SkyBell HD and Kevo Smart Lock Integration – What You’ll Need to Know

One of the major downside of Skybell HD compared to other similar smart video doorbells available is the lack of native integration to smart-lock systems. Yes, you can integrate to smart lock devices using Amazon Echo or IFTTT recipes, but the options are still fairly limited, and the results relatively questionable.

However, since mid-2016, Skybell has tackled this issue by working with KEVO Touch-To-OpenTM Smart Lock, one of the most popular smart lock devices around and bringing API integration between the two devices.
Before we begin, let us do a quick look of the two devices.

What is Skybell HD?

The Skybell HD video doorbell is the successor of the wildly successful Skybell Video Doorbell, and as the name suggests, sports a full-HD, 1080p video resolution with on-demand live streaming and free storage. The Skybell HD is one of the most popular smart video doorbells available in the market today and comes with a wide range integration to Amazon, Alexa, Nest, IFTTT recipe, and several other protocols.

The main highlight of the Skybell HD is the 1080p HD video resolution, which is still a rarity among other video doorbell products today. However, there is a major downside to the Skybell HD: it can only work in a hard-wired system. If you are going to use a digital chime, you will need to purchase an additional digital adapter from Skybell, that will also complicate the installation process.

Kwikset Kevo

The 2nd Generation of Kevo Touch-To-Open Bluetooth smart lock from Kwikset is also one of the most popular Bluetooth smart lock devices out there. The deadbolt is one of the most secure, and the companion smartphone app is very intuitive, making it very easy to use.

One improvement over the first generation is the installation process, which is a lot easier with the interactive instruction manual. Kevo will simply detect your phone, and when it is in a proximity of the Bluetooth range, the door will be unlocked. Simple and secure.

Skybell-Kevo Integration

After we have learned about the two different devices, we can get a picture of how the two can integrate together.

The basic principle of integration between a smart video doorbell and a smart lock system is seeing who is ringing the bell and unlocking the door from your smartphone when the need arise. That basic principle also applies to the Skybell-Kevo integration.

As you can see, it should be a pretty simple process, but the question is: how smoothly can it be done in a single app? So, let us take a look at how Skybell and Kevo tackle this issue.

How The Integration Works

After configuring both your Skybell HD and Kevo smart lock, they will be automatically linked by following simple steps we will discuss further below. This way, the integration works when you open the Skybell HD app to view who is at your door. If you want to let them in, you can tap the gear icon in the Skybell app, which in turn will open the Kevo app. So, it is not actually a one-app integration, but the transition between the two apps is still rather smooth.

After that, you can simply use the Kevo app to unlock your door and tap the Skybell header at the very top to return to the Skybell app to complete your call.

SkyBell Connect API Program

This integration works via the Skybell Connect API, which provides direct integration to other third party devices with API triggers. Besides Kevo, the SkyBell Connect also works with Honeywell devices, Nest (via Nest Works), Amazon Echo skills, IControl, Comcast Xfinity Home, and IFTTT recipes.

How to Integrate the Two Devices

If you happen to own both devices and want to integrate them, or are interested in buying them in the near future, here is how you get started with the integration:

  • Set up your SkyBell HD device with the SkyBell HD app. SkyBell provides a rather intuitive instruction manual for this-Install the Kevo app and also follow instructions
  • After you have installed the Kevo app, the gear icon to switch to the Kevo app will appear in the bottom right corner of your SkyBell appAs you can see, it is a very simple, plug and plays installation process.

As you can see, it is a very simple, plug and play installation process.Bottom Line and Things to Consider

Bottom Line and Things to Consider

If the Kevo gear icon does not appear in the SkyBell pop-up window, you might want to reinstall the Kevo app and make sure it is functioning properly on your phone. The integration between Skybell HD and Kevo smart lock is pretty impressive and seamless, and will certainly add a new dimension to your home security system.

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