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Considering the things that are happening in the outer world, keeping in mind the safety of oneself and the family is the thing that grabs the first position in the priority list of everyone. The technology has bestowed numerous devices on the humanity so that people can keep themselves and their closed ones safe. One of the best inventions could be a Door Phone Intercom System. These intercoms have proved out to be a considerate device in keeping the security intact. Not just one single house, but an entire society’s level of safety rises many times if there is an installation of the intercom. One such safety device is the2 Handset Video Doorbell Landline by Vtech.

VTECH-2 Handset Video Doorbell Intercom IS7121-2 DECT 6.0

VTECH IS7121-2 DECT 6.0 2-Handset Video Doorbell Landline TelephoneThis doorbell intercom phone will let you distinguish between the surprise and shocking guests. This offers two-in-one service. While you would be able to know who rang the bell with the video doorbell, on the other hand, you can answer through a cordless answering system. A phone and a door camera in one package is surely not a bad deal to grab. Let’s know more about this Doorbell Phone Intercom.


Video Camera

The video camera is the best device of this entire Doorphone Intercom. You wouldn’t even have to open the door, and you would easily get to know who is on the door. It becomes helping if you are all alone in the house. You wouldn’t have to open the door every time there is a knock or a bell. Check out who is important and who is not and then open the door accordingly.

Another positive thing that it has to offer is that it clicks a picture of the visitor as soon as he/she rings the bell. Then, it sends the picture to the handsets, and you will get to know who the visitor is. After having a look at the visitor, just press the two buttons and video or audio streaming will start automatically.


The two handsets are also there to provide you undemanding features. If you are present in other room or any other part of the house, then the handset and base let you know who is calling. Speakerphones announce the identity of the caller, which makes it easy to recognize. It makes it the best device for the home phone system with intercom.

A push button makes your handset, a walkie-talkie. So, you wouldn’t have to stick to a single place while talking on the phone. Move around freely and chit chat side by side.

Answering System

This Intercom phone for home offers an answering machine as well. When you remain out of the house whole day long, the answering machine attends the calls on your behalf and records the messages. You can always hear those messages whenever you want. This system is capable of recording the messages up to 14 minutes.

Why should you buy it?

Various reasons can be stated for buying this amazing device. One of the reasons can be its superior voice and sound quality. You would be able to hear everything happening outside your home clearly. Even, you wouldn’t find any disturbance in the recorded messages. Other reasons can be-

  • You can use this doorbell door phone intercom system like a walkie-talkie.
  • If you are on the phone, and there is a bell ring, then still you would be able to see the visitor the door and that too, without putting the receiver down.
  • It is affordable and does not block much space either.
  • It accompanies the doorbell along.
  • Even if there is a power cut, you would still be able to see who is on the door with the help of the wireless video intercom.
  • The video quality is superior.

Cheapest product

You are getting – 2 handsets, one base, three power adapters, two rechargeable batteries, camera mounting screws, one camera doorbell, one charger, line cord, and 2 AA alkaline batteries. Is there anything else that you would like to have at such price? This wireless video door phone intercom is a highly affordable deal, and its reasonable price makes it more demanding. You may get good deals as compared to this one, but you wouldn’t get such a fantastic price for anything.


This doorbell phone intercom is all you need to maintain the security of the house. In an affordable price, this deal is worth grabbing. This home phone system with intercom by VTech is your ultimate destination if you are considering buying a phone intercom system for the home. So, grab your device now!

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