NuBryte Touchpoint All-in-One Smart Security Review

In this next part of our article series of smart home controller reviews , we will cover a fairly interesting product, the NuBryte Touchpoint. It is interesting for us, because despite its fairly modest popularity, a lot of our peers have recommended this product, and the reviews circulating on the internet are mostly great.

NuBryte’s own claim that the TouchPoint can instantly transform any room into a smart house further trigger our curiosity, so we are very excited to finally review this product.

What is actually the NuBryte Touchpoint? It is a wall-mounted controller with a touch screen, that is designed to replace your traditional light switch. As you can see, it seems very similar to the Wink Relay, which we have reviewed before (link to the article).

However, now things get interesting. The TouchPoint is not only a touchscreen controller but also includes a security camera, motion sensor, microphone, and alarm. By a simple glance to its list of features, it seems to live up to its All-In-One name.

Each of the TouchPoint installed in your house can act as an individual best wireless intercom. You can find similar intercom feature from the Wink Relay, but the Wink Relay can only act as a broadcast intercom, and in this aspect, the TouchPoint is better. However, it is not a real-time intercom, more akin to sending a voice message to another room. It is a nice feature to have, especially if you live in a big house with a lot of rooms

However, the TouchPoint has almost no integration to other third-party products, except smart lighting. Technically, it is designed as a standalone product that can cover multiple products and app at once. In that case, although it is relatively expensive, you won’t need to buy another intercom or indoor security camera and alarm.

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The TouchPoint especially excels at controlling your lighting system, as it can schedule and dim any lighting, even if it is not a smart bulb. You also get a smartphone or tablet app, so you can control and monitor anything the TouchPoint can do from your smartphone.

So far, so good, so let’s kickstart our NuBryte Touchpoint All-in-One Smart Security review by discussing its key features.

Key FeaturesNuBryte Touchpoint All-in-One Smart Security

Smart Lighting

Turn any of your light bulbs into a smart lighting system. The TouchPoint can dim any of your bulbs and can detect any motion to turn on or off the lights. Considering smart bulbs can be a pretty significant investment, this feature provides a great value.

Intercom and Security Camera

The indoor security camera it provides isn’t too shabby either, providing a 120 degree of vision. The intercom feature is also pretty great, as it can connect to individual channel, almost giving you the full features of any smart intercoms out there. Again, intercoms and security cameras are fairly expensive, and the TouchPoint provides a great value with those features.

Scheduling and Automation

The TouchPoint has a smart automation system so schedule your house. Paired with its motion sensor and open API, it can truly turn your house into a smart home almost instantly. The Open API provides some form of integration to several products, such as Nest, and more future integrations are promised by NuBryte.


Not only the TouchPoint has a built in security camera, it also comes with a built-in alarm of 110 dB.

Save Energy

With its built-in features to automate your house, you can truly save more of electricity bills in the long run.

Our Review

Installing the NuBryte TouchPanel is very similar to the Wink Relay. It is available for a single and double switch, so make sure you get the right one to replace your light switch.

As with Wink Relay, you will need a neutral wire for the TouchPoint wiring, if you don’t have the neutral wire, you will need to contact a professional electrician.

As usual, you will first need to install the smartphone app, which is only available for iOS at the moment (Android support is underway, so check out on NuBryte’s website for the latest update). The app will then give you a step-by-step instruction to sync the TouchPoint with the smartphone app.

It only supports 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi, which is unfortunate, but during our testings, the TouchPoint was fairly stable regarding its Wi-Fi connectivity.

Now, basically, it is good to go. We first tested the smart lighting capabilities, and it works really well with our wired traditional bulb. However, we just found out that it can’t connect to Wi-Fi enabled bulbs such as Philip Hue, so it can only control bulbs connected to its wiring path.

The security camera and alarm features worked well for us, and we were surprised to find that the motion sensor was on-par with a standalone security camera system, such as the Arlo Pro.

The intercom has a slight delay as you are sending messages, so it is more similar to sending a voice memo to another TouchPoint instead of a real intercom. However, it can be useful for bigger houses.

Overall, it is a bit limited compared to other products we have reviewed, such as Amazon Echo or Wink Relay, especially regarding their third-party supports. However, as a standalone product delivering smart lighting control, intercom, and smart security system in just one device, it is a great value.

  • Great all-in-one product: a smart lighting controller, an intercom, a security camera and alarm in one device
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Intuitive smartphone app, very easy to use

  • Relatively expensive, although overall a great value
  • Limited integration with third party products

You Should Get This If

If you are just starting in planning a smart home, and haven’t invested in smart bulbs, cameras, and intercoms, this is a great product to start. Also, if you are looking for an indoor security system, the NuBryte Touchpoint performs almost as well as products like Arlo Q as an indoor security camera.

Bottom Line

Let’s end our NuBryte smart home review with a verdict:
It might seem expensive at first, but considering investing in a standalone smart camera, an intercom, and smart bulbs will cost you a lot more, the NuBryte TouchPoint provides a great value.

The lack of third-party product integration is unfortunate, but NuBryte promised to bring more integrations in the future. Overall, as a standalone smart hub, it is an excellent product, especially for it’s simplicity and rich features.

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