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Home security is becoming a matter of increasing concern for people all around the globe as the crime rates are increasing and the bandits are making residential homes their primary targets every day. You should start giving serious thoughts towards the security of your family, and one of the easiest ways to protect them from any mishap is by protecting your house with a vigilante door bell.

Doorbells traditionally, had only one task, of making the homeowners aware of any visitors. In the Victorian era when the doorbells used to be nothing but a metallic sheet and gong arrangement, they reminded the insiders of an outsider presence at the doorstep only when the outsider wished to ring the doorbell; those days are far behind us and today, doorbells can do much on their own.

How can a doorbell protect you today?

Today a doorbell like Doorbot can not only enable you to know who is standing outside your door from inside the house; it can also tell you when you have a visitor even when you are on the other side of the planet. Doorbot WiFi doorbell camera is your go-to solution against all outside threats. There are various other benefits of installing a Doorbot WIFI doorbell in your house. Let us delve deeper into the Doorbot Review to know more.


  • Vigilance 24 hours a day: If you buy Doorbot, you can stay away from your house without worrying for a minute. This is because this camera-cum-vigilante will keep an eye on your house even when you are away and will inform you of all the visitors coming behind your back and also if there is any suspicious activity going on in your house behind your back.
  • WIFI enabled: Doorbot sales are increasing by the day because of features such as WIFI enabled doorbell. This feature ensures that you will have access to the camera of the doorbell anytime you want. You can access the doorbell using the Doorbot app which is available on Android as well as IOS.
  • Answer the doorbell anytime: Benefit of having a Doorbot installed at your house is that you can answer your doorbell anytime you want, even if you are not physically present inside your house. This is possible because through the Doorbot app, your doorbell is connected to your cell phone all the time and you can use your phone to communicate with visitors.
  • Get note of all different visitors: If you have a Doorbot installed at your premises, you will get notification of all the visitors coming to your door. If you find few of those visitors suspicious, you can always take a screenshot of their face on your smartphone. This will help you keep a track of everyone who has ever visited your house.
  • Price:Doorbot is also one of the most cost-effective security covers for your house, and Doorbot price tag is a delight. You can ensure the safety of your family and everyone who lives in your house. This price tag goes further down if you can find a Doorbot for sale which is not that difficult either.

Doorbot DoorbellFeatures

Doorbot has various features that would make it desirable for every individual concerned with the security of his family and home dwellers. Functions that make this doorbell security system one of the most sought after in this market are as follows:

  • This doorbell is WIFI enabled
  • It can be connected to your smartphones via Doorbot app
  • You can see and talk to visitors through your doorbell and smartphone
  • Doorbot has a rechargeable battery
  • This doorbell can also be charged using your existing doorbell wiring
  • Doorbot can be synced to your WIFI within seconds
  • Doorbot app is very user-friendly and gives you access to all camera angles
  • Very powerful night vision
  • This smart doorbell has adjustable camera angles to cover all the blind spots in the house
  • This doorbell is lightweight and compact enough to be installed anywhere you want.
  • Streaming live video requires 3 MBPS internet speed for glitch free experience.


  • Smart doorbell
  • Item weight of this device is 1 pound
  • Product dimensions are 5.7*2.4*1.8 inches
  • This product is made in the USA
  • Batteries are not included
  • It does not require battery to work
  • Item is available for shipping within the USA
  • Access to cameras: One of the biggest advantages of having this doorbell installed at your premises is the fact that you can access the camera of this doorbell anytime you want and from anywhere you want. However, only if your smartphone is synchronized with the doorbell and if the doorbell is always connected to the WIFI of your house where it is installed.
  • Talk to visitors: Another great advantage of having a smart doorbell such as Doorbot at your premises is the fact that you can communicate with the visitors, anytime you want. You can see the visitors and talk to them using your smartphone while they can hear you through the doorbell and speak through the mic mounted on the doorbell.
  • Take snapshots: You can be rest assured that you will not be troubled by any unusual visitor if you have a Doorbot installed at your premises. This is because Doorbot will immediately notify you of any visitor that that is standing at your door and if the visitor looks suspicious to you, you can immediately take the screenshot on your phone.
  • No need for battery: The Doorbot doorbell has a rechargeable battery inbuilt in it which can be recharged using your existing doorbell wiring. This eliminates a possibility that your doorbell will shut down in your absence if the battery goes down. Since it already has a rechargeable battery, once you have installed it, you have nothing else to worry about.
  • Adjustable camera: A significant advantage of having a Doorbot take care of your house security is the fact that this house surveillance system has an adjustable camera mounted on it. A single fixed camera will indeed leave blind spots in capturing house images, but since this camera can be adjusted at different angles, you can view more things from the camera.
  • Night vision: Doorbot smart doorbell has a very efficient night vision camera in it that will certainly stream you the highest quality videos even at night. House thefts and burglary happen mostly during the sleeping hours of the night, and thus, this is a very important security cover you get when you install a Doorbot smart bell at your premises.

  • Storage: The biggest disappointment associated with a Doorbot Smart Bell is that it does not have any storage space inbuilt, and thus, to keep a track of all the visitors coming and leaving your premises you have to take screen shots. Doorbot announced in 2014 that it will give cloud storage at charges to individuals, but nothing has been done till now.
  • Not waterproof: Another major disappointment associated with the Doorbot smart doorbell is that this device is not waterproof hence it becomes obsolete to buy this device if you want to install it externally. This doorbell can only work if you install it inside a shed and keep it protected from rain and snow. It’s ideal for inside home use.

Doorbot Alternatives

Ring Doorbell

Check our Ring WiFi Doorbell Review is a security system-cum-doorbell as the Doorbot and has entered the market after Doorbot. It has similar features to the Doorbot. In Doorbot vs Ring comparison, this machine also has a motion sensor which Doorbot does not but its efficiency is questionable as many users have rendered it inefficient.

SkyBell HD

SkyBell HD is another security doorbell fighting for the same market position as Doorbot and also has a relatively similar price tag and associated features. This device is faulty at best as its one on one talk feature is not that great. If you are away from your home and talking to a visitor, the communication will not turn out to be flawless. However, it is still a strong contender in Doorbot vs Skybell fight. Check out our full skybell hd video doorbell review.

Why you should buy Doorbot

Security of your family and loved ones is the only reason you will ever purchase a WIFI enabled smart doorbell apart from its various handy features. All the doorbells in the segment provide almost the same features as Doorbot but still Doorbot is considered to be the best in the business. There are various reasons for this such as its dependability and experience.

Doorbot was one of the first smart doorbells to have graced the consumers and since then it has been consolidating and revising its technology. Resulting is a product that will serve you in the best possible way. Doorbot has evolved over the years and now you can stay rest assured that promised features that will not work on other security camera doorbells will work just fine in Doorbot.


You can find the best doorbell camera which we reviewed in the segment and it comes with a similar price tag and offer better features. Yet Doorbot is the only doorbell you can trust because it has been in the business for the longest duration of time and has a very loyal and happy consumer base. Since most people use this smart doorbell, it is not only readily available; it also works more efficiently than others. You will not want your video not to stream if you are out on a vacation and home is left alone, and Doorbot is a guarantee it will never happen.

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