Smart Ways to Deal With Stolen Packages

Nowadays, online shopping has become the normal practice of our everyday’s lives. Yet, with it also arise new crime opportunities, with millions of packages are stolen every single year. In 2015 alone, roughly 23 million of packages are stolen in America before the rightful owners received them. So, if you experienced it before, you are definitely not alone.

In this article, we will provide some tips on how to deal with stolen package deliveries, especially on how to recover them. Of course, preventing the problem is always better, but sometimes, there is simply nothing you can do to prevent it until it’s too late. Yet, with stolen packages being common, there are several ways you can do to recover the package, or simply refund it.

4 Simple Steps To Deal With The Lost Packages

1. Confirm The Delivery

Sometimes, we assume that the package was lost before even making sure that the package is delivered. It is a common mistake, mainly because we trusted the professional delivery companies that keep getting better every day. Yet, we should always remember that delivery companies can process thousands of deliveries daily, so there might be mistakes being made. Just because you got the delivery confirmation, doesn’t mean that the package actually made it to your doorway. Sometimes, there can be a mistake in their tracking process. So, before you file a theft report, contact the delivery company to re-confirm about the package drop. You might just be lucky that it was simply a mistake, and your package is still on the way.

2. Ask Your Neighbors

Some package delivery companies have the policy to leave your package with your neighbor when necessary. And guess what? Some neighbors might simply forget that they have secured your package. There is also always the possibility that your package is delivered to the wrong address. So, ask your neighbors whether they received your package, or if they saw it being delivered. Even if the package is not with your neighbor, they may be able to provide some information.

3. Contact the Retailer or Sender

If you have done the necessary steps, and have confirmed that the package was indeed delivered but stolen, the first thing you should do is to contact the seller.

Many retailers have insurance policies to deal with lost or stolen shipments, and some of them might even fully refund the package, or replace your purchase immediately. Most of the big retailers will deal with the lost package with the delivery company themselves, so it will take a lot from your plate.

If the package was not sent by retailers, such as a friend, family members, or individual sellers, it is still a good idea to reconfirm with them. They might put the wrong address, or have something else out of order.
Unfortunately, with individual sellers or friends, you may have very little options on your end about the stolen package. In this case, you will have to file a theft report.

4. Filing a Theft Report

After you have done all the options above, and you still have no luck in finding the lost package, unfortunately, it might be lost for good. The only option you can do at this point is to file a theft report with the delivery company. Check the delivery companies’ websites, and most of them will have a theft reporting link on their front page.

Unfortunately, theft-reporting can be a time-consuming process, and there will still be no guarantee to recover the package or get a replacement.

As mentioned above, it is always better to prevent the theft before it happens, so how should you approach this issue?

Preventing Package Theft with Smart Technologies

Smart home technologies nowadays allow better options to prevent stolen packages, either with a smart video doorbell or smart security cameras. With their real-time alert technology, you will receive an alert on your smartphone app when the package is delivered, and you can even communicate real-time with the sender.

And if you are on the budget or can spend more to improve the security of your home then you need to check our Ring Doorbell vs Ring Pro doorbells post to decide which one to pick and why.

Even if you are unable to answer the calls and the package is stolen later, you can review the security footage to find out about the theft, and act accordingly.

With the rising need for home security, it is definitely a good idea to upgrade your traditional security systems with smart technologies. Pair that with the fact that smart home technologies are getting more affordable by the day, and there is definitely no excuse not to upgrade.

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