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In today’s review, we will discuss one of Nest’s flagship products: the Nest Outdoor Camera, which is also really popular, being the most sought-after outdoor smart camera product along with the Netgear Arlo Pro and the Ring Stick Up Cam, which we have also reviewed.

What then, sets the Nest Outdoor Camera apart from the others? It is the Nest app itself, along with the Nest Aware subscription.

As we have mentioned, the Nest app is one of, if not the best smart home system available today, and is certainly one of our favorites, along with the Amazon Alexa. Nest is smart enough to exploit that reputation, by supporting only their own smart security cameras, including the Nest Outdoor Cam.

The Nest Aware subscription is not cheap, costing you $1 per day, but it will provide you with continuous live recording, and customizable activity zones, which is not found on other similar products.

While the integration to Nest’s own software support is definitely its key benefit,the camera itself is also excellent in quality. It is a rarity for an outdoor camera to provide a full 1080p HD video, and the Nest Outdoor Camera provides just that. If you are a big fan of video quality, it is certainly an advantage over say, the Arlo Pro, which only provides 720p HD video.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Nest Outdoor Camera is strictly wired. You are provided with a 25-foot extension cord in the package. This is where the Arlo Pro shines, with its totally wire-free built-in battery. In an outdoor application, wiring can be a major hassle.

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Let us begin the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera review by discussing its key values.

Key Features

Integration with Nest App and other Nest Products

While other smart camera products are offering third-party integration to smart home systems as their selling points, it was simply not needed by the Nest Outdoor Camera and other Nest products in that sense. The Nest smart home system is excellent by itself, and you can easily integrate it together with other Nest popular products, such as the smart thermostat and smoke alarm.

1080p HD Outdoor Camera

As mentioned, it is a rarity for outdoor cameras to provide a full-HD 1080p video quality. Paired with the wide-angle lens with 130-degrees field-of-view, the video quality is crystal clear. The Nest Outdoor Camera is also equipped with one of the best Wi-Fi receivers around, ensuring the stable quality of the video streaming at all times.


For an outdoor camera, being weatherproof is a must, and we are glad to find that the weatherproof finish of the Nest Outdoor Cam works really well. During our tests, it performs really well even during the worst snowy conditions. The weatherproof finish is comparable to that of the Arlo Pro, which is also among the best in the business.

Motion and Sound Detection

Also a similar feature to that offered by the Arlo Pro. The Nest Outdoor Cam sports both motion and sound detection sensors, a nice addition for its main purpose: security. If you are also a subscriber of the Nest Aware, the camera can even differentiate movements by a human, and won’t alert you if your pet or other animals are in the picture. Among the best motion sensor in the industry.

Nest Aware

The Nest Aware is essentially a cloud storage subscription plan, which is $10 for 10 days or $30 for 30 days. It is quite expensive, but it also offers a lot more than just a cloud storage. You can assign up to four activity zones for the camera to put a closer look on, you will be alerted only when a person, not an animal is entering the motion-sensor range, and you can view the video history seamlessly. It is a nice premium feature to have, which is not offered by other similar products.

Our Review

As with other Nest products, the installation process is fairly simple. The 25-foot cable included will most likely be enough to reach any power outlet, but you will need to tidy up the wiring, which can be a hassle for some.

Performance wise, it is nothing short than excellent, especially if you also used the Nest Aware plan. The video quality is great, and the Wi-Fi receiver is very strong, ensuring both the video and sound quality to be stable at all times. The night vision technology is among the best compared to its competitors, and the video quality at night is superb.

The Nest App is simply amazing, it is very easy to use, and rich in features. You can control all sorts of appliances with one single app.

The only major downside for us is the strictly wired setup, which limits its application. For outdoor usage, you might need to install a camera in a hard-to-reach area, and this is where other products, such as the Ring Stick Up Cam with its Solar Panel add-on and built-in battery, or the Arlo Pro with its totally wireless setup are better choices.

If wired setup won’t be a problem for you, the Nest Outdoor Cam is certainly an excellent choice.

For our Nest Cam Security Camera review, here are our takes on its Pros and Cons.

  • Integration with Nest App and other Nest smart products
  • 1080p HD video quality
  • Excellent motion and sound detection technology
  • Nest Aware cloud storage service adds a lot of features

  • Strictly wired setup
  • The Nest Aware cost can be expensive in the long run

You Should Buy This If

If the wired-only setup won’t a problem for your household, it is certainly an excellent choice in every category. The video quality is great, the two-way sound communication is crystal clear, and the motion detection, sound sensor, and night vision technologies are one of the best among its competition.

Bottom Line

Let’s end our Nest Cam Outdoor Camera review with a verdict:
An excellent product in every aspect, with the only downside being its wiring setup, which could limit its positioning. If you are looking for in our outdoor security camera reviews, with a slightly lesser video quality, the Arlo Pro is a better choice. If you prefer wired, however, the Nest Outdoor Camera is simply the best choice.

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9.5 Total Score
The Best Outdoor Security Camera

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