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They are not completely here yet, but drones are becoming mainstream slowly and gradually just like how surveillance cameras came to be. Thanks to some brands like Karma. A quick read into any compelling GoPro Karma review will tell you how the brand has captured the market.
GoPro is giving cameras a whole new dimension. This remote-controlled aircraft is their way of reaching consumers across all verticals. The company introduced the Karma Drone, a quadcopter which is the perfect little something for action sports athletes.

When you want something lightweight, that is easy to carry and a compact case that’s comfortable to wear during any activity, it’s difficult to find a good drone at an affordable price. But GoPro Karma reviews are a different story. Now this is a product that you can take to new heights and folds up. It’s by far, one of the most portable ways to capture 4K video. And when you talk about stabilisation, it’s the best find.

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The experts call it the much-awaited entry into the burgeoning drone market. It’s not just a drone but an exciting find for those who love to fly. If it is your first time with a drone before, you will relish every bit of this product.

What Makes It Stand Out 

First things first—it’s a simple fold-and-take system. The drone is foldable and comes with a backpack that you can use to take it around. You can pretty much carry it anywhere you want without worrying about how to.

It is super easy to fly. Credit this to the game-style controller it has that also comes with an integrated touch display.

The product is excellent for beginners. This is the best part. It includes automated takeoff and landing modes.There are a number of semi-autonomous flight modes that help you operate it without any hiccups.

The look is exciting, simple and fun. It’s a cross between a small game console and a portable DVD player. The controls are extremely easy to use. When the lid pops up, you can spot a touch control screen. The controller has a knob for each thumb. You can stop and start recording and then resume the action. There’s a separate button to take off and another one that helps you land.gopro-karma


Four Different Modes

Unlike other options in the same category, this one comes with four interesting modes:

The Reveal Mode helps you fly in a straight line and pan gradually. The Orbit Mode is used when you want to fly around a central point at a certain altitude. You can even keep the camera focussed on the object in this mode. The Cable Cam mode allows you to fly repeatedly between two points. In Dronie Mode, the drone shoots out and comes back to you as it takes a picture. So, basically a lot to experiment with.

Automatic Restart 

A lot of experts have pointed to the fact that the drone doesn’t exactly have a crash detection mode. Don’t worry about it. When out of range, it knows how to automatically return.

Return to Another Location 

This is one feature about the product that most people have loved. With one button, you can either have it come back to its starting point, or simply at a place where you are now. So if you move while the drone was in flight, you can call it where you are later.

Strong Grip 

You can remove the gimbal and attach to the included Karma Grip if you want shake-free handheld recording. This is to ensure that there is no distortion in the capture quality.

Great App 

No wonder the brand went out of its way to invest in the Quik app and GoPro Plus subscription. This allows users to edit, share and access the footage from anywhere. This is a feature not easily found in other brands.

Wi-Fi and radio controller

These are the easiest features to use and make the app way more easy.

For a first time user of a drone, I was really skeptical about the purchase. The packaging was very smart. And the product was sleek and easy to use. It’s a simple device with a very comprehensive system. The packaging was really neat. Though the company claims it can fit into any bag, I think that’s not true. It’s to that compact after all. Overall, even after you include the battery, controller, accessories, stabilizing, it’s relatively light.

I was the most excited about their advertisement claiming it to be more than just a drone. So when I opened the box, I saw that it has multiple components which makes it so. Not just the flying unit, it also had a front detachable three-axis gimbal system called the Karma Stabilizer. It keeps the camera steady.

It was relaxing to see that the Stabilizer can be removed and used for handheld shots.There is a separate attachment called the Karma Grip for this. I also love the fact that it takes only one hour to charge

  • Great for beginners
  • Super grip
  • Automatic comeback system
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to control
  • High resolution

  • Karma lacks the most recent technology
  • No subject tracking
  • No auto-follow
  • No object avoidance
  • Not for experts
  • Short flying time

Why you should buy it

If you are a first timer, this is probably the most simple thing you can find out there. When the brand says it’s more than just a drone, they mean it. If you go with Karma base package, you get Karma Controller, Karma Stabilizer and harness, six propellers, battery and charger, mounting ring to attach to GoPro mounts,Karma Grip for handheld use and a backpack. The pitch and yaw joysticks will make you feel like you are playing a video game. You have shoulder-mounted triggers for the camera which make it super simple to use.


It’s the most comfortable thing to fly out there. When you want to capture an aerial video GoPro Karma is the best choice drone with GoPro other-wise you can check DJI Mavic Review. Sure it’s not cheap and is nothing fancy for an expert, but when you are a first timer, this is your product by all means. It’s not just wearable, aerial or a handheld camera, it’s all of these things — a complete system.

The only issue it faces at present is that of advanced features but the brand will soon be changing that. There are many things that other brands are offering that this one doesn’t, but nothing compares to the brand value and steadiness of the product.

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8.5 Total Score
Best Drone for GoPro camera

If you have GoPro camera already or prefer to have camera handy after shooting video with a drone then GoPro Karma is perfect choice for you!

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