Best HD Security Cameras

Among all the different types of theft deterrents, like smart locks, video doorbells, etc. that are currently available in the market, security cameras are one of the most effective. Even when a security camera is unable to deter intruders, it records video footage which can be a valuable piece of evidence and can help the law enforcement officials to identify and nab the culprits.

HD wireless security cameras make this process a lot easier. The videos captured by these cameras are crystal clear, making it easier for you and law officials to understand what happened at the time of the theft and identify the intruders. However, with an abundance of HD security camera options available in the market, it can be difficult for any potential buyer to choose a model that is perfect for their security needs.

If you too are confused with the full gamut of HD security camera options, you are at the right place. After analysing customer reviews, features, expert opinions, etc. we’ve created a list of Top HD Security Cameras to help you out. Go through this post and by the end of it; you might find yourself a winner.

Top HD Security Cameras

Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD Wi-Fi IP Security Camera

With thousands of positive reviews and an affordable price tag, IP2M-841 ProHD 1080P (1920TVL) Wi-Fi IP Security Camera from Amcrest is the first entry to this list. With an Ambarella processor and image sensor from Sony, the camera offers Full HD videos of up to 1080P at 30fps, to enable you to monitor the surroundings of your home, building or office with utmost convenience. Apart from live streaming, you can also record video footage with the help of a microSD card, ONVIF or Amcrest NVR, Blue Iris or FTP Upload. Moreover, Amcrest also offers Cloud Service for recording videos and viewing them at a later stage.

The camera has an impressive field view of 90 degrees with remote pan and tilt. With the help of IR LEDs, it also offers night vision up to 32 feet. The camera also has a built-in speaker and microphone for two-way audio communication right from your mobile, tablet, PC or laptop. The Wi-Fi setup of this HD security camera can be completed in minutes with the help of Amcrest View app for Android and iOS mobile phones, which also enables you to stream live video feed seamlessly. Apart from the app, there is also a web portal if you want to view the feed from a PC or laptop.

Intelligent Zoom, Intelligent Motion Sensor, Snapshots, and Email Alerts are some other features that have made this IP2M-841 ProHD, one of the best HD security cameras. The camera is FCC and CE certified and also complies with the UL standards. It comes with a 1-year standard warranty and lifetime support from Amcrest.


  • Full HD Videos of up to 1080P at 30fps
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Sony Image Sensor and Ambarella Processor
  • Field View of 90 Degrees
  • IR LED for Night Vision up to 32 Feet
  • Remote Pan and Tilt
  • Built-in Microphone and Speaker
  • Amcrest View App for Android and iOS Phones
  • Optional Amcrest Cloud Service
  • FCC and CE Certified
  • UL Compliant
  • 1-Year Standard Warranty
  • Stunning picture quality
  • Two-way audio can be used right from a smartphone, tablet, or a computer
  • Can use microSD card, ONVIF or Amcrest NVR, Blue Iris or FTP Upload for storing video footage
  • Setup is easy and quick
  • Mobile app is highly responsive

  • Optional cloud service is expensive
  • Videos can only be saved in .dav format

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Best Vision BV-IR 140-HD 1000TVL Bullet Security Camera 

This BV-IR 140-HD 1000TVL Bullet Security Camera from Best Vision Systems can be a great option. The camera features 1/3” image sensor to offer a resolution of 1000 TV lines for a True HD experience. Moreover, it also has Backlight Compensation feature to ensure that everything recorded by this camera is crystal clear in any lighting condition. It has a 2.8-12mm lens to cover larger areas and provide you with enhanced monitoring abilities.

The camera is easy to install and has IR LEDs with a night vision range of up to 164 feet.  The housing of the camera is made from premium-quality materials and is IP66 rated, making it an excellent outdoor camera that can easily withstand extreme temperatures, rain, etc. While this HD security camera is not loaded with features like the ones you find in the above mentioned Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD 1080P, its affordable price tag makes it a worthy investment to enhance the security of your home and office.

While the camera has hundreds of positive reviews, some users have pointed that its night vision is not very impressive, while others have mentioned that its focus and zoom feature are not up to the mark.


  • 1/3” Image Sensor for Resolution up to 1000TVL
  • 2.8-12mm Lens for Large Viewing Angle
  • Back Light Compensation for Enhanced Picture Quality
  • IR LEDs for Night Vision up to 164 feet
  • IP66 Rated Housing
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • Offers impressive picture quality during the day
  • Can be installed outdoors
  • Highly affordable

  • Night vision is not very good
  • Focus and zoom features are not easy to use

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Vimtag VT-361 Super HD Wi-Fi Video Monitoring Surveillance Security Camera

The next addition to this list of Top HD Security Cameras is VT-361 Super HD Wi-Fi Video Monitoring Surveillance Security Camera from Vimtag. The camera features 3.6mm lens and uses H.264 video compression format to provide stunning visuals. It offers a resolution of up to 1280 x 720p at a frame rate of 25 and can cover 320 x 120 degree to make sure that every corner of your home is covered.

Vimtag VT-361 Super HD Wi-Fi Video Monitoring Surveillance Security Camera

The camera features a 3Dbi antenna and has a WPS button for quick Wi-Fi setup. At the bottom of the camera, you’ll find a QR code for installing its mobile application. You can use the app for live streaming or can use the built-in memory card slot for recording videos. The indoor camera has built-in speaker and microphone for 2-way audio communication. Its 12 IR LEDs do an excellent job of providing night vision up to 10 meters. Remote Pan/Tilt and Motion Detection Alerts are two other features that further enhance its usability.

While the camera is one of the most popular HD security cameras on Amazon, some users have negatively reviewed its mobile application, documentation, and have also mentioned that it sends way too many false alerts.


  • 3.6mm Lens and H.264 Video Compression
  • Resolution of up to 1280 x 720p at 25 fps
  • Remote Pan and Tilt
  • 12 IR LEDs for Night Vision up to 10 meters
  • 2-Way Audio
  • Android and iOS Mobile App for Live Streaming
  • Memory Card Slot
  • 3 Dbi Wi-Fi Antenna
  • QR Code for Quick Mobile Setup
  • Excellent indoor security camera
  • Stunning picture quality throughout the day and night
  • Durable build
  • microSD slot for recording videos
  • 2-way audio communication is impressive

  • No cloud service
  • Mobile application is very basic
  • Too many false alerts on mobile

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iPower Security SCCAMCVI09 Indoor Outdoor HD-CVI 2.0MP 1080p Dome Security Camera

If you already have an HD-CVI DVR and are looking for an affordable and efficient HD security camera, this SCCAMCVI09 Indoor Outdoor HD-CVI 2.0MP 1080p Dome Security Camera from iPower Security is sure to impress you. The camera features a 2MP ½.9″ CMOS sensor and 2.8-12mm manual varifocal length to provide you with high definition video feed.

It also features IR LEDs for night vision up to 30 meters to ensure that you can monitor the premises effortlessly at night as well. While it misses the advanced features offered by other high-end HD security camera systems, it is still a decent purchase if you already have an HD-CVI DVR. Some of the problems mentioned by the buyers are with its night vision, focus adjustment, and installation.


  • 2MP ½.9” CMOS Image Sensor
  • 2.3-12mm Manual Varifocal Length
  • Good Picture Quality
  • IR LEDs for Night Vision up to 30 meters
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Good choice if you have an HD-CVI DVR
  • Picture quality is decent
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors

  • Night vision could have been better
  • Installation can be difficult
  • Focus adjustments are confusing

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Jooan 605HRA 1080TVL Bullet Camera CCTV Analog Camera Home Security System with HD Night System

If you are searching for a cheap HD security camera for your home or office, the 605HRA 1080TVL Bullet Camera from Jooan is worth consideration. The camera features Sony Effio-E image sensor and 6mm lens to offer HD resolution of up to 1080 TV lines. To further improve the picture quality, the camera also has Automatic Gain Control, Automatic White Balance, and Backlight Compensation features.

For night vision, the camera has IR LEDs that offer an impressive range of up to 80 feet. The housing of the camera is made from high-quality materials, enabling you to install this camera outdoor as well. However, some buyers have complained that the build quality is not very good and certainly not for outdoor installation. The camera comes with a mounting frame and screws for easy installation.


  • Sony Effio-E Image Sensor and 6mm Lens
  • HD Resolution of up to 1080 TVL
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Automatic White Balance
  • Backlight Compensation
  • IR LEDs for Night Vision up to 80 feet
  • Installation is easy
  • Good picture quality
  • Night vision is satisfactory
  • Highly affordable

  • Some users have mentioned that the cameras housing is made from cheap materials, and it cannot withstand the environmental elements when installed outdoors

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Anran HD 1200TVL Sony IMX138 CMOS Sensor High Resolution 48 IR LEDs Waterproof Dome Surveillance CCTV Camera

Another cheap HD surveillance camera is this Dome Surveillance Camera from Anran. It features a ½.5” Sony IMX138 CMOS sensor to provide high definition visuals with utmost clarity. And not just during the day, the camera features 48 IR LEDs for night vision up to 45 feet. However, many of the buyers have mentioned that while the picture quality offered by the camera during the day is quite good, its night vision is highly unimpressive.

The housing of the camera is made from premium quality metal and is IP66 rated. While the housing is not as good as the other high-end HD security cameras, it certainly is better than the majority of the cameras in this price range, including the above mentioned Jooan 605HRA 1080TVL Bullet Camera. It doesn’t come with a power supply but includes a manual and a pack of screws for installation.


  • ½.5” Sony IMX138 CMOS Sensor
  • HD Video Quality
  • 48 IR LEDs for Night Vision up to 45 feet
  • IP66 Rated Housing
  • Daytime picture quality is impressive
  • Installation is easy
  • Highly affordable
  • Can be used indoors as well as outdoors

  • Night vision is not very good

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Best HD Security Camera

From this list of Top HD Security Cameras, our favourite is Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD 1080P (1920TVL) Wi-Fi IP Security Camera. The camera offers stunning 1080p videos for enhanced security and comes with some features, like optional cloud service, live streaming, remote pan/tilt, 2-way audio, night vision up to 32 feet, and a lot more, making it an excellent security investment. While it is the most expensive camera on this list, these features justify its cost and make it a perfect pick for every modern home or office.

Cheapest HD Security Camera

If you are looking for the cheapest HD surveillance camera, Anran HD Dome Surveillance CCTV Camera can be the best bet. The camera features ½.5″ Sony IMX138 CMOS sensor and 48 IR LEDs to offer excellent picture quality throughout the day and night. Moreover, its housing is IP66 rated, making it an excellent choice for an outdoor security camera.


The security requirement of every home, building, office, etc. is different, and thus, it is imperative first to understand your security needs before picking an HD security camera. If you have any queries on the camera options mentioned above, feel free to use the comments section below. If apart from the security camera, you are looking for Smart Locks or Doorbells as well, make sure that you visit other pages on our website as well!

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