Simplisafe Wireless Home Security System Review

If you are concerned about the security of your family and think that those surveillance cameras just aren’t enough to ensure their security, home security systems have just reached a whole new level. The simplisafe wireless home security system is the answer to all your security concerns.
Do you think a single motion sensor is just not enough to protect your house? Or do you think breaking the keypad of security systems makes them obsolete, so they are not worth using? All these concerns have a singular and adequate answer, Simplisafe Wireless Home Security System. Let us delve deeper into the Simplisafe Wireless Home Security System Review.

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  • Wireless: Security systems tend to destroy the aesthetic beauty of a house by laying down a grid of wires running all around your house. This sacrifice of beauty to preserve safety does not go down well with home owners and thus Simplisafe has roped in a security system that will make your house as secure as a den without compromising with the aesthetics.
  • Easy to install: A great concern homeowners have while installing any security system is drilling holes in the walls and putting in hours of effort. Simplisafe again takes care of your need and thus this is a home surveillance system that does not need you to do any more drilling. All you need to do is stick the already synchronized sensors at places you want.
  • Light on the wallet: Simplisafe is a guarantee of safety at least possible expenses. There are no hefty contracts that you need to sign with the company and no monthly payments for the privilege of using the surveillance system. If you want to make your home security unbreakable you can sign up for monitoring 24*7 just at $14.99 a month.
  • No installation charges: Every security system needs to be installed by company engineers, and that costs you a huge chunk of money. Because Simplisafe comes pre-synchronized and can be stuck using sticker tapes that come along with the device, you can install them on your own, meaning you don’t need to pay a cent for installation.
  • Impenetrable security: As the security systems are getting better; burglars too are evolving, and they now know how to disable your cheap home security systems. Security systems become obsolete if you cut down the telephone cable, and every burglar does that as a priority hence. Simplisafe is not connected to telephone wires rather it operates using its cellular network which makes it invincible for burglars and thieves.
  • Stay one step ahead: Burglars and thieves have a set pattern they follow while breaking in and not only do they cut the telephone lines to make the alarm system obsolete they also break the keypad so that police won’t be notified of a break-in. Keypad holds brain of most security devices but not Simplisafe, which has its own base station which sends signals to the police even if the keypad is smashed into pieces by the burglars.


  • Entry sensors: Simplisafe understands that a single motion sensor is not enough to protect your entire house from the mischievous burglars, and thus it brings to you a security system that has numerous motion sensors that you can install on your door and windows. This is the only way you can ensure that all the possible entry points in your house are secure and under surveillance.
  • Motion detector: With Simplisafe you do not get just a motion sensor, but you get ‘the motion sensor’. Simplisafe high caliber motion sensors can sense anything that happens in your house, and you can be rest assured that no unwanted entry or exit will go unnoticed. Motion sensors are immune to false alarms and notify you of every activity.
  • Panic button: Emergency can strike anytime and though home security systems might inform you minutes in advance, these few minutes sometimes just aren’t enough. For situations such as these, the Simplisafe security system has a panic button that will set the local police in motion as soon as you hit the button.
  • Carbon monoxide detector: Your house security is not compromised just because of thieves and burglars and sometimes a threat might arise to you and family out of natural causes such as fire. With Simplisafe home security systems, you are immune to these circumstances as well. In the case of fire, Simplisafe will detect carbon monoxide and inform the fire brigade.
  • Freeze sensor: When Simplisafe says its security is unbreakable they mean every word of the statement, and this reflects in the amount of thought they have put into this security sensor. A prime example is the freeze sensor. No other security system in the market has so many contingencies covered as Simplisafe.

Simplisafe Wireless Security System


  • The security system weighs 4.1 pounds
  • Product dimensions are 13.1*12.5*6.5 inches
  • The device is made in China
  • The security system requires 4 CR123A batteries.
  • Batteries come included with the security system.
  • The average battery life is 26280 hours
  • The security system also comes with a three-year warranty against any manufacturing defects
  • The base station also has emergency batteries which can last for up to two days in case of emergency.
  • Battery life: Emergencies can last longer than you had initially thought and if you are to stay locked in your house with no power for days then your house security can be compromised, not with Simplisafe. This security system can remain in power even in situations for extreme power crises and can last as much as five years.
  • No blind spots: Since you place the motion sensors and security breach detectors yourself, and these are numerous sensors that come along with a single security system, you can be rest assured that there will not be any blind spots left in your house for intruders and burglars to take advantage of. Also, since you install this system yourself, you can make these sensors as invisible as you want.
  • T-mobile network: The biggest advantage and the selling feature of this security system is its own network. Because Simplisafe security system need not be connected to your telephone line, rather it has its own cellular chip in its base system it means this system can never be disabled. If your locality has T-mobile connectivity, this is the best security system for your house. The systme has an app for Android and IOS users. You can access this security system through your smart phones, and all everything that is going on in your house can be monitored directly by you through your smartphones.
  • The response of the help center: Simplisafe security center is as good as it gets. Even if you are setting false alarm just to check the surveillance or you approach a real dangerous situation, the Simplisafe security center will respond to you within seconds. As soon as the base station sends the signal, Simplisafe security center gives you a call within seconds.
  • Keypad: Since the earlier home security systems had their brain in the keypad and these keypads usually were very accessible, it was a great compromise to house security. Since you need to enter PIN every time while making entry into your house, you need the keypad to be accessible at all times, but because keypad here is only an input medium, and the brain of the security system lies in the base station, you are safe at all times.
  • Smoke Detectors: Smoke detectors is again a treasured addition to this house security system. Since a fire can break at any time and you may or may not be able to detect it instantly, it compromises the physical health of you and your family. Simplisafe makes sure that it will inform you of any such mishap before it becomes a serious problem.
  • Affordable: Gone are the times when you needed to make a massive investment to make your house security absolutely unbreakable. Simplisafe is a guarantee of perfect security at lowest possible expenditure. In under $15 a month, you get the much-needed peace of mind that no other security system in the market can provide.

  • Motion sensor placements: Not denying the fact that motion sensors of this security system are very useful, it can sometimes be a cause of frustration. You need to think clearly before you choose a location to place these sensors. If you place them too low to the ground, and you own a pet, these motion sensors will keep making noises even when your dog moves at night. Putting them in the right position is the key and requires you to think.
  • Low sound: Another disappointment with this security system is that the alarm is not as loud as it should be. If you live in an apartment with thick walls, there might be areas where the sound is almost inaudible, and this is something that needs to be corrected. Sirens are very important for a house security system, and they should be loud enough to be heard.

Why should people buy this product?

For everyone, to me and you, the security of family and loved ones is of paramount importance. This is the only security system available on the market that can not only protect you from theft but also against acts of God such as fire. The simplisafe review says, this security system is cannot be breached by burglars and thieves because it does not have any weak links and this makes this security system one of the most desirable.

Now to get this type of security for your house you might be thinking that you will be asked to pay a massive amount of money. Well, this again is a strong reason for you to buy this security system as it is very affordable. Not only is the security system in itself very affordable to buy it can also be installed by you thereby cutting down massively on installation charges.

Also, this system can be linked to the internet and thus it guarantees the safety of your house even when you are sitting in another corner of the world. This security system can be synchronized to your smartphone by the Simplisafe app, and thus, it gives you eyes and ears inside your house even when you are physically not available on the premises.

Simplisafe review thus says that this system is a guarantee of safety not just because the house surveillance system is completely unbreakable but also because the Simplisafe security center is always on its toes. If a situation arises when you are away and unable to press the panic button, the police will still arrive at your house within minutes because Simplisafe security center informs them within seconds.

Last but not the least, people should buy this home surveillance system for the peace of mind. Nothing is more valuable than your peace of mind, and when you are given that by spending a minimal amount of money possible, it is the sweetest deal, you can ever get. Simplisafe does not give you an illusion of safety, but it, in fact, secures you at all times.


There are not many devices in the market that can give you the feeling of money well spent and most of the times you spend an enormous amount of money on home security systems only to get something entirely obsolete. Simplisafe review proves that this home security system is value for money and way ahead of the competition when it comes to protecting your family and loved ones against all mishaps.

This device is a guarantee of your safe future and is thus recommended for every homeowner. It is rightly said that vigilance is the price of safety, and that is what Simplisafe is best at doing, it provides you the ability to be vigilant under extreme conditions, and that is why this product is worth investing in.

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