Samsung Smart Camera Review

If your job too hectic and involves constant travelling that keeps you worrying about the safety of your children and elderly parents, then installing a home security cameras reviews. The Samsung smart camera reviews is a superior quality security camera that will monitor your home while away.

The technology to develop the surveillance cameras is so advanced that you can monitor your near and dear ones from anywhere with the help of your smartphones. Moreover, you will be immediately notified in case of the break-in of your house. A house that is monitored by the security cameras is more likely to deter robbers from entering the house.

Also, you can easily buy Samsung smart cam online. Further, the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro Review will help you understand its best qualities and benefits. It has some noteworthy features let us look at them.


  1. The Samsung SmartCam WiFi Security Camera can multi-stream up to ten cameras.
  2. The camera can cover extremely wide angles up to 128 degrees.
  3. It has high-quality IR filter that can capture all colours accurately.
  4. The dynamic wide range capacity can take excellent videos during day and night.
  5. The micro SDXC card has the storage capacity of 64GB.
  6. It provides continuous alerts through emails as well as on your smartphone app.
  7. The Samsung Wi-Fi camera is built with state-of-the-art sound and motion sensors and light enhancers.
  8. It has an in-built two-way communication system.
  9. The camera has 1080 pixels high definition camera lens.


Samsung SmartCam HD Pro Wi-Fi Camera Review

  1. Continuous alerts – In case, if anything breaks in the house or your children are going out or returning home you will get regular alerts via email. You will also receive alerts on your smartphone once you have downloaded the app. Also, the Samsung smart camera has very high-quality motion and sound sensors that realize that the ruffling of leaves is not any significant event.
  2. Memories – You can view high definition 1080p live video images of your children eating, playing and sleeping or your pets doing funny antics on your phone from anywhere. You can record some funny memories of your family unknowingly and relive them together anytime.
  3. Two-way talking system – Samsung SmartCam HD Pro 1080p WiFi Camera (Full HD) is enabled with an awesome two-way communicating system. This feature not only allows you to listen to the noises in the background but also talk to your family members through the microphone in the camera from anywhere.  If you have to remind your kids to do their homework or your parents to take their medicines, you can do that from anywhere. Also, this camera is a perfect baby monitor as you can look after your baby from anywhere or even sing a lullaby to your baby.
  4. Captures detailed imagesThe light enhancer of the Samsung smart cam enhances the dim lights or little light available in a room and creates superior and well-detailed images.


Samsung SmartCam HD Pro Wi-Fi Camera Review

  • The dimensions of the product are 3.3 X 4.66 X 3.11 inches
  • The weight of the smart cam surveillance camera is 6.6 ounces.
  • This product comes with a one year warranty.
  • The package contains the camera and the warranty card.
  • It is very easy to install. You do not require a user manual or CD to install it. You simply have to download the app to your phone and set the password.
  • The shape of the Samsung SmartCam HD Outdoor camera is very different, and it is not too bulky
  • The night vision is extremely clear and captures smallest possible details.
  • The quality of the sound while receiving and sending messages is excellent.
  • The memory card is 64GB and can store extensive data. You need not pay extra for a memory card.

  • The stand of the camera is not too firm and is not flexible in terms of mobility.
  • In the case of poor quality of bandwidth, the image quality may be bit poor.


The above Samsung smart camera reviews have clearly highlighted all the benefits and features that this great product can offer. In spite of its flaws, this product is a great investment for home surveillance. You can be tension-free while doing your job.

While travelling, if you miss your children or parents and want to talk to them just send a message through your smart cam app, and you can have a nice conversation.

Why wait! Hurry up and invest in the smart cam!

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