Reasons to buy Skybell Video Doorbell

Skybell Video Doorbell is the greatest solution for anyone who is looking for something simple to use. This one comes with no pretense and has nothing elaborate about it. You just have to install it, and that takes minutes. Among the slew of options available out there, this is a doorbell that makes you sit with ease and leave the rest to this security system. There are many reasons why this one option has created its own niche market. The users say it is convenient. And then some call it a preferred choice.

The Basic Features

It is compact. The SkyBell video door bell is more than 2.5 inches in diameter and over 0.5 inches in width. This is a slick style that looks quite nice and doesn’t give it the typical look of a doorbell. This comes in both aluminum finish in silver touch and raw bronze finish.

The doorbell comes with a kit that gives you everything from mounting screws to three base plates. These are things that work with all kinds of mounting applications like the wedge, flush and the frame on your door. Another feature that distinguishes it from the rest is the small Allen wrench. This helps in tightly securing your device to the mounting plate.This one comes with an installation guide that makes the access simpler. SkyBell’s website also explains the installation process. They also have a guide to troubleshooting instructions which makes resolving any issues convenient.

The Cameras

Now you might think that the SkyBell wi-fi doorbell has a relatively low-resolution camera, unlike the Ring Video Doorbell that comes with an 180-degree view. But this one doesn’t throw a fit when the wireless internet connection is not working properly. Instead, this connects to all kinds of connections and works with Android and iOS devices.But then again, you are yet to have a web browser app. You have the camera lens installed on the face of the doorbell, and it comes with a great camera lens, an infrared night vision LED, and a backlit ringer.

App Functions

When you launch the app of the wi-fi video doorbell, a list of connected SkyBell doorbells instantly pops out on the display. This works well with both Android or iOS. You will spot the Settings icon on the top, and this will take you to a page that has all the account information you need. This is where you can easily enable push notifications and add all the devices you need. This can be done across multiple mobile devices. The only thing you will not find here is a list of live feeds and calls both.

The application works on an easy to use, tap system. You can tap on the Skybell icon and then there is the main page that takes you to a screen that lists your Wi-Fi ID and enables motion detection. You can turn the chime on and off as per your convenience. Talk about live feeds and you can do so without waiting for the doorbell call. Anything happening outside your house door is immediately captured and picked up by the motion sensitivity.

Installation and Performance

If you are just looking forward to replacing an existing doorbell, you can quickly install the SkyBell wi-fi doorbell. Just remove the old doorbell and pick the mounting plate that goes well with the installation.

You can attach the plate to your mounting surface using the included hardware. Connect the doorbell wires to the SkyBell. This comes with an Allen wrench that helps you tighten the screw. This holds the device firmly in place.


The Skybell video doorbell features motion sensor, and you can control the way this sends you notifications. So you will get alerts only when you want. It only notifies you if someone is around your door for more than 10 seconds. This is something that ensures you are not disturbed by every little thing. The camera detects every movement with its IR motion sensors. It’s stretches up to 120 degrees and up to 5 feet. There’s no way you can get false alerts from the cars passing on the streets.


The SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell is great when it comes to its potential. But there can be some issues as it doesn’t come with HD visual. This doorbell is easy to install and comes with some of the best motion detection schemes, two-way audio, and excellent live video. Overall, a great doorbell with all the perfect features you can ask for. But if you are looking to get newer version then check out our review of Skybell HD.

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