Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell Review

If you have been looking for a wireless doorbell for a long time, this Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell Review has something for you. Wireless doorbells are not just something to cool to have in your home today. You must consider a lot of factors before picking one. The fact is, they are a necessity today. If you want a design that doesn’t look like just another boring doorbell and something that is more than what a doorbell is, the Jacob Jensen Doorbell is your award-winning device that is perfect in every sense. It’s not just known for its great look, it comes with a surprising sound clarity and is quite loud even for multiple floors.

You do not have to be worried about the reach of the doorbell’s noise even if you are on a different floor in your house. Add to that an additional bell and you have a perfect mechanism that pushes and chimes even if you house is super large. You get to pick from a selection of five tunes in this modern wireless doorbell. And you can easily install this one. With two year warranty, you are pretty much sorted.

This is an excellent option because of a number of reasons from its chime sounds to volume settings and the incredible range of the doorbell. And you are not spending a lot of extra money on this one.

Jacob Jensen Doorbell Features

  • Range: The range of operation is about 450 feet that is perfect for any medium or over-sized house too. Even some of the best brands come with the issue of coverage, which Jacob Jensen scores high in.
  • Chimes: There are around six unique options of doorbell sounds to choose from. These sounds are polyphonic in nature. Their superior quality makes them perfect.
  • Installation: You can just mount it vertically or horizontally within minutes and installation is a breeze. You can set it up within minutes because. It is wireless, and the Jacob Jensen Doorbell Instructions guide is elaborate enough to give you detailed installation process.
  • Multiple push-buttons: There are many additional push bells that you can install at multiple doors. This is an easy way to hear the bell around the house. But you have to buy extra push bells.
  • Multiple receivers: You can configure this doorbell with various additional chime receivers. This is a great choice when you have separate chime units installed in all the rooms.
  • Long-lasting batteries: The brand promises its batteries can easily last two years. Users do not have to worry about replacement anytime soon.

BenefitsJacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell Review

The Jacob Jensen Design is sleek, beautiful design and modern.

The sound is not annoying or disturbing. These are polyphonic chimes that are relaxing and crisp at the same time. It is loud enough for any big house.

Installation is super easy. You just have to install the batteries into your chime, mount it on the wall, and it’s done. Adjust the volume to what you want.

Wireless Doorbell - Award Winning Modern Design By Jacob Jensen

Battery life is fantastic. You do not have to think about changing those for two years, and there is a good duration before the battery doorbell is low or exhausted. You will get a notification well in advance.

These chime tunes also come with low frequency. This is perfect for those with hearing issues. Not many other brands make models like these.


  • One bell push and one door chime receiver unit
  • Range up to 450 ft.
  • Weatherproof push button
  • Free Standing or Wall Mounted Chime unit
  • Batteries are included. These last up to two years
  • Adjustable Volume which comes with three options
  • Coding system
  • Easy Installation
  • Perfect Design, Modern Doorbell
  • Extensive Range
  • 2-year extended battery backup
  • Many receivers and multiple buttons

  • Can be expensive if you are not scouting for something too elegant.
  • The Volume adjustment is only between high, low and medium. When you want exactly at a certain level, you can’t get it easily. This can be annoying.


If you are trying to get the best model in the category of doorbells and are willing to spend a little more than you would otherwise, this is a good option. This is not just another doorbell; it’s classy, modern and perfect. It takes a simple setup to make it perfect. Everything from its sound quality and look will impress you. From an ideal wireless lock system to doorbells that have excellent range, there are many options. But this brand beats all.

That being said, do you need it if you have a small house? We think not. This Jacob Jensen Doorbell Review will give this one 5 stars. If you have a huge house and want something to ring in each room every time there is a visitor, here’s an option among that you do not wish to miss. What makes this one stand out entirely is also the sound of the chimes that are not noisy but relaxing.

In my opinion it’s one of the best doorbells on the market today, if you aren’t convinced yet, then you can check other doorbell reviews here.

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