8 Reasons Why to Choose Wireless Doorbell

As technology advances, there are many sophisticated devices cropping up in the marketplace. People often wonder whether they’ll be switching from the old to the new. Same with the case of doorbells. If you’re searching for a doorbell, you will have to determine which one you prefer: a wired or wireless. You have to figure out certain factors such as costs, security features, and complexity; a bit of research can point you in the right direction. Once you become familiar about how all these technologies fulfill your requirements by looking at each factor, you’ll know why you need to choose wireless doorbell that’s swiftly surpassing its older, traditional forms.

From Wired to Wireless

Home security is a primary concern for homeowners. At one point or another, you have thought about the protection of your family. People pick various ways of feeling safe and secure. To answer this predicament, security systems were invented. These security systems brought people peace of mind knowing that there’s a mechanism installed in a place that will do the monitoring for them. Whether at home, work or on vacation, you can use these security systems to watch over you and your household 24/7. Home security systems slowly started to advance with the increase in technology.

One of the first home security systems are doorbells, and they were wired. Everything had to be wired together in place, from the panel, fuse box, chime mechanism, and phone line. In some homes, wired doorbells are still used. Wired doorbells use a direct line and they come in all sorts of designs, making them aesthetically appealing.

8 Reasons Why to Choose Wireless DoorbellSo as technology progresses, manufacturers and consumers opt to have something better. Wireless doorbells were produced and launched. Wireless means there’s no wiring required running from each piece of equipment.  Along with wireless door chimes came cell phones. This means that if your phone system is down, you could still call emergency hotline numbers via cellular connection. Then came the smartphone. Wireless doorbells connect to smartphones via mobile apps so you can check to see, hear or speak to visitors through the Internet.

Connecting wireless doorbells to cell phones seem foolproof. But not entirely. So came automation, the stuff of sci-fi movies, next generation gizmos, or whatever you want to call it. Automated home security devices targeted the middle working class so anyone can avail of them. Wireless doorbells are now integrated with “smart” features such as motion detection, night vision, Z-Wave assimilation, WiFi-enabled connectivity, live video feeds, video surveillance, intercoms, etc. You can control all of these things virtually from your smartphone, laptop, or desktop. Going wireless today means you’ll get a full home automation system that does anything you command.

That said, determining which doorbell (wired or wireless) provides more security is relatively complex. Wireless door chimes are versatile and portable systems that make them the better choice for home security. On the other hand, wired systems are designed to be difficult to tamper with, and some of them are created to work without any electricity. But most homeowners favor wireless because it integrates features that enable them to identify anyone who’s approaching a few meters away before they have to open the door.

Benefits of using a wireless doorbell

Wireless doorbells have many useful benefits for the homeowner. Here are some of them:

  • Easy to install
  • Workds as long range wireless doorbell
  • Multiple chime options
  • Easy monitoring and live recording
  • Prompt alerts when unexpected guests arrive
  • Controlled doorbell lighting
  • Convenient battery operation
  • Obstructs background frequencies than wired doorbells

With these benefits, choose wireless doorbell over a wired system makes sense. The thing to keep in mind is how you intend to use it for your home security. It’s also advantageous if you can address limitations and integrate other door alarm and surveillance systems into your wireless doorbell arrangement.

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