of banging your knuckles against the door as you could just strike the metal against the metal to produce sound.

This Metallic door knocker was later replaced by a wired doorbell that required the visitor to just press a button to make people inside the home aware that someone is expecting them to open the door outside. Next in the family tree of doorbells is the wireless doorbell system.

What is a wireless doorbell?

These works the same way as a wired doorbell as still today the visitor needs to press the bell button to notify the people inside that someone is expecting them to open the door. The only fundamental difference between a wired and a wireless doorbell is that wireless doorbells do not require wires to work, and this only difference has resulted in revolutionary changes in the ways a doorbell can be used today.

Mechanism behind the working of a wireless doorbell:

A wireless doorbell uses coded signals that are sent and received between the panel at the exterior door containing the bell press switch, and the wireless ones are kept inside the house. Whenever a visitor standing outside the door presses the doorbell button, the panel sends a signal from outside the house which is received by the doorbell inside and thus it emits a distinct sound that is heard by the person inside the house.


  1. No Wiring Required: One of the biggest benefits of having a wireless doorbell installed at your premises is that you won’t see wires all around your walls. For those of you who do not like wires spoiling the beauty of your houses, a wireless doorbell gives you freedom from much of the wirings. Moreover wiring is costly. Thus, the overall cost of assembling the wired doorbell along with its installation comes out to be closer to what you will pay for a wireless doorbell. This means that your wireless doorbell will not cost you much more than a wired doorbell.
  2. Portability: A wired doorbell cannot be fitted anywhere you want in the house and will only be installed at one fixed place by the installing agent, whereas a long range doorbell can be kept at different places according to the needs. Most of the times if you have a fixed wired doorbell installed in your home, and you are sitting in the television room listening to high volume music, the doorbell might go unnoticed, and the visitor may have to wait a lot at the outside door. This contingency can be removed with a wireless alternative as it can move with you to all corners of your room. This means even if you are in front of your music system listening to high volume music, if the doorbell rings and the wireless bell is kept at a place near you, you will never miss the sound.
  3. Innovation: Because these are portable in nature, and more and more people are attracted to using them; hence more and more innovative, wireless ones are being found in the market. Various innovations such as different kinds of music, design, attachment devices and even a camera can be found today in these wireless babies. This, however, does not hold true for the wired doorbells.
  4. Security: These doorbells with a camera attached to the panel on outside door helps a lot in enhancing the safety of your house as you can view who is standing outside our gate without you having to open the gate. This means you would permit entry of only the people you know, and anyone whom you do not recognize will not be able to breach your house security. Also, since these camera fitted doorbells often come with a speaker and microphone attached to it, you can even communicate with the someone standing outside the gate before letting him in. This gives your house additional security cover as intruders and miscreants cannot gain entry in the house without your permission.
  5. Price: Wireless doorbells were relatively expensive till only a few years back, but in today’s times, these wireless doorbells are relatively cheaper. Though a wired doorbell is less expensive, if you consider the total cost of buying the doorbell- including the wire, and the installation charges; it roughly comes out to be near the figure you pay for a wireless option. And since the wireless doorbell has various other advantages over a wired ones, the better value for money is provided by a wireless doorbell.


The only disadvantage that a wireless doorbell poses has been that it most often works on batteries. Now you don’t always check the battery charge of your doorbell every day. Consider the case when the battery gets discharged. And if you are not conscious of this fact, what follows may be troublesome and embarrassing too. A visitor might press the bell button as much as he can, but you still won’t hear the sound, as the doorbell is dead. And this may lead to some visitors leaving your premise unattended as they would guess that the house is empty. But this is a small disadvantage that can be ignored as the advantage of having a wireless doorbell are numerous. So this one problem cannot make the entire product offering obsolete.

  • Value for money product
  • No wiring required
  • Comes in different chimes
  • Various designs available
  • Portable and can move to every corner of the house

  • Works on a battery that might get discharged without your knowledge.


These are perilous times and crime rates are only ever increasing. Everybody today is concerned with the safety of their family and loved ones as the acts of theft and burglary are becoming more common with every passing day. In such times, an additional security cover for your house such as a wireless doorbell with a camera that makes you aware of the person standing outside your door can go a long way in making your household safer. Since having a wireless doorbell means you can practically see the person standing outside your door without having to open the door, no theft or burglary can take advantage of you opening the door to get inside and create havoc. These Wireless bell today is the best option available for you and it comes in various price ranges. So there is something for everyone to choose from. And considering the value-for-money factor that these wireless doorbells possess these are bound to be the first choice of most of the people who value peace of mind over every other thing.

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