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Any of our readers were requesting to do Skybell HD doorbell review and today I finally got my hands on my first video doorbell with HD camera! This model is the successor of the first generation which you can read here in our Skybell review.

How Does it Work?

Skybell HD starts recording video when the motion sensor activated and as soon as a person press button doorbell will notify your cell phone that you have a new guest in front of your door. It connected with your wireless router and then it connects to your cell phone through the internet. Think about the wireless router as a bridge between the doorbell and your cell phone.

You can answer with your cell phone and communicate with your guest with video the same way like you use video chat, but only you can see them.

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  • HD Video – Doorbell provides 1080p full HD video streaming which is almost only one on the current market.
  • Motion Sensor – Sensor able to detect movement up to 8 feet away and start recording.
  • Live Monitoring – You can monitor what’s going on in front of your door from your cell phone device.
  • Free Video Recording – Ability to record videos and store them for future references.
  • Color Night Vision – Protect your house with the anti-theft device. It will record clear color video even at night.
  • Photos Snapping – Take a picture of your guest or intruders which are again great safety features.
  • Multiple Users – You can setup doorbell with multiple devices and users.
  • 2 Way Audio – Ability to speak with your visitor while you are out of the house. A Very convenient feature especially if you expect delivery or some guests.
  • Heavy Duty – Do you live in a low or high-temperature area? Then you don’t need to worry because it is capable to work in outdoor conditions low as -40F (-40C) and as high as 140F (60C) temperature. In low and high moisture and it’s water-resistant!


Skybell HD Specs

  • HD Video Camera: 1080p/720p Resolution, 180 view with auto scaling.
  • Night Vision: full-color night vision.
  • Sensors: Motion detection up to 8-feet away, temperature, humidity, and pressure.
  • LED Indicator Light: 16mil color combo.
  • Audio: Omni-directional microphone.
  • Size: 2.8 inches (7.1 cm) wide, 0.9 inches (2.2 cm) deep.
  • Weight: 1.9 ounces (53.8 gram).
  • Colors: Silver and Bronze.
  • Warranty: 12 months.


  • Power: 8 – 36 VAC, 10VA, or 12DC with an amp rate of 0.5 to 1.0.
  • Wi-Fi: Compatible with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz up to 150 Mbps.
  • Mounting: Mounting plate attaches to a flat surface, bare wire installation.
  • Mobile Device: Skybell doorbell app compatible with Android and Apple iOS.

Our Review

Skybell HD box 2Skybell HD box

Skybell HD with accessories


Skybell came in a fancy square box with accessories (Phillips screwdriver, couple screws and small getting started guide)

Skybell HD Unboxing Video

Skybell HD Installation

Simple attach doorbell to the wall near your front door and connect to your wireless router.

Well, not so simple, it will take you let’s say about 1 hour of work. And here are the steps:

  1. Find power source – Skybell HD needs to be connected either with existed doorbell wiring or through a skybell digital doorbell adapter. But if you are the lucky one and don’t have doorbell wiring then you will need to get the resistor to connect with power adapter. Otherwise, your new fancy doorbell will burn, and it doesn’t cover by warranty.
  2. Attach mounting plate – After you figure out with your power source, you will need to attach the mounting plate to the location that you choose.
    1. Attached to the surface and mark spots for the screws.
    2. Take a drill and make small holes for the screws.
    3. Pull wiring through the plate and attach it to the wall.
    4. Now time to add these two screws and make mounting plates stick to the wall.
  3. Attach doorbell – Attach the Skybell to the mounting plate and secure with screw hidden underneath.
  4. Download the Skybell HD app – Skybell created a new app just for the new Skybell HD. Guess the name of the app? Yes, correct: Skybell HD. You can download and install to your iOS or Android device.
  5. Configure Skybell HD – Open the app and it will prompt you to configure your new doorbell. It’s very easy and straight forward.
  6. Ding Dong – Now after skybell installation and configuration you can test your new Skybell HD in action. Just press the “Skybell” button on the doorbell or live view from the app.

Video Quality

Of course, the HD wifi doorbell camera provides great video quality compared to previous models, but still, I experienced 1-2 seconds of delays. On the bright side, the night quality is better now. You can even set up the brightness of the LED.

Despite that I have a really powerful wireless router and fast internet, I was losing video signal between Skybell and the iOS device.

Compatibility with Other Devices

It does work with Nest devices. For example, you can connect to your nest camera and see videos from the camera instead of the doorbell. It will detect with a motion sensor if somebody near your door and will start to record it and notify you as well.

And also Skybell HD easily integrates with the Kevo smart door lock. So you will able to unlock or lock your door right withing the skybell app. Or you can also use the IFTTT network to make it work with other smart locks.

Nest Cam vs Dropcam Pro


Skybell HDDesignEasy InstallationVideo QualityLivestreamMotion DetectingNight VisionAudio QualityAppsCloud StorageIntegrationOur Rating
CommentsModern round design with plastic shellRequired existed power wires1080p Full HDYes and it's greatUnable to draw and specify zoning for motion detectionLED light helps to see clear at nightDescent audio quality with some delaySometimes slow and glitchyFree 7 days video storageWorks with IFTTT and smart locksOverall great doorbell just need to improve the app and motion detection.

Competitions and Alternatives

There are plenty of alternative smart video doorbells on the market like Ring wifi doorbell and you can read Ring Video Doorbell Review here and another one is August doorbell also find out how skybell vs ring compare to each other. The big advantage Skybell HD has over these doorbells is HD camera. Also, I am waiting for Ring Pro doorbell to test it against Skybell HD.

Pros & Cons

  • HD Camera – It’s a big bonus. It’s actually almost 1 video doorbell with HD camera available right now on the market.
  • The motion sensor works great. Can catch intruders right away.
  • Ability to store video and download them anytime.
  • Compatibility with Nest devices.

  • Skybell HD app is not available for the Android 4 version.
  • The video call was often losing signal, but only temporary.
  • Video still delaying for about 1-2 seconds.


If you are looking for HD cameras and good video quality despite some connection issues and delays, then Skybell HD is for you. I hope you like this review of Skybell HD, let me know if you have any questions below in the comments.

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