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If you are walking on the path of the photography, then surely you would have come across innumerable technologies that can easily allow you to capture the most exquisite and intriguing views. And, if this is your business, then you might have to experiment with the shots that you capture, just to rise above your competitors. Owing a quadcopter is being updated with the latest technology. There is no denying the fact that the drones are selling like hot cakes today. Moreover, there is not a single person who doesn’t want to charm people with his possessions. Now, when the era of technology has bestowed an amazing product for photography on you, would you neglect it? Have a look at the DJI Phantom 3 Review and know about it.The most astounding advantage that a quadcopter can give you is that you can capture the stunning views from the air and record some breathtaking videos and that too, without being an expert in the photography. And, Phantom 3 provides you all those experiences. Here is the

The most astounding advantage that a quadcopter can give you is that you can capture the stunning views from the air and record some breathtaking videos and that too, without being an expert in the photography. And, Phantom 3 provides you all those experiences. Here is the DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter Reviews. Here, you will get to know the benefits, features, pros & cons, etc. of this striking looking flying product. Smooth connectivity with the tablet or mobile, GPS feature, amazing battery life, complimentary accessories, remote control, the ease of capturing the views and recording the videos, etc.; you will get to know about every single thing of this product here. So, scroll down.

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Sure, there are drones present in the market in abundance that might give you much more benefits that the Phantom 3, but what are those benefits that this particular product can give you? This DJI Phantom 3 Reviews will give answers to all your questions.


You wouldn’t find any sorts of complications while flying this drone. It takes off and lands very effortlessly. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to learn how and what of this drone. Just one- time use will make you an ace, too.

Less Charge Time

Another good aspect of this drone is that it doesn’t take much time to charge up. Once you have used it till its battery has drained, it would only take 60 to 80 minutes for you to charge it again. That means you can easily resume your photography session in an hour.


When you are busy flying the drone and it is giving you some marvellous shots from the sky, how would you get to know that its battery is about to be dead? For that, this drone has an auto-return feature. All you have to do is set the location via GPS settings, and it will automatically return to the low battery.


The DJI Phantom 3 Reviews consist of all the things that are necessary for you to know about this particular product. Hence, here are some of the features that can surely lure you towards buying this product right away.

DJI Go App

Once your drone is up in the air recording the awestruck views, you can watch the live videos on your device as well. Download a DJI Go App on your smartphone or tablet; connect it with its WiFi network and you are all set to watch the streamlined videos.

GPS Technology

The GPS technology allows you to capture some amazing photographs. The main advantage of having the GPS technology in the drone is that it automatically returns to the set position the moment its battery gets low. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about the battery if your drone is up in the air.

Advanced Remote Control

Surely, you get a remote control along with the drone so that you can control it with your fingers only. There are two switches on the remote control. The S1 switch allows you to change the advanced modes, like P-mode, A-mode, and F-mode. On the other hand, the S2 switch allows you to command the drone to return.

Director Automatic Video Editor

The DJI Go App also gives you a feature called the director automatic video editor. Once you have recorded your videos, then you can easily edit those videos as well. Choose the template and the clips, create a short video, and share it instantly wherever you want to share it.

Battery Life

The battery life of this drone is up to 25 minutes. Also, you get a complimentary battery and a charger that come along with the drone. So, all in all, you wouldn’t have to face any obscurity while flying your drone up in the air.


The moment I held the Phantom 3 quadcopter in my hands, I was instantly thrilled with its appearance and looks. Of course, using an advanced technology leaves you in exhilaration. This drone has some of the advanced features to offer, like sharp and clean recordings, 4K stable photographs, automated flight modes, safety features, and an excellent battery life. The product is made of the sturdy material that will surely last long. However, the drawback of this drone is that whenever I used to pan the camera or rotate the drone horizontally, the footage that appeared usually had the strained and contrived quality.

  • It is entirely unchallenging when it comes to flying.
  • The recording of the video is smooth.
  • The lens of this drone is 20 mm wide.
  • You can easily enjoy the high- quality live view of the recordings.
  • There is a built-in GPS.
  • The functions like the return to home and automated flight can add more to it.

  • The battery life limits the time of flying.
  • It takes more than an hour to get charged.
  • The lens sometimes shows some distortion at the edges.
  • The propellers of the drone act as an intruder into the footage.

Why should you buy this?

The demand for the quadcopters is increasing so much that everyone, from traffic cops to wedding photographers, is using the drone camera to capture the photos and record the videos. This incredible and proliferating technology is intriguing people more and more to use it. Undoubtedly, there are innumerable drones available in the market. But, when it is about the Phantom 3, then why should you buy this product?

  • It comes from one of the most leading brands.
  • It is quite easy for the beginners.
  • The satellite finding speed of this drone is faster than others so it will give out powerful performance.
  • It follows your command easily.
  • It has advanced features that would be perfect for a professional.


Whenever you buy a new technological product, you want it to be simple for the beginners but act advanced for the professionals. And, this product is the combination of both the aspects. The way the manufacturers are experiencing a high demand in the quadcopters, the day isn’t far away when these drones will become as common as the Smartphones in the present era. Hence, if you are quite interested in the aerial photography and videography, then possessing this drone can prepare you for the future changes as well. In the end, here are the pros & cons, features, and the benefits of the drone. And if you don’t mind to get updated version then you need to take a look at DJI Phantom 4 Review or you can find useful guide where we compared DJI Phantom 4 vs DJI Phantom 3.

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Great drone for beginners to learn how to fly and shot video before you get professional quadrocopter.

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