Ring Video Doorbell 2 Announced

You may know the Ring company as one of the top smart doorbells products on the market and we reviewed Ring Video Doorbell and Ring Pro on our website. Also, they will release the latest model which you can read more in our Ring Elite doorbell review and looks similar to the pro version and essentially flush mounted finish.

Looks like the Ring company works really fast to bring new gadgets on the market and they just announced the second generation of Ring Video Doorbell.

A lot of customers complained that the first generation of the Ring doorbell doesn’t have a changeable battery and they need to recharge once in awhile depends on the usage. The company listened to its customers and decided to upgrade the first version of the doorbell and add not only features to change a battery but also a 1080p Full HD video.

I reached out to the Ring company to get Ring Doorbell 2 for the review and comparison and as soon as I get it I will compare them. Meanwhile, let’s see what are the differences between the specs below.

Ring Video Doorbell vs Ring Video Doorbell 2 vs Ring Pro

Alright, so what is the difference between Ring Doorbell and Ring Doorbell 2?

  • Rechargeable Battery – First thing, the second generation comes with a rechargeable battery pack which is really convenient. Which is a big plus I think.
  • Full HD Camera – Second, it looks like they added a full HD 1080p camera from Ring Pro version. Also, the field of view went down from 180 degrees to 160 degrees which is the exact camera used in the Pro version. A lot of customers prefer to buy a 720p version just because they don’t need to mess up with wires.
  • Advanced Motion Detection – From the specs, we can see that the doorbell will use the same motion sensor like the pro version.
  • Price – Ring doorbell 2 priced at $199 and Pro version is $249. The price of the first-generation Ring doorbell price at $179.  (all MSRP prices based from Ring.com website on the moment of publishing the article).

Ring Doorbell 2

The full HD camera and rechargeable battery make a really good deal especially comparing with Ring Pro. I can’t judge if it will perform the same as Pro version until I will get my hands on it and compare it with other doorbells.

Does it worth $20 to get Ring video doorbell 2 instead of the first generation? Of course yes! You will get a better camera, motion detection, and ability to use it just with the battery.

Soon I will get it for full review and will update you guy how does it compare with other smart doorbells.

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