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It is quite hard to keep a tab on everything that happens in your home as well as your office. With the kind of life that we lead, there are many reasons why it might slip our minds to look out for anything that may be amiss. This is particularly the case if we have some maids or a lot of guests who keep coming home.

Small best home security cameras are the best for this exact reason. Not only are they easily disguisable but you can rest easy knowing that you have provided protection to every nook and cranny in your home. This protection extends from people who are welcomed into the home to intruders who might break in from outside. Since seasoned intruders know the placement of video cameras and how to get away from its wandering eye, they will never expect the small security cameras that can be hidden anywhere.

List of Top Rated Small Surveillance Cameras

Small spy cameras come with different features and types that will be tailor made to suit your sleuthing needs. Here are three of the most popular security cameras that are available in the market:

Titathink 720P TT520PW HD Wireless Micro Hidden Pinhole Nanny Spy Camera

Just the size of a quarter, the Titathink security camera is brimming with some stunning features and properties. Just a 0.74 x 1 image sensor, the cable can reach the central unit with 20ft of length. It is great to for secret monitoring as it is virtually undetectable. You do not have to worry about the video quality as well since this minuscule security camera will still deliver around 720P HD quality videos and images.TitathinkIt has an ultra-high image sensor and is incredibly easy to conceal. Another feature that it offers is the Multi-zone Motion Detection and Alerts. It has four configuration motion detection zones as well as the motion detect sensibility which can be adjusted according to your need. If it records something suspicious, you get an automatic email alert and push alert on the phone with snapshots attached.

It also has an audio line-in interface that allows you to monitor the sound as you have a pickup device that can be plugged in.The Titathink also has multi storage options that are available as a built-in MicroSD slot. With a support of 128G, you can now store all the date directly in your microSD.The camera has built in ONVIF and NAS protocols that will help you record the data to any device or your PC.With customizations available, you can decide if you want the camera to record continuously or just when motion detection occurs. This video can be seen on your handheld Android or iOS device.

Wireless and easy to use, it works on different networks such as Wifi, Ethernet, PoE and more. The ONVIF protocols will integrate with other security systems as well.

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PHYLINK 720P PLC-128PW HD Wireless Mini Pinhole Spy Camera

Being discrete and easy to conceal is hard when you have a room full of things. A small surveillance camera will stick out like a sore thumb. But with the new Wireless Pinhole camera, it very simple to place it somewhere and let it record when you are out of town. One of the primary uses for these pinhole cameras is using them as nanny cams to ensure that your children are being treated well when you are at work or out for business.PHYLINKIn some neighbourhoods where cameras are not allowed for privacy, these types of security cameras make it easy for you to keep a tab on things when you are not around.The PLC-128PW is the perfect device for the covert installations, and since it is quite hard to be discovered, it will also be protected from the vandals.

Since the camera and the main unit has a 20ft cable between them, you can easily place it in remote locations to ensure total anonymity. This would be such a great advantage, especially if you were aiming to install it in higher places. However, do not stretch it too thin as it has to be connected to the central unit at all times to work and due to its small size and design, it can be hidden quite easily.

Similar to the Titathink, you get a video quality of 720P HD, and the audio and video can be accessed from your phones, your tablets, and even your PCs.

Compatible with wifi, Ethernet, and other networks, it comes with the option to increase storage space although the SD card is not given with the camera. It is worth the money for the features it carries!

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GERI Wifi Wireless Spy Security Camera 

A new-fangled camera, it is the smallest security camera in the world currently. Another great advantage of the same is the portability of this camera as it can be carried and attached to clothes and more. Moreover, it is acknowledged as one of the best Baby Monitor Video Camera. GERI Wireless Spy SecurityThe GERI spy security camera is wireless and has a UV finish to its entire body. With a dimension of 55mm x 28 mm x 20 mm (approx.), it is one of the top choices for security cameras when it comes to protecting homes, buildings, shops, and offices.

It has a point to point wifi system and is supported by Android and iOS for point to point monitoring as well. Although the memory card is not included for the same, it can handle a support of 32 GB TF card.

The cord can be recycled and the battery last for about 60 minutes otherwise. The charging port is a DV/1A cord, and the receiver range is around 20m.

If you have a TF card, the recording can go up to 24 hours of continuous recording and has the easy installation thanks to the clip or bracket that is attached to it.

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What’s the best? 

According to the reviews and the types of features that are offered, the Titathink Micro hidden pinhole camera is the best. The motion detector option that it contains is one of a kind and will ensure that you do not waste a lot of electricity when you are not in town. If you are the type that will travel for long periods of time, then this is the best as you can access it anywhere and the motion detector will automatically raise an alarm if anything suspicious occurs in your home.

Since the HYLINK Pinhole camera is for the same amount but does not come with the motion detector option, the Titathink is the best in terms of the features. It lasts longer, and the value for money is also an enormous advantage.

Cheapest Product

The lowest in price would, of course, be the GERI Wireless Security Camera. With so many different types of small surveillance cameras available in the market, it is hard to come across something at this low a price and with so many features to it. Although the battery power is not as strong as you would like, it is still extremely handy in emergency situations, and you can make sure that your last minute trips will not leave your home unprotected.

Although it is not the best for your daily home surveillance, it earns some nods for simple surveillance and emergency security.


While you know the basic needs of your safety cameras, it is always handy to know the amount of performance you will get out of them. Most security cameras come with a really good warranty and will last you for quite a few years. However, if you are intending on using them daily, you need to be prepared for the wear and tear problems that will come along with the same in the later stages.

Another great thing about these small security cameras is their accessibility. With free trials and subscriptions available for all their security apps on both Android and iOS, it makes other systems obsolete. You not only have to worry about not having access to a PC in case of an emergency but you can check in any time you like to ensure that all is well.

These small security cameras are also great to use at workplaces, especially in places like banks where you need to have a constant eye on the surroundings and ensure no fraud is caused. Their benefits are significant, and they dismiss any cons with utmost ease.

If you are on the fence about buying a minuscule security camera, the advice is to go for it. You will get a lot out of these for the money you are paying and have a sense of peace when you go to bed every night knowing that you have successfully beaten any problems you might face.

So, it’s a beautiful day today. Give your home the security it needs with one of these amazing security cameras, today!

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