Logitech Circle Indoor Wireless Camera Review

The name Logitech should ring a bell for the most of us, being one of the biggest players of computer peripherals and other appliances. Chances are, you still have one of Logitech’s products in your household.

In this Logitech Circle Wireless Camera review, we will discuss the Logitech Circle, an indoor-only smart security camera with 1080p HD video quality, a smartphone app companion, and person detection feature, where it can actually differentiate movements between a human and animal, which can be useful if there are a lot of movements in your household.

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It is relatively simple, yet beautiful in design, and the very compact size is definitely one of its biggest selling points. The Logitech Circle comes with a built-in battery that can last for up to 3 hours, which can be a hassle. In power saving mode, it can last for up to 12 hours, but you sacrifice a lot in performance and features. Chances are, you will need it plugged into the electricity outlet at all times.

The 1080p HD video quality is excellent, but it will consume a lot of battery. You can opt for a lower 720p quality to roughly double its battery power.

As with many other similar competitors, Logitech provided a cloud-based storage service with various monthly subscription price. The Circle Safe premium will cost you, but will give some extra AI-driven features like enhanced motion detection.

Let us begin the Logitech Circle Wireless Security Camera
by taking a quick look at its key features.

Key FeaturesLogitech Circle Wireless 1080p Video Battery Powered Security Camera

Beautiful Minimalist Design

Although it’s a rarity for us to put design as a product’s selling point, it is definitely the case with the Logitech Circle. The compact, circle-shaped design is fun, breaking the dogma that home security device should be serious-looking and terrifying. Comes in a nice matte finish, it is simple yet beautiful at the same time.

1080p HD Video Quality

The full HD video quality is crystal clear, and it is paired with a very wide 135-degree of viewing angle, ensuring you the greatest quality of your footage.

Person Detection

You will need to subscribe to the Circle Safe plan to get this feature, but this can be a very useful feature if you have a lot of movements in your office or house. This is a feature similar to that offered by Nest Cam, and a feature we actually really liked. If you have a pet in your house, this can certainly be useful, since it won’t alert you when the pet is moving around, which can be a major hassle.

Built-in Battery

Although the battery power is severely limited, will only last for 3-hours with maximum performance, it is a nice extra feature to have when you need to move the camera in your house. It comes with a nice charging dock so you won’t have to plug the cable all the time.

Our Review

Time to actually start the core of our Logitech Circle Security Camera review. The packaging is very simple and fun, just like how the product is supposed to be, and you will only find the Logitech Circle itself, the charging dock, and an instruction manual, as well as some screws and adhesives if you want to attach the Circle to a wall.

The camera itself can be adjusted forward or backward with almost full 90-degrees of flexibility, so installing it on a wall is possible. After it’s turned on, you simply only need to follow the step-by-step instruction from the smartphone app, which is very simple and easy to use. Again, it seems like the app is designed to be more ‘fun’ compared to its competitor, and it’s definitely a nice change to have.

Performance wise, it is excellent in quality, as long as it’s charged up on its dock. The 1080p HD video will eat a lot of battery time, and while you can switch to a lower 720p resolution, it is simply better to let the camera docked in all the time. Thus, you can think that this camera is strictly wired with limited mobility.

The recording feature is a little different compared to other competitors. To save space, the Logitech Circle only saves clips of a video where it detects motion or sound. It is actually a good thing, provided it works consistently all the time.

Sadly, that’s not the case, sometimes the person detection, which we got with the Circle Safe Premium subscription, failed to detect a human movement, and thus the clip is not saved. Hopefully Logitech will address this issue in the future, as it is software-based.

Overall, it is nothing revolutionary in every aspect. The 1080p HD video quality is also provided by Nest Cam, which is overall more reliable with the Nest app. There are certainly better products with better motion detection, such as the Ring Floodlight Cam.

However, it is more fun in design, and all the features are decent enough for its price tag.

For our Logitech Circle Wireless Cam review, here are our takes on the pros and cons.

  • Beautiful minimalist design
  • 1080p HD video camera
  • Wide 135-degrees of field of vision
  • Very compact and yet very durable
  • Motion zoning and person detection feature with Circle Safe subscription

  • Low battery power, must be wired all the time
  • The motion detection and person detection feature are sometimes unreliable
  • Relatively weak Wi-Fi receiver

You Should Get This If

If you are looking for a more fun approach to home security and a very easy to use camera with decent features, this one is for you. We can imagine it as a very decent camera for a baby room, and a very useful camera to capture all sorts of beautiful moments in your household.

Bottom Line

Let us close our Logitech Camera review with a verdict:

The Logitech Circle offers average features in all aspects, and in that sense, it is nothing revolutionary. However, that also means that it can perform just as well as any other products available with a similar price tag, such as the Netgear Arlo Q or Nest Indoor Cam.

Its biggest highlight for us is the simple design and ease of use, which made us feel that the Logitech Circle is designed with a more fun approach.

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