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Intercoms are the best type of home and industrial security systems that you can come across. With so many different types of it, you can choose the one that fits your need best. The new-fangled intercom system goes out of their audio route to include even the use of video. Not only can you talk to the person who wishes to enter your home but you can also see them eliminating any sense of threat.

This comes into use when you are home alone in the night, or you are worried about your delivery boy or worker not being who they are. Mostly, intercom systems for business are the big money­maker!With so many types of threats happening due to neglect, it is always better to be safe. Most intercoms work on radio waves, which means that they transmit sounds to the other intercoms in the vicinity. You can opt for the intercom set of two which allows you to communicate to the other one or you can go for the three or four set which can be used in your neighborhood as well.

Many of the close­knit neighborhoods like to opt for the four or six set intercoms to ensure safety, and the security is informed of any disturbances at a moment’s notice. There are few other kinds of business intercom systems that you should check out to be able to make an informed decision.

Types of Intercoms

Intercom Central 246 HOME Power-line Intercom System

This intercom system is the best to install around your house or small office. All the four systems are connected to one electrical wire. This means that your voice can travel throughout the intercom system to the other three at the same time. This is beneficial if you have a big house or have your office spread across a large area as it makes it easier to communicate. The electrical wire should not be moved or toggled with as it can be easily disconnected so ensure that it is secured and tucked away in a safe place or behind the wall where no one can mess with it. Although these are most apt for home use, they are also good office intercom systems.

Intercom Central 246 HOME Power-line Intercom System

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Intercom Central Hot Wired STAND-ALONE Monitor DIY-ICW133

This works Ok if you are looking only to communicate with one person. Mostlyavailable as a DIY set, you have to careful about the wires and take the necessary safety precautions while using it. If you want a longer cable, you have to replace it with shield cable only. If the main piece and the substation are close by, you will pick up a lot of hum. However, reme mber that if you have a longer cable, it will end up picking up more noise. These sets are the most basic ones, and it has the advantage of extended battery usage with a low power consumption. They are also in vogue as the wired intercom systems for office.

Intercom Central Hot Wired STAND-ALONE Monitor

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Home Intercom FM Wireless Digital 3-Channel System 3-Station

This comes with three wireless sets, and the FM frequency ensures clear voice. With an AC adapter included in it, you do not have to worry about having a single power meter to feed it. It is worth the money as it has a new wireless circuit design and the buttons are clearly labeled to avoid confusion and are great for business intercom systems too.

Home Intercom FM Wireless Digital 3-Channel System 3-Station


Chamberlain Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Intercom NTD2 -Weather Resistant

Known for their outdoor applications, the Chamberlain Wireless intercoms are a blessing. With a clear range of 1,000 FT and a 900MHz digital communication, this one is clear as well as secure. It is also compatible with the other Chamberlain intercom systems like the NLS1, NLS2, and NDIS. Moreover, it is weather resistant too. These are good Commercial wireless intercom systems as they require no power connection and can be set up with ease. However, these are not that easy to use and the there is a lag time when communicating which can be frustrating.

Chamberlain Wireless Indoor-Outdoor Intercom


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Chamberlain NLS2 Wireless Portable Intercom-Double Unit

These are also quite cool and are ideal for outdoor applications. These wireless intercom commercial systems are perfect for communicating with the people indoors and are similar in its features to the wireless intercom mentioned above. 900 MHz of digital communication and a 1,000 FT range promise crystal clear communication. They are compatible with few other models of Chamberlain intercom systems.

Chamberlain NLS2 Wireless Portable Intercom

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When you find so many types of intercom systems, it can get a little overwhelming to know what suits your needs the best. The features and the money are the two most important characteristics everybody looks for. Check out the best product as well as the cheapest product right below!

Best Product

If you are unsure of the right industrial intercom system to opt for, the Chamberlain NLS­2 Wireless Portable Intercom­Double Unit, is our pick! Although it is not the greatest when it comes to its weather resistance, it works great for the indoor jobs, especially for factory and industry purposes. With a great battery life, it is has two modes i.e. Voice activation mode as well as a monitor mode. If you have other types of Chamberlain intercoms, you can be rest assured that it will be compatible with the same.

Priced not too high, it ensures you get a good value for the money you spend. However, if you wish to have something with the similar features but for more outdoor use, we suggest the Chamberlain Wireless Indoor/Outdoor intercom. The smartly built battery life and the weather resistance is second to none. However, the communication is not that clear and there is a lag which may irritate you.

Value for Money

If you are not looking to spend a lot on your intercom system, the best one is the Intercom Central­Stand Alone Monitor. Since it comes as a set of two and the installation of the same is Do It­ Yourself. This intercom service is perfect for those who already have employed other security measures and are just looking to install one as a precaution. Similarly, this will work as an intercom system for business if you are planning on just connecting to your private secretary or you plan on using it in the case of emergencies.

However since it has a power meter and the wires should be grounded, it is safe to ensure that you will not need to keep it too far apart. Otherwise, the systems will pick up too much noise, which will turn into a hassle for you, real quick.


There are a lot of intercom systems for business to choose from. Weigh the pros and cons before you decide the type of intercom system that will suit all your industrial or home needs and will not burn a hole in your pocket at the same time.

If you are keen on industrial intercom systems, just know that a single power meter can feed power to up to six or even more intercoms if required. In places like hospitals, the main intercom should be reached by the substations in the surrounding rooms on that floor or the nurses will never know about any emergency. This is why the power lines should not be messed around with. If you are looking to go for wired intercoms, do not try to wire it yourself unless you are confident. Get professional help. If you opt for wireless commercial intercom systems, check out the range and then make an informed decision.

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