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If you’re searching for a webcam that delivers the perfect mix of functionality and convenience to monitor your home while away, the Dropcam Pro is the key. With excellent audio/video quality, ease of use and dual-band Wi-Fi capabilities, Dropcam Pro is not just for home surveillance but a device that can be used as a baby monitor and for impromptu communications. I hope you had a chance to read our Nest Dropcam Review. This Nest Dropcam Pro review will give you an insight into all the features so that you can gauge whether splurging on the wireless security cameras reviews.

If home safety is your paramount concern and you are ready to spend a little extra cash to achieve this security, this product is ideal for you. Though an average middle-class home will still look to buy a wireless doorbell with a video camera to get their home security in order, those who are comfortable with any price as long as they get the best technology from the gadget will be the once buying this security camera.


The 5.7-ounce compact Dropcam Pro that comes with an aluminum build boasts of a simple yet sleek design. The camera has a small puck shape that sits on a rotating magnetic stand. The gadget can be placed on a flat surface or mounted on a wall/ceiling to view any area of the room.


The device can be set up without a computer. The process is easy and takes less than two minutes. If you have the newest iPhones and Android appliances you can use the Dropcam app to install the camera wirelessly using Blue Tooth.


  • A significant plus point of Dropcam Pro is its 1080p high resolution with a wide-angle 130-degree field of view.
  • A greater 8x digital zoom lets you focus on a particular area and capture images crisply.
  • In terms of the power outage, the camera automatically switches back on when power returns.
  • Two-way talk feature facilitates direct communicating with babies, toddlers or even pets remotely.
  • The security camera delivers an encoded audio-visual tape to the “cloud server” and then runs the footage to mobile devices for remote viewing. Since it comes with an optional recording function, the track is stored and can be accessed whenever desired.
  • Dropcam utilizes bank-level safety measures that guarantees that live and amassed videos are protected even on vulnerable wireless networks.
  • While the camera setting is private, you have the option to share the stream with friends or make it public.
  • Another great feature it that the camera can be turned on and off based on your location.
  • You can receive motion and sound alerts to your computer/smartphone/iPad along with a snapshot of the feed even if you are not a subscriber to their Cloud Video Recording (CVR) service.
  • Dropcam Pro is attuned with dual band routers and can run on either 2.4 GHz or a 5 GHz frequency. This feature allows greater flexibility with home networking setups.
  • The camera automatically switches on to night vision if the lights go off. Even though the feed is black and white, the night vision is good quality and images are easily recognizable from about 20 feet away/
  • Design: The aluminium built device comes in a very sleek and trendy design that can easily be kept anywhere. Apart from making the camera aesthetically beautiful, the design also makes it capable of conducting 360-degree surveillance. The device is placed on a magnetic stand that allows the camera to rotate on its axis thus making 360-degree surveillance a reality. The best wireless camera is surprisingly light weight with only 5.7 ounces.
  • Installation: Ease of installation is also a factor in making Nest Dropcam Pro the best wireless security camera. You do not need a computer to install your wireless security camera, all you need is your smartphone. The installation completes in two to three minutes which is all the time Nest Dropcam Pro takes to start keeping an eye over your house. Because it requires no hefty installation procedures, surveillance camera reviews are always full of praise for this device.
  • The security camera is WIFI friendly so it can be accessed from anywhere if connected to the internet.
  • The camera quality is fabulous as the security camera boasts of a 1080p resolution. You are sure to receive high-quality image feeds from your security camera every time you feel like having a look at the insides of your house.
  • Once it is connected to the smartphone, the security images and videos are shared between both the devices through cloud that ensures the data security of the user. Wireless networks are considered insecure, but the data transfer through cloud makes using this wireless security camera very secure.
  • Another advantage of having this device to keep an eye at your home is that this wireless camera works on battery as well as direct power supply. So even if your house suffers a power cut, the camera can automatically switch to battery power and can switch back to direct power when the electricity comes back.
  • While the camera feeds of the device can only be accessed by you using your smartphone, you have the option to share your camera feeds with your friends if you want to. This user friendliness is the epitome of interaction that any home security camera can provide.
  • You have the control buttons of your home security camera with you no matter wherever ever you are. Using your smartphone app, you can start or stop your security camera from anywhere you are.
  • Even if the lights are out at your house, there is nothing to worry. The Nest Dropcam Pro switches to night mode automatically when there is dark in the room and so even in the least possible lights, the device is always keeping the surveillance on which makes it an excellent surveillance camera.
  • The motion sensors attached to the device notifies you automatically over your smartphone if any unwanted activity happens inside your house.
  • You can use your smartphone app to access directly the security camera attached to the Nest Dropcam Pro device and get live pictures and videos of the insides of your house anytime you want.
  • Picture Quality: Camera quality is excellent that records awesome videos and captures images with great detail and color range. The gadget delivers a very wide field of vision and the night visualization capability is extremely powerful.
  • Remote Monitoring: You can gain access to the camera via a web browser or phone from anywhere in the world.
  • 2-way Communication: Dropcam Pro allows the 2-way audio function. Apart from letting you keep an eye on your babies, family, and pets, the camera’s built-in mic lets you listen in, talk and also give instructions.
  • User-friendly: Using the Android app is a breeze and setting up alerts for motion activity a piece of cake.
  • Incredible video and picture quality are the stands out characteristics of this device.
  • The device can be connected to the internet and thus you can access it anytime you want, from anywhere you are.
  • The device has attached microphones that make to and fro conversation possible. This opens whole new horizons in in-house communications as the instrument can be used to monitor baby or even talk to people in different rooms.
  • One of the biggest positives of using Nest Dropcam Pro is that the application is very user-friendly. The App is available in IOS and Android. The app lets you use every feature of the security camera on the go, and the user interface is simple, less complicated and easy to use.

  • In terms of flaws, the signal strength and stability of the antenna is a wee bit fragile that can lead to an occasional dropout.
  • The sound and motion sensor is not responsive enough to pick-up comings and goings, which kind of defeats the objective of the apparatus.
  • The surveillance camera is exclusively for inside use.
  • Another limitation of the Dropcam home camera is that videos can be stored only through their cloud-based storage service.
  • The audio talk back feature works superbly in the daytime but encounters issues in night vision mode.
  • The audio cannot be kept going without disabling the video. Moreover, one can’t listen when doing anything else on the handset. If any other program is opened, the baby monitor vanishes.
  • These wireless doorbells can have connectivity issues at times. If the connectivity is weak, you will have a problem in using the camera through your smartphone. Even the image sending and live watching through Nest Dropcam Pro camera would be tough.
  • The best surveillance camera has enough sight range to manage a medium sized home, but if you own a massive estate with long corridors and huge living space, the device range might not be enough to cover every corner of the house.
  • A significant limitation of Nest Dropcam Pro is that there is no storage device attached to the device. This means all the live feeds and videos are stored only in the security camera cloud and not in the hardware of the instrument.
  • While using the night vision mode, the visual clarity is always good, but the audio quality is sometimes compromised. While the audio device works correctly in two-way communication during the day time, at night, the sound might break or shriek at times.
  • Another limitation of using this device while making a to and fro conversation is that the video feed stops when you start taking audio inputs. This means that whenever you need to hear what’s going on inside your house, you will have to stop the video option and switch to audio. The two functions cannot work together.


The Dropcam by Nest is a technically advanced device. A great design, easy to control and set, a smooth working of web and iPhone app, awesome video quality, excellent customer support we can go on and on counting the spectacular features of this surveillance gadget. The Nest Dropcam Pro review has provided an unbiased picture, complete with the pros and cons. All in all, it stacks up as an excellent choice and worthwhile purchase for people seeking a discreet baby monitor or high-quality security cameras for a property that is easily accessible by intruders.

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