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Holidays are always the busiest time of the year. We all are busy with shopping for best deals and preparing the perfect holiday vacation. However, holidays are also the time when crime rates rise dramatically, not only because so many people are away from their houses, but also because there are more financial demands for everyone, burglars and thieves included.

Even with all the shopping, plannings, and errand to run, you should not overlook your home, especially before you are leaving for a holiday vacation. Remember, when you leave your home empty during the vacation, you leave it vulnerable for break-ins and robberies.

To help with that, we have compiled several tips to help secure your house during holiday times. After all, you won’t have a happy vacation if you keep worrying about home.

9 Security Tips Before Going for Vacation

Let us begin with the first one.

Secure Your Entrances

Here are several extra precautions you can take to secure your entrance points. Remember, burglars can’t steal if they can’t first enter your house.

Never Hide Spare Keys Outside

Burglars and thieves are getting smarter by the day, and they are now surprisingly good at guessing where you hide your spare keys. Actually, during 2014, over 6,000 robberies are performed in the U.S. where the burglars were able to find the spare key.

Especially during holidays, you have to secure all the spare keys outside your property. Another smart idea is to hide a fake key instead, which will be a distraction to delay the break-ins, or even preventing it altogether.

Secure Your Doors and Windows

Of course, windows and doors the most dangerous entry points you should secure. Always double-check your doors and windows before leaving for the vacation.

Also, consider these methods to help secure your entryways:

  • Replace wooden doors, especially hollow ones with metal doors. They are very easy to kick through.
  • Unplug the garage door emergency lever and electronic opener. So, thieves can’t open it with universal remotes-Secure your sliding doors by placing a long metal or wood,
  • Deadbolt your doors, many robbers break windows nearby to the doors to unlock, but deadbolts will prevent this.

Don’t Give Signs That You Are Away From Home

Remember the old practice to let several lights on during vacation? Guess what, it still works! Many burglars know all the signs when the family isn’t home, and that gives them the motivation to break in. Here are simple tips to make it seems like you are at home when you aren’t.

Maintain Your Yard and Landscape

Put some effort on your chores and make the outside appearance of your house all tidied up before you leave.

  • Arrange for snow cleaning and removal before you leave-On the other hand, arrange a lawn maintenance for those living in warmer climates.
  • Don’t close your curtains, make your house looks normal as if you are at home.
  • Ask a friend or neighbor to collect your mails and packages. Many burglars notice home that doesn’t receive mails for a few days
  • Ask your neighbor tend to your trash for collectionю

Smart Home Automation

New smart technologies allow easier and better options to secure your home while you are away. You can automate your home with smart home devices to make thieves believe you are still at home. Here are some tips to utilize the smart home devices:

  • Automate your lights so they turn on during the night and turn off during the day-Use motion-activated outdoor lights, as well as motion-sensor cameras.
  • Use smart sockets that let you control the devices from a smartphone app.
  • Use smart video doorbells to answer your door real-time; many thieves check houses by ringing the bell.

Upgrade to Smart Home Security Systems

Smart security cameras, doorbells, and other smart security devices can let you monitor your house even when you are on a vacation half the world away.

Smart video doorbells can send real-time alerts to your smartphone when anyone rings the bell, or even when someone triggers the motion sensor. You can see, hear, and even talk to your visitor real-time even when you are on vacation. Our top picks between 2 of most popular smart doorbells and here is our guide Skybell HD vs Ring Pro doorbells where we compared them and decided which one to pick and why.

Additionally, smart security cameras can provide extra securities with their motion and sound sensor. They can update you real-time to your smartphone app when something amiss happens, and you can immediately call 911.

Consider Hiring a House Sitter

Hiring a trustworthy sitter can be a nice option, where they can also take care and watch your home during your vacation. This way, your home will be occupied, and burglars will think twice before breaking in.

Be Careful About Your Social Media Posts

Many burglaries happen when people post their plans on the social media, only for ‘friends’ to take advantage and ransack their houses.

Consider waiting until you are back at home before posting your vacation plans, and only share it privately with your inner circle that you can trust.

Safe House, Happy Vacation

You can never be too safe about your house, even more, when you are leaving for a vacation. Holidays are already stressful, and you don’t need to add another headache for worrying about your house all the time.

Make sure to make a security checklist, and make sure your household is thoroughly protected and secure before you leave for your vacation.

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