Honeywell Lyric C1 Security Camera Review

In our previous reviews, we have covered two of Honeywell’s Lyric series products, namely the Lyric T5 and Lyric Round, both smart thermostats. In this review, we will cover the smart security camera from the Honeywell Lyric series, dubbed the Honeywell Lyric C1.

As with the Lyric T5, the key highlight of the Lyric C1 is affordability. It is one of the more affordable HD smart security cameras around, so the question is: is it good enough despite the price?

First things first, the Lyric C1 features a 720p HD live streaming. Some more expensive smart camera products offer 1080p HD or even 4K video resolution, but 720p is still very decent by today’s standard. Next, we got local storage (with expandable 8GB microSD) and free cloud storage. Again, considering so many smart security camera products offer subscription-based cloud storage service, this is a huge plus point.

As with the Lyric Round and Lyric T5, the Honeywell Lyric C1 also features the Geofencing technology. Arguably, geofencing is even more useful in a smart security camera compared to smart thermostats. In combination with two motion detection zones, you can create a pretty smart security scheduling with the Lyric C1.

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So, let us begin this Honeywell Lyric C1 Security Camera review by discussing its key features.

Key Features

720p HD Video Resolution

The Lyric C1 features a 720p HD video resolution, which is pretty decent by the current standard. The main competitors of the Lyric C1 in its price range are the iSmartAlarm Spot, which also features a 720p resolution and the Zmodo Pivot with 1080p HD resolution. The camera can capture a 135-degree field of vision with very decent night-vision. In short, you shouldn’t have any issues with video quality.

Motion and Audio Sensor

The Lyric C1 will send smart alerts and capture video feed when it detects any movement and sound. Having both motion and audio sensors are a rarity, especially for this price range. You can fine tune the motion and audio sensor through the Lyric app, making this feature even more useful. Also, you have not just one, but two motion detection zones with the Lyric C1, another big plus.


As with the other Lyric products, the Lyric C1 security camera is also equipped with geofencing. In short, it can detect your phone’s location service to determine whether you can at home, and adjust its operational schedule. So, you will receive less alert when you are at home, and you can use a different setting altogether. If necessary, you can set the Lyric C1 to turn off when you are at home, and automatically turns on when you are away. In combination with the built-in motion and audio sensors, Geofencing made the Lyric C1 a very reliable smart security camera.

Local Storage and Free Cloud Storage

WIth the Lyric C1, you get a local storage feature in the form of an included 8GB microSD card. Of course, you can expand it with a bigger microSD when necessary. Also, you get a free 24-hour event based clips, which you can expand with the monthly subscription.

Considering many smart security cameras and doorbells didn’t offer any free cloud storage services, this is a huge plus point.

Our Honeywell Lyric C1 Smart Camera Review

The physical appearance of the Lyric C1 is admittedly, nothing special. It is relatively compact and light, being only around 1 lbs. Design-wise, it is also relatively plain compared to its more expensive competitors. So, if you are looking for an eye pleaser, the Lyric C1 might not be the one for you. However, considering its price, and considering the fact that we rarely see the physical unit of our security camera after it was installed, we can argue that this factor is not important at all.

The Honeywell Lyric C1 is a wired-only security camera and is not waterproof. So, keep in mind that the Lyric C1 is recommended to be an indoor camera. It doesn’t offer much articulation, you can only slightly tilt it up and down on the stand. So, installing the Lyric C1 is fairly simple: simply plug the power cord and place the Lyric C1 where you want it, and you are basically good to go with the physical installation. You can either wall-mount the Lyric C1 or set it on a flat surface.

Next, as usual, we will need to download the Lyric app on your smartphone or tablet and connect the Lyric C1 with our Wi-Fi network.

Thankfully, this process is fairly seamless, and we didn’t encounter the connection issue we have with the Lyric Round. The Lyric app will give notifications when the Lyric C1 detects motion and sound with the built-in sensors. There are two motion zones available, and the Lyric C1 can even recognize distinct sounds that require immediate actions, such as smoke alarms. The motion detection is also pretty accurate, and you can fine-tune it so it won’t detect roaming pets, fan movements or other motions.

When it detects important motions or sounds, it will record a 30-second clip, which will be saved in the local microSD storage, as well as to the cloud for 24 hours. So, when an intruder took or broke the Lyric C1, you can use the cloud storage to provide evidence. On the other hand, if your Wi-Fi connection is somehow interrupted, there is the local storage as a backup.

The 720p video resolution is pretty decent, and the night vision is above our expectation. With the Lyric App, you can easily navigate the required controls for the live feed. You can tap the live feed button anytime to view a live-stream for 90-seconds, and you can tap again if you need more time.

Last but not least, you can set up the geofencing feature that can automatically turn your camera on when you leave your house, and turn it off when you return. You can fine-tune the geofencing radius pretty easily with the Lyric App.

Pros and Cons

  • Relatively affordable with pretty decent features
  • 720p video resolution with excellent night vision and 135-degree field of vision
  • Easy to install and use
  • 2 Motion detection zones and sound detection
  • Local storage and free 24-hour cloud storage

  • Wired-only installation
  • Currently, no third-party integration offered

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The Honeywell Lyric C1 is an excellent choice for those looking for a smart security camera without investing too much money and time for installation. It is very easy to install and use, and is relatively affordable with a decent set of features.

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