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The name Ring is more often associated with the smart doorbell product, as they are one of the pioneering manufacturers in the industry. Both the standard model and the PRO model of the Ring video doorbell have achieved massive successes and built on that foundation, Ring expands to the smart home security market with the Ring Stick Up Camera, and here is our Ring wireless camera review. Until very recently, the Ring Stick Up Cam is the flagship model for Ring’s security cams product line, which has just been succeeded with the recently released Ring Floodlight Cam, which we will discuss separately.

Built on the success and foundation of the Ring Video Doorbell, the Ring Stick Up Cam is strikingly similar to the standard Video Doorbell, with also a similar price tag. The main difference between the two is obvious, the doorbell functionality.

One of the best features of the Ring Video Doorbell (standard/vanilla model), is the ability to use both power adapter and built-in battery, which we are really happy to find that it is retained on the Stick Up Cam. Also, there is an additional power option with the Stick Up Cam, in the form of the Ring Solar Panel module (sold separately). The three different power routing options is certainly an advantage, adding more flexibility to the installation process.

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The limitation of the wired-only setup, like say, on the Nest Cam Outdoor, will limit the positioning of the smart security cam, often hindering its overall usefulness.

If you are familiar with, or rather a big fan of the Ring Video Doorbell, you will find many similarities in both features and technology.

Key FeaturesRing Stick Up Cam, Outdoor security camera with 2-way audio

In this Ring camera review, let us first discuss the key benefits and qualities of the Ring Stick Up Camera.

Ease of Installation

The Ring Video Doorbell (standard version, not the PRO version), is famous for its very easy, almost plug-and-play installation, and the same quality can be found on the Ring Stick Up cam. Included in the package is everything you would need to install the camera: a level, a screwdriver, anchors, and many others.

Flexibility in Positioning

With the three power routing options: power outlet, built-in battery, or the add-on Ring Solar Panel, you can be flexible with your camera positioning. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that your camera must also be within your Wi-Fi range. This is certainly a key advantage compared to its competition, like say, the Nest Cam which needs a wired setup, or the Netgear Arlo which uses rechargeable batteries.

Companion App

The Ring smartphone app, available for both Android and iOS, is one of, if not the best among its competition. If you are also using the Ring Video Doorbell, it will provide a nice integration between the two devices. Even if not, it is a mobile app rich in features, and will certainly be a plus point of the product.

Third-Party Integration

As with their Video Doorbell products, Ring provided a wide array of third-party integration with IFTTT protocol, Belkin WeMo, Wink, Kevo, ADT, and Amazon Alexa. For smart security cameras, the integration to a smart home system is particularly important, and it is a good thing that the Ring Stick Up cam can integrate with almost all the popular smart home systems available today. One of the exceptions is, obviously, Nest’s smart home system, due to Nest’s own smart security camera product.

Our Review

As we opened the package to test the Ring Stick Up Cam, we found the following items included:

-Ring Stick Up Cam
-Security Mount
-Screwdriver Handle
-Quick Release Mount
-Screwdriver Bit
-Drill Bit
-Installation Screws & Anchors
-Micro USB Charging Cable
-Quick Setup Guide

As you can see, all you will need to install the Ring Stick Up Cam is included in the package, including a drill bit, which will be especially useful if you need to drill your walls or ceilings to install the camera.

The quick setup manual included is very comprehensive, and as we have mentioned above, the installation process is fairly straightforward, especially if you decided to use the built-in battery, which will last for 6 to 12 months with regular use.

We also tried the Ring Solar Panel add-on, and we were also surprised by the ease of use. Simply mount the solar panel unit on the intended surface, plug the micro USB cable to the Stick Up Cam, and voila, it is good to go. It is especially useful if you intended to install the camera in a hard-to-reach outdoor position, so you will avoid the hassle of routing a cable or reaching to recharge the battery from time to time.

Performance-wise, we can say that it is satisfying. It is, overall, decent but not great, compared to other products available in the market. The video quality is a sufficient 720p HD, the night vision is decent, and the sound quality is also decent.

One of the key flaws of the product is its limited viewing angle of only 80 degrees, while other products, such as the Logitech Angle, can provide up to 135 degrees of viewing angle. On average, most of the products available in the market offers 110 to 140 degrees of viewing angle. However, what it doesn’t have in viewing angle can easily be complemented by its flexibility of positioning.

Another issue is that the video quality can be grainy when the Wi-Fi signal is weak, and the Ring Stick Up Cam, based on our finding, has a relatively weak Wi-Fi receiver. You can easily use a Wi-Fi extender to tackle the issue or use Ring’s Chime Pro accessory to boost the signal.

The app, as we mentioned, is very easy to use and rich in features. You can easily adjust the motion zones and settings, personalize your alerts, and integrate your third-party smart home system if any.

  • Easy installation
  • Can use an electric outlet, built-in battery, or additional solar panel unit
  • A wide array of third party integration with smart home systems
  • Easy to use and very useful smartphone app
  • Durable and sufficient in overall quality
  • The cloud storage service is not free, but it is relatively cheaper at $3 per month, compared to Nest Aware service from $10 to $30 per month, or Arlo at $10 to $15 per month

  • The limited viewing angle of only 80 degrees, compared to the Nest Cam with 130 degrees or Logitech Circle with 135 degrees
  • Wi-Fi reception is relatively weak, you will probably need to install Wi-Fi extenders, or use the Chime Pro accessory

You Should Buy This If

If you are already a user of Ring Video Doorbell products, this is definitely the one for you. You can easily control and monitor all your Ring devices in a single app.

The key benefit of this product is the built-in battery and Ring Solar Panel accessory, which is omitted in Ring’s newer Floodlight Cam. If your camera position will prevent wired setup, or if you will need to install multiple cameras where wire routing will be a major hassle, the Ring Stick Up Cam(s) will suit your exact needs.

Bottom Line

As mentioned several times, the three different power options are the key benefit of the Ring Stick Up Cam.

Although the performance could be said as nothing special, it is also nothing to be ashamed of. What it sacrifices on performance, you will gain in the form of ease of use and flexibility.

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